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The Stinkiest Toilet: Shitting in a Bin

This was the dirtiest, filthiest public toilet I have ever seen. It was full of dirty water and shitty rugs, weird stuff stained with strange things, full of smelly trash cans, it had no toilet paper either. It had a really stinky and dirty toilet seat. It was impossible to sit on it with my ass on that thing full of who knows what.

Unfortunately I had a great urge to shit at that moment but I couldn't use that disgusting toilet seat that looked like it had been stepped on with dirty shoes and I didn't have a paper to wipe my butt either. So I had the idea of using the trash can to shit inside standing and pushing my fat turds out of my asshole feeling them fall under their own weight into the plastic bag.

After shitting I show off a little around the horrible toilete as well as inside the toilet and its stinky stagnated horrible black water with cigarettes floating.

Then with my hand I took out my fat shit from the bin to show my fat result. Despite all this, I was still uncomfortable since my asshole was dirty yet. So I threw my shit back into the bin and put my pants on quickly since I had to wash my hands and get out soon to free that bathroom of filth for the next visitor and wash my asshole somewhere else.

I don't know if I should recommend that place.

Should I?

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Added: 2024-06-11

Scat Brainfuck: you Belong to my Shit

There will be no turning back. You won't have the same life without stopping thinking about my shit and you know very well that you are already my shitty toy. You will be mine forever and you will serve to my shit as a deposit with every part of your filthy body.

You don't even need to be bewitched by me to worship my shit, because your entire existence already just belongs to it.

From today your life does not depend on you. My red candle will remind you in case my dumb shitting snorting pigslave forgets my shit's

You will never see the world again. Your eyes will be sealed by my shit and you will see it as your only visible and sensible universe
forever and ever.

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Length: 24min.
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Added: 2024-06-12

Facefuck me Dirty - Joi

Today I want to be your obedient and submissive maid willing to eat my shit and suck your big smeared dick until you cum all over my slutty and filthy face.

I want you to use me as your dumb scat whore and shitty toilet pig to facefuck me and use my mouth hole full of shit to gag it hard, deepthroat until I make myself puke reflex. I like how your hard dick gets stuck in my throat making me spit the chewed shit falling from my dirty tongue onto your dick. While smearing your huge dick with my shit I wank it and denigrate myself all the time by being a scat slut the way you like it.

At first I pissed and shitted over your dick as you demanded and soon my whole slutty face was filled with shit by rubbing and slapping it hard with your smeared dick.

You fucked my mouth hole hard smearing my face, mouth and eyes, gagging and slapping me hard with your hard cock. Then to make you cum I had to wank your dick with my shit pointing towards my shitty full mouth showing off my painted tongue and asking you to make me swallow your cum mixed with my shit.

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Length: 19min.
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Filthy Feast with Dog Poop Picked Up from the Grass- Part 7

My Complete Dog Poop Season is made (until now) of Seven Chapters. Discover all of my dirty Episodes playing with Dog Poop:

Part 1: My First Dirty Experiment with Dog Poop

Part 2- Playing Dirty with Dog Poop

Part 3- Dog Poop mixed with my shit: Double Couple

Part 4- Dog Poop picked up from the Street

Part 5- Outdoors Dog Poop Dirty Play in Public

Part 6- Your Dog Poop Guru (All Inclusive Lesson)

Part 7- Recently Made! - Filthy Feast with Dog Poop Picked Up from the Grass

Finally I went outdoors again to search for some tasty dog turds for play. I show a lot of turds on the grass, pick up some of them with my hand, showing off how tasty they look, smell them and then put them all in a plastic bag and inside my own bag. While walking back home, I was thinking about what kind of filthy things I will do with my dog poop.

After I get home, I take the poop from my bag and serve it on a plate, that's when I decided to prepare myself a dirty filthy feast over the table.

I got my table ready and lit the candle, then I took off my clothes, leaving only sexy lingerie on. But first I needed to fill my empty cup, so I pulled my thong to the side and pissed a lot in there.

I picked up one and then another turd from the plate and started to suck and bite them slowly, feeling the taste of different turds, while smearing my mouth and face, with my plate in front of me, full of turds.

Then I fill my mouth more, chewing dog poop, showing off inside my mouth, tasting my piss from the cup and smearing my filthy face and hands more dirty.

I used some chewed and wet shit to smear my tits covering and paint them fully while chewing tasty poop.

