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Accidental shit eating

Katherine is really excited about this one. It's the first time she shitted on her slave's mouth
She told him that she was only farting on his face with some sharts. However, she knew she wanted him
to eat her poop so she ate a big bowl of broccoli and chicken with extra spicy sauces and ice cream
to make it liquid.

She started to fart and farts became sharts very quickly. Then, she made him open his mouth and
went hard on him throwing liquid poop in the form of nasty and putrid sharts inside of his mouth.

The slave's struggling and gagging as Katherine gets really turned on
He will never forget this session and the torture she put him through, very hot!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 17203 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Eating, EFRO, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery, Vomit
Size: 2050MB
Language: English

Shitty feet on his face

Katherine wanted a farting session with his slave, and wanted to have his face close to her feet to make it extra kinky.

However, her stomach started growling and she could feel that she had some shit trying to come out. So she pushed harder, causing some explosive smelly farts, until a big turd came out of her and flew to his slave’s chest. She felt it on her feet and started rubbing it all over. She makes him kiss her shitty feet, inhale her farts and lick her poop until he can’t breathe, so much fun!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 13005 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 192 kb/s
Length: 35min.
Format: MP4
Category: Diarrhea, Eating, EFRO, Farting, Foot Fetish, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 3280MB
Language: English
Added: 2023-11-21

Diarrheic gift (extreme session)

Katherine is setting the bar higher and higher regarding how extreme her sessions are. She’s been eating super junk food and holding her poop to have a session with his slave that will leave him permanent trauma.
The video starts with some farts that quickly become sharts given her urge to go to the bathroom.
The farts came out with a little creamy shit that instantly covered his slave’s face because she smears it with her beautiful ass all over it.
Katherine can’t wait any longer, she needs to poop asap so she releases all her violence and unloads a smelly diarrhea cake on her slave’s face covering his mouth, nose, and nostrils.
Katherine keeps smearing and sitting full weight on his face and, at this point, it’s all completely brown, shit is all over it, making it hard to breathe while his slave lies on the floor, motionless, terrified, and not knowing what to do.
But Katherine doesn’t care, she wants her followers to enjoy an extreme 23-minute scat session of pure sadism
One of the extremiest scat sessions vid waits