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There are several reasons to open sign up your studio at

  • Owned and run by a scat model. Models come FIRST here. CassieScat is writing this right now!
  • 70% payout on clip sales and 80% payout on tributes
  • Payouts are calculated from the end of the month and sent out ASAP at the begnning of the month
  • Quick sign up and verification process
  • Statistics on how your sales are doing for models
  • Models pay no VAT. Payout minimums are set by models and most payouts over 50 USD have no fees. Some payout options have small fees and detailed information can be found here: Payout information
  • Encourages sharing - link your social media and personal sites in your profile and videos
  • Always improving! I love to hear ideas from other models and make the site better

Before signing up your studio at, please respect our content rules:

  • No underage content - All content must involve only people over the age of 18
  • No blood - No real, animated, fake blood (including, unfortunately, visible menstruation) This is a dumb rule and as a woman I hate it, but it is required by the payment processor.
  • No permanent damage/violence - No actions causing serious injuries like scars, broken limbs, any burns, fisting etc.
  • No Necro/Horror/Snuff/Unconsciousness - No clips/pictures implying that one of the actors is dead or unconscious
  • No weapons - No knifes, guns, etc., neither real nor toy weapons
  • No animal/bug crushing - Neither already dead, nor alive
  • No rape - Neither staged, nor real non-consensual sex
  • No videos made under the influence - No videos featuring illegal drugs or made while intoxicated under the influence of drugs or alcohol

This website is for kinky, sexy toilet fetish porn and the independent models that make it!

If you need any help opening a store or getting started filming, feel free to reach out to CassieScat personally at

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