It was time to mess up my lusty pussy, so after I took off my sexy thong, I smeared it nicely and dirty, rubbing it with more shit and then took the biggest turd to stick it inside my pussy hole. While playing with the turd inside my pussy, I keep sucking another piece of poo, leaving it in my shitty mouth. After smear and fuck my pussy with dog turd, I smeared big dick and fucked my shitty hole with it, keeping big turd in my filthy mouth.

When my pussy got nice shitty fuck, I sour some piss over my ass to make it wet and smeared it with dog poop all over my cheeks and asshole as I wanted to fuck it as well with another dick. I sticked the dick inside, showing closer my dirty asshole while fucking my filthy ass. Then I sucked the dick right from my ass to taste it.

After fuck my holes nicely I filled my mouth to the top with dog turds and gagged it with big dick, pushing all the shit inside my throat, but my mouth was so full that wet shit was coming out of my mouth. I sucked a bit more my dirty dick covered with a fat amount of shit. After my shitty blowjob I smeared my body with more amount of shit as I like to be nicely smeared, and fingered my dirty asshole again.

I was fully smeared and satisfied with my dirty play, with all of my holes fucked, so at the end I sit to smoke a cigarette, enjoying myself after my filthy feast.

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The Milky Way

Today your giant dick deserves to get hard, to be loaded with a lot of milk and bathed with milk so prepared a real milky bath for him but first your big dick had to give me several cumshots in my slutty mouth.

I wore a sexy corset and high heels to tease you while smoking and swallowing more cum from your dick and from a glass to then puke it hard. I vomited several pukes into a glass to smear my ass later.

But before I continued gobbled to release hard fountains right over my pussy and tits, leaving my pussy very milky and covered in cumshots of
milk. It was the ideal time to fuck the hole of my creamy pussy with a dildo, from the front with my legs open and in doggy style. Afterwards I show off both of my spreading holes wide open and stretched.

Now it was your big dick's turn to receive my puke so I sat on top of you showing both of my lusty holes and before puking on you I unexpectedly
pissed over your dick making it all wet. I had to clean your dick and dry it of the piss and then puke on it. I did a dildo gag again and while a rain of snot, saliva and puke fell on me, I left your big dick
full of puke, milky and creamy. I repeated it again and again on topof you, releasing waterfalls of pukes on your wet and dirty dick with the smell of pukes.

At the end I left your dirty dick dirty full of puke and went to turn off the lights while explaining the difference between shitting and puking behind the scenes.

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Language: English
Added: 2024-06-07

Trash and Dog Poop Possession - Part 10

Today we celebrate the 10th Anniversary and the golden edition of the tenth chapter of the Dog Poop saga with this stinky and dirty case of possession by the number Ten that leads me to devour waste and smear myself not only with dog poop but with an old mountain of garbage in the trash bin.

After having found my dog's turd I thought about making a naughty video with this smelly poop but then I felt too tired to do it so I discarded the idea and decided to rest for today and I threw the poop in the bin.

Strangely, after that I found a piece of paper with the number ten written on it over the table and I don't know who left it there. But when I looked at
it I started to feel cold and then heat, until I felt hungry to eat that paper, so I just stuck it in my mouth to devour it. I also desperately thought about recovering the poop I threw in the trash to
devoure all the trash as well that was still accumulated.

I quickly brought the full bin and I don't know why I peed in the bin right on top of the trash. Not having toilet paper, I cleaned my pussy with my panties and put them in my mouth. With panties in mouth I
poured all the garbage over my head, making a pile of waste wet with pee fall all over me and all around the floor.

I wanted to find my dog poop wrapped in a plastic bag but also to chew all the waste and to cover myself with it while I smearing my mouth with shit.

I chewed dog poop while smearing my face and covering my head body and mouth with garbage. I made my feet shitty and dirty like a trash pigwhore while rubbing my shitty pussy, then I asked you to to smell that stinky shit from my feet while I was fucking my pussy with dildo and fingering my asshole in doggy style, showing my dirty smeared feet.

Between bites of the dog turd I smeared my tits, ass and face rolling between pissed pieces of garbage, possessed by the spirit of waste and
shit. So I continued rolling on the dirty floor as I put the garbage bag on top of my body like wild shitty hogwhore.

When I filled my mouth with dog poop I gagged it with a dildo but the shit was so stinky and dry that I couldn't stand too much.
I made hard squirts with my dirty asshole farting loudly releasing fountains and farts on the floor full of trash, pee and shit.

I wanted all the shit and garbage just for myself so I turned into a trash can putting the bag and the bin over my head.

Now Im a dog pooped and stinky trash bin.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 305 kb/s
Size: 2479MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-06-06

Mademoiselle Poo Poo

Today is the day of French class for Mademoiselle Poo Poo. She introduces herself before sitting down to study a new vocabulary of three new words: poop, shit and whore. Her filthy lesson makes her horny and eager for her own shit.

She likes to tease you with her heels, ass and butt plug by lifting her long skirt. She then takes off her clothes and is left in a sexy negligee to be your dirty and wild piglet. Like a horny pigwhore she
does a pee kick from the bench with her legs spread directly on the floor and her thong to the side. After having wet the floor she wants to poo on the bed so she takes off her short negligee and stays in her lingerie to go to the bedroom with you wanting more dirty antics.

However, a harsh and difficult surprise awaits her. She and her ass are so constipated that she is going to have a hard time pushing turds as wide and hard as rocks from her ass stretched by her size. They stagnate and get stuck in her asshole and she has to help herself with her hand to open the way, sweating and pushing.

Finally after pushing hard and having taken out the last big, hard turd, she picks them all up from the bed and she invites you to the toilet to go play dirty, to be your filthy toilet slut. She likes to smear the toilet seat and clean it with her slutty painted tongue.

While Mademoiselle Poo Poo plays under the toilet like a dirty slut, she fills her mouth to the extreme with chewed shit, smearing her face until there is no clean space left and she gags at her mouth full of dildo pretending it is your big dick from which the shit she chews.

She smears her tits, body and pussy rubbing it with shit, she covers her face completely like a disgusting whore and takes the toilet brush
to wet it in the dirty toilet water, thus collecting the remains of her shit and rubs it on her face and pussy with the brush

She has the idea of doing a dirty anal with toilet brush smeared sticking it in her shitty asshole but she couldn't get it deep enough
to fuck her ass. That's why Mademoiselle Poo Poo deserves a few punishments. She must put her head and neck inside the toilet hole and
remain standing with her ass up spreading it wide open and fuck her dirty pussy with a shitty dildo.

When she comes out of the hole she has to smear more shit all over her head, eyes, hair, wet her head with toilet water and comb her hair
with a toilet brush. She then shows herself what a dirty and disgusting slut she is. But she still has to complete all the penance.

She must take the toilet trash can full of dirty and used toilet paper, fill her mouth with disgusting paper and pour the rest on her head, stick dirty paper on her face, body, head and ass and have her mouth full of garbage.

Finally, all covered in shit and stuck in the garbage, she must put herself back into the toilet hole with her ass facing up and remain like that like a dirty whore spreading asshole and farting loud.

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 9497 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 265 kb/s
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Added: 2024-06-05

Lusty Holes

Today your scat whore is possessed by the shit eating servant spirit that makes her please you until cum hard inside her mouth full of fat shit.
As soon as she woke up urgently, she went to the bathroom and shitted a few huge and fat turds right on the floor in doggy style, after pulling jeans down. Then as usual, she went to the kitchen in order to put her delicious shit in the fridge, so her shit will remain fresh until being ready to get fucked by your dick in all of her lusty holes and
fill her mouth hole with huge amount of shit.

She came walking on her fours like your dogwhore to fulfill your commandments and the first is to do a
strip tease saying that she is a dirty pigwhore, eating shit slut and a hole to be used by your dick for fuck and cum in it.

She denigrates and humiliates herself as she deserves for being your dirty toilet bitch, spreads her pussy and ass wide open with the soles
always visible.
Before playing kinky with her huge load remaining on the small cute plate, she whipped
both of her front holes as well as tits and put on nipple clamps to punish her shitty boobs.

Then just as you demanded, she starts to chew her chocolate turds turds, smearing gradually her hungry mouth hole and slutty face, showing off inside mouth wide open full and painted shitty tongue.

She knows that if if she makes any mistake she must slap her face hard to give herself a
good punishment. Your slut is not allowed to cross her legs as she has to show her pussy visible, either she shall not make any kind of dumb clumsy mistake, like letting things fall down to the ground. Anyhow she did it several times as she is a dumb slut so she had to slap her slutty face hard for it.

Trying to be good shit eating hogwhore for you, she smears her feet dirty with chewed shit showing them spreading legs as a real nasty pigwhore.

When her mouth is dirty and full enough, she spits chewed chocolate mass right over her pussy to smear and rub it nicely covered. After filling her mouth hole to the top she seals it with a ball gag over her head and mouth, pushing all the shit remaining inside right down the throat. With her stinky mouth extremely full and covered by the ball gag, she must fuck her dirty pussy with your dick, sticking it in different positions, showing her smeared soles and shitty pussy up close as well. Meanwhile pussy fuck she does not allowed to talk.

After getting nicely fucked in her lusty pussy she pissed in a cup hard
to taste it later. Then she took off the ball gag being allowed to talk again denigrating herself for you. So she prepares another hole for your dick smearing her ass cheeks fully covered, spreading dirty asshole in doggy style. You can fuck your slut s asshole the way as you like, doing dirty anal and enjoy her smeared, tight and kinky asshole up close.

Your shit eating pigwhore wanks your smeared hard dick, makes you dirty blowjob asking you to cum in her shitty mouth.

She will always please you as you demand. When spitting her wet shit she smears all over her face, eyes, head, hair and neck to look as a disgusting shitty hogwhore for you.

After that, as you commanded, she chews and swallows pieces of the turds with some milk holding a puking reflex. Because she is not demanded to puke yet.

All the time she denigrates and punishes herself as you demand as she deserves being treated like a dirty shitty hole. So she gags her throat with dildo puking all over her tits while her long snots falls
from her nose, and she ends up puking over your dick with pov view, making it wet, puked and full of snots.

It makes your dick so hard watching your shitty whore so filthy and
disgusting that you give her a cumshot all over her smeared and puked

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 299 kb/s
Size: 3362MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-06-02

The Arabian Dirty Nights

This morning started with an unexpected surprise since Scheherezade woke up suddenly wanting to shit so she had to do it in a hurry, without makeup and directly on the floor. Then she took her delicious shit and put it in a lovely bowl.
So while the tiny bowl full of her tasty excrement was waiting to being used, she went to get ready: she wore a hot and sexy black lingerie, boots with high heels, a beautiful Dubai robe, she put on make up and was ready to go out and play dirty as you like.

Although in truth she was not very focused nor did she care much about what you like. Rather she wanted to satisfy her desire of today: to smear herself nicely and chew filling her pretty mouth.

She shows off her outfit, sensual lingerie, teasing you while she crosses her legs with her boots erotically while smoking and then begins to bite and chew her rich and delicious shit little by little filling her slutty mouth and painting her dirty tongue showing it off.

Then she remembers that she would like to please you a little. So she dirtyes your dick with shit, rubs it and sucks it making a dirty blowjob, also showing it up close.

She tempts you with her ass while she gets it all covered up and fingers her dirty hole.
Then she smears her lusty pussy and asks you to fuck her with your dirty cock, showing you from the front and from behind how she fucks her filthy shitty hole.

While keep playing with one dick and then with two dicks at the same time , fucking her pussy and gag and her mouth full to the brim, she keeps chewing and showing her mouth full of shit up close. Because today she wants to get dirty smeared and to chew.

After fucking her dirty slut pussy and gag with her mouth full, she pisses into a cup and tastes her pee by spitting it all over her body and tits. She's already all smeared and wet like a dirty slut, showing off all her shitty and wet body all messed up.

Just in case she rubs your dick giving you a dirty handjob so that you cum in her dirty mouth full, or also on her smeared, or in her shitty wet pussy.

She already has her face smeared with her delicious chewed shit and passed all over her naked body with only her boots on.
After asks you to cum all your milk over her dirty mouth and body, she looks at herself standing fully smeared like a scat slut, enjoying how filthy she looks with her high heels and all covered body and her tiny mouth painted after chewing so much shit.

After watching herself enjoying looking like a filthy whore, she goes to shower, saying you goodbye languidly and without much care.

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 304 kb/s
Size: 3409MB
Language: English

My First Twerk Class

I am very flexible in my yoga stretches but in any dance class and especially twerk I was always a disaster. That's why I decided to take my first virtual twerk class to give my ass more sensuality and movement.

I have to start by stretching a little, teasing you with my hot sneakers, then I start with hip and waist movements, going down in a sexy way, trying to mobilize my tight ass with the hot thong. Little steps to the right, little steps to the left, an arm movement is added to my somewhat clumsy dance, but I put all my effort into it! And here comes the important thing: different twerk movements from the front, from the sides, in doggy style and mmmm... I'm not going to tell you everything yet, so stay warm!

Finally I got tired and disappointed very quickly when I saw that my thin ass moves very little, so I changed my plans and wanted to do something dirtier to please you.

I emptied my backpack full of dildos, butt plug, I took off my sexy shorts, showing my ass in a thong while twerking and then with butt plug in asshole I continued twerking, showing it more closely. I made my sexy pink sneakers visible, while spreading and shaking my lusty ass.

My belly was very mobilized so I felt a great urge to poo, but first I showed my super hairy pussy, I peed hard with my thong to the side. I got into a doggy position, constipatedly pushing long, fat sausages of shit that came out perfect for me to devour.
I sucked my huge turds with pleasure, filled my mouth completely like a dirty bitch, formed a big dick of all the shit to give you dirty blowjob and dirty handjob.

I did an anal twerk on a smeared dildo inside my dirty asshole and used another huge dick for my shitty pussy riding it with my smeared hole. After sucking and fucking the dirty dicks, I gaged with my hand to put all the big mass of shit inside it, chewing and stretching my mouth with a large amount of shit in my mouth, while it all fell out because I hadn't more space inside.

After swallowing your kinky cumshot with my mouth full to the brim, I completely smeared my entire face, eyes, mouth, making a thick, shitty mask over my entire face.

I show you my wet and dirty tongue and I hope you also liked my first twerk attempt for you.
Will there be a second twerk class? Or should I change the activity for next time?

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Size: 3793MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-05-24

Kinky Dog Poop Coffee Store- Part 9

Part 9 of my Dog Poop Stories! Will we celebrate after Part 10? ;)

Today my imagination wanted to take me to a coffee store with
Parisian music, enjoy the atmosphere and try something delicious, so I
put on a very hot red dress, sexy lingerie and high heels.

On the way to the coffee store I found two turds of dog poop on the
floor and of course I put them in my purse to enjoy it in the store
and play dirty, however I want.

After sitting in a bright place, I craved a juice in addition to my
dog poop, which looked like chocolate, so I took them out of my purse
and served them on a cute little plate and before peeing in the cup, I
showed my thong sexy red and hairy pussy. I think in Paris it is
fashionable to be hairy, both in the armpits and in the pussy, so I
was fashionable today.

After filling my glass with pee, I dipped the turds in the full glass
and started chewing dog turds, smearing my filthy face and mouth. My
piss had a very sour taste so it made my lips sting, it even hurt.

I continued filling my mouth with dog poop, until little by little I
smeared my hairy body and pussy full covered, rubbing it with this
kinky chocolate dough. Surprisingly, a dildo was included on the menu
so I dirty it with dog poop to fuck my dirty pussy and put my fingers
in my smeared asshole with my hot and visible high heels.

Before leaving I filled my mouth to the brim with dog poop chocolate
and I gagged with a dildo until chewed shit fell out of my mouth.

I spit more juice on my smeared tits, quickly grabbed my bag and left
in a hurry hoping to return another day. Maybe next time you'll invite
me to a dirty cafe with Parisian music?

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 288 kb/s
Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, Foot Fetish, Instructions, Pissing, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 1584MB
Language: English

SnowBunny Bellyache Load- Short Version

Today I felt like being your hot snow bunny, as a sexy snowflake and play
dirty for you.

I wore my favorite erotic furry jacket and bunny ears, but....
after taking a liquid for poo... my great hell of bellyache began,
twisting and squeezing my belly really hard and truly serious.

You can
see my suffering and painful condition in the full video, but in the
shorter version I tried not to show it too much, although it was
clearly difficult to avoid completely.

After a while of writhing and peeing on the floor, I lied backwards
and suddenly released expulsed a huge mixture of liquid and hard shit out from my

It was a big puddle with big turds inside, so I was able to
suck them as I like to,
smearing my filthy mouth and face, even with a hard

I didn't have time to prepare myself properly due to my bellyache, urged to poo and due to a constant discomfort ,
so I
brought my bag full of dildos of different sizes to choose a big one, filling my mouth to
the brim with shit gagging it deeper inside.

Despite belly twists I was able to enjoy chewing big amounts of shit,
spitting dirty pieces and dripping shit from inside my mouth.

filling my dirty mouth with shit I show it full up close.

Again I used the opportunity to expose my hairy pussy and smeared it all covered, rubbing
it with tons of muddy shit, while continued with my mouth full of shit, chewing and spitting all over my tits.

Not being able to handle my horrible bellyache anymore, I catched cold
so I went to take a hot shower, rubbing my shitty pussy with a sponge and cleaning all the shit out.

Then I wanted to shave my hairy pussy. But I had so many hairs that I
got tired of that idea and left my pussy hairy as before.

Remind me next time never try that poop liquid again.

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 320 kb/s
Size: 1571MB
Language: English

Mouline Rouge

An incredibly sexy, seductive and erotic performance presented by your favorite dirty scat sluts (three in one) on scene, all of them more daring than ever: KinkyBunny, ShittyKitty and Filthy Piglet, creating from a casual piece of shit a complete nasty seductive scat movie and also dirty instruction how to get you hard and cum inside their shitty holes and mouths.
But first enjoy viewing those filthy sluts personalities playing filthy and Teasing you all the time.

We advise the viewer to enjoy every perverse part of the show and it's details, as well as changes in scene, changes of roles, and these sluts dare you to guess which dirty whore is in front of you.

So dont be taken away immediately, with the daring and sensuality of the scat bitches, as they will constantly provoke and confuse your imagination.

Red is the New Scat of this work, reaching orange shades with shit colours to create a dirty monochrom, at the same time presence of high level sensuality and lusty shit bewitched whores.

You will have a challenge to discover each of the bitches smeared with shit with their particular and different look to seduce you and Get your attention.

I do not want to make any advance to not ruin the surprise of who is who and the pervert behavior of each slut, (try to fo it by yourself) and I leave the riddle to you but I assure you that everything you will see is very dirty, sensual, erotic fetish and something particular.

The lustful threesome of the sluts , appearing one by one, will perform all kinds of things that you like using hot lingerie, showing hairy pussy, provoking with their hot asses, stretched and open holes, butt plug, smeared pussies rubbing, chewing delicious shit, pee over tits, sucking dirty turd, completely covering slutty faces, fucking shitty dildos with their lusty holes, teasing you with high heels, indulging in their perverse game to suck your dirty dick, filling their mouths to the brim when chewing and sucking, showing painted tongues, making you firty jerk off until you cum in any slutty mouth.

But you have to notice that they will not only be to satisfy your desires, they will choose to enjoy themselves as a true scat whores: three in one.

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 288 kb/s
Size: 6065MB
Language: English

Bunny Needs Your Dirty Support

After finishing her filthy video for you, KinkyBunny tells a little about her situation and asks for your support, filthy pervert, so she can heal sooner, continue with her scatwhore creations and doesn't feel alone, appreciating your support and company

Video Info: 864x1920 Pixel @ 13107 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 235 kb/s
Length: 2min.
Format: MP4
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Size: 180MB
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La Vie en Rose d'un Cochon

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The urge to shit catches me off guard so I have no choice but to shit on the floor in my toilet , though the result was worth it since I show you a huge, big shitty sausage that came out from my asshole.

Then I take my big surprise to the kitchen and put it in the fridge, to keep it fresh, while Im getting ready like a dirty pig to play with tasty huge load of mine.

Your erotic pig appeares finally chewing her dirty dessert, being alone in a night kitchen, smearing her dirty mouth, showing off painted tounge, covering herself all over hot tits and belly.
Then she pissed in the cup to use her wet shower later.

After tasting and filling mouth with fresh shit up to the top, she sucks it deliciously right from the spoon, then your dirty pigwhore invited you to her bedroom to continue doing filthy things for you.

There she shows you her hairy pussy up close, smears it nicely and puts the nipple clamps on her painted tits to be more excited like a horny hogwhore.

While continues smearing her feet and soles to suck and lick them with her shitty tounge and rubbing her slutty face and mouth with dirty feet.

After puts on her seductive piglet slut mask she continues chewing with mouth full to the top, showing off inside,
spitting and dripping shit out from her mouth hole.

Then your shit eating PigWhore asks for your cum, so she lies down with her dirty feet always visible and gives you a dirty blowjob sucking your huge dick, rubbing it fully covered with shit making a dirty handjob.
So she keeps sucking, jerking and rubbing her face with your dick until you explode lots of your milky cumshot all over her face and inside her lusty mouth.

After make you cum a big cumshot, your PigWhore lies down on the bed, smearing her pussy even more to fuck it in different positions as you like.

But before that she wants to become extremely smeared and covers her entire face, eyes and hair fully dirty,
shitty and nasty.

While fucking your dick, she remains with huge amounts of shit inside her lusty mouth, chewing, spitting and dripping it all over her body.

She pours her pee all over her shitty smeared body and ass, rubbing her dirty wet asshole making filthy sounds, fingering her dirty hole.

After your shit chewing PigWhore got satisfied , she shown herself how extremely nasty she looked like, wilde Possessed shitty PigWhore,
and in the toilet pointed herself in the mirror:
the mirror projects all your desires to see her again over and over playing with tons of shit.

This dirty piglet will be your eternal filthy desire in the mirror

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Your Scat Teacher Instructions

Is it boring to play dirty alone, right? Today I make you company and we can share same shitty play together.

I want you to play with your shit dirty like I do, doing same filthy stuff ,giving you shitty Jerk Off Instructions.

Start from Shitting nice Load as I did, sniff and taste your shit, fill your mouth with shit and play your dirty tounge with mouth full, doing same what I do.
Then I smear my face and boobs, chewing my poo, asking you to do same. Then i smear a dick for dirty blowjob so you can suck your shitty hand or dildo.
Then I smear my ass and fuck it with shitty dick, tasting my ass.. I make you dirty handjob with my instructions and count for you to cum in my shitty mouth.

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Outdoors Dog Poop Dirty Play in Public- Part 5

My Complete Dog Poop Season is made (until now) of Seven Chapters. Discover all of my Dirty Episodes playing with Dog Poop:

Part 1: My First Dirty Experiment with Dog Poop

Part 2- Playing Dirty with Dog Poop

Part 3- Dog Poop mixed with my shit: Double Couple

Part 4- Dog Poop picked up from the Street

Part 5- Outdoors Dog Poop Dirty Play in Public

Part 6- Your Dog Poop Guru (All Inclusive Lesson)

Part 7- Recently Made! - Filthy Feast with Dog Poop Picked Up from the Grass

Today it will be my first dirty play outdoors and I decided to use some stinky dog turds.

I picked up my dog poop from the grass with my plastic bag, showing my stinky content that I will use for dirty smear and chew, but in public place this time.

I put my towel ower the grass to seat on it and enjoy playing with my poop meanwhile people was coming and going.

First I started to paint my lips, sucking a piece of dog turd and bite it. Then I made dog poop wet with some water for better smearing (you know that dog poop is very dry) and started to smear my face gradually, while chewing more turds with mouth full and showing my dirty shitty tounge.

I show my casual outfit I was wearing for go out, my filthy mouth full of shit and spit inside the bag chewed dog poop for keep it at home.

While smearing my face dirty I had to cover myself with a towel from a side few times, because of some people walking around. But later I didnt care, so I kept smearing my face untill fully covered and filled my filthy mouth with poop showing it wide opened.

It was exciting and funny doing my kinky things outdoors with possibility to being observed.

Shall I repeat it and make it more naughty next time?

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Length: 15min.
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Stinkiest Dog Poop Ever and Pissed Thong- Part 8

My eighth chapter which includes dog poop today was done very unplanned and unexpectedly, plus it was different from the other poops I was playing dirty with in previous chapters.

I had a simple idea to make just an erotic pee in my thong...until I found on the floor a very stinky dog diarrhea. So I decided to be even stinkier than that shit.

I'm not going to lie that this time it cost me a bit because it was a foul stinky smell very hard to describe.

I always made hot videos with dog poo chewy turds.
But this time I came across a liquid thing full of mucousy smelling and kind of weird in its consistent.

But your scat slut got up the courage, put on her latex gloves and teased you with her hairy pussy, showing it up close, until she decided to pee standing straight into her thong, wetting everything on the floor, including the nasty dog shit.

Then she set on the scary wet filth on the floor showing her hairy pussy and dirty feet, she pour
the cream on her hairy pussy to fuck it with a big black dick.

Ah but no! Before fucking the dick, she smeared her tits, pussy with dog poop and couldn't stand its stinky stinky and again stinky smell coming from her body. It was really very smelly, as if it came from a rotten dump.

But your dirty whore always wants to be dirtier than the dump, so she smeared all over her ass, rode the dick from the front and from behind wiggling her dirty smelly ass.

It was hard to stand that smelly railing but your dirty whore kept smearing herself with dog poop, and then she made you dirty stinky handjob rubbing you hard , spitting drool that fell from her filthy mouth over your dick, until made you cum.

After your cumshot, she kept dirtying her ass and kinky holes , showing up close, spreading them wide, so you could smell it too.

Surely because of that stinky and puke smell, your dirty slut has a weird possessed behavior at the end, asking you something strange, because of the dog diarrhea railing.

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Length: 19min.
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Naked Thoughts of a Marginal Girl

In this spontaneous confession video I would like to share with you my thoughts and experiences regarding different varieaties of contents I have made in my life until now, somewhat personal and others about which I would appreciate your point of view.

Surely these are not all of my experiences confessions during many years, but I tried to bring you the most recent ones.

At the same time I tell a little about where and how I have got into scat content, gradually...

About how I was storing my own standards and point of view regarding all kind of dirty experiments and scat play, synchronizing my intuition with the minds of scat lovers, catching and studying their fantasies and artistic ideas...

About my favorite content I enjoy most

About few special and particular custom requests (always of course in a reserved and general way)

Curiosities that I came across with within scat content and compare its particularity with other types of content...

And finally , my recent thought that has been floating around in my head for a long time , about fans and requesters of personalized content and as well as creators of content like one unique Creator. (obviously it is my personal opinion).

And among other things: art , art and more art with shit.

I would really like to share my thoughts, experiences and reflections about scat that unites us with dirty fans alike, and I hope my naked aperture in many senses in front of you will be able to generate something similar inside your being or at least would be interesting for you.

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Length: 38min.
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Unexpected Leak

Today KinkyBunny received an unexpected surprise: she felt the urge to go to the toilet, without even knowing if she would make it. Just in case, she took a cute plate to put her poo on there.

Since she was not prepared for that event, she was without light and without makeup, she had to quickly enter the toilet naked. After spreading her ass wide, she suddenly placed a giant load on the floor, leaving her amazed. She put it all on her little plate to show off her big shit while she was happy and proud.

She takes her small plate full of shit to the living room, puts on makeup and dresses in sexy lingerie to start playing dirty with his big pieces, sucking them and painting her mouth and filthy face, erotically chewing large portions of shit, showing them inside her slutty open mouth .

While she filled her mouth with shit more and more, she smeared her tits and gagged on her mouth filled to the brim with shit.

She wanted to not only suck your fully smeared dick, she also rubbed it doing dirty handjob, just the way you like it.

She really missed getting smeared all over, so she covered her entire pussy to fuck it with shitty dildo. Before smearing her ass, she smeared her face even more, showing her painted tongue.

After covering her ass cheeks with shit, she fingered her lusty asshole twice and
fucked her kinky and naughty pussy again.

She still had a lot of shit left over so she smeared it all over her face, leaving no clean space, until she couldn't open her eyes because they were so tightly stuck with shit.

With her scat whore face all covered under layers of shit, her eyes sealed with poo, she filled her mouth to the extreme by chewing masses of shit, showing off closer

She was very happy to be your dirty scat slut again, asking you to cum over her super shitty face.

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Length: 30min.
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Dumb Scat Slut To Please You

Today your submissive silly slut wants to please you being your dirty hole for abuse and humillated as a kinky pig to make you cum over her shitty face.

She is so ridiculous and useless that she is only able to shit huge loads, pee on the floor and mess up herself in disgusting ways, just as you like to see her. She is only capable of playing with her stinky deposits and doing anything you want.

After shit and pee, your dumb slut recovers all the piss from the floor, spitting it in a glass. She smears her kinky pussy hole and rubs it until cum for you like a filthy pigwhore.

While smearing her silly face, she loads her mouth hole gradually, showing off the shit inside and painted tongue. She continues smearing all over her face, hair and head to become extremely disgusting and grimy as you like.

While showing dirty soles, she fuckes her smeared pussy and asshole with dildo, asking you to shit and pee on her face.

Your degraded scat slut loads her mouth full, showing it wide open, as she deserves to eat shit and to be smeared all over her tits and body.

After being completely dirty she sours her piss over the head and becomes a total shitty mess.

At the end she opens her stinky mouth hole full of shit asking you to cum inside.
She wants to please you being a dirty dumb pig with tons of shit in her hogwhore mouth.

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Length: 35min.
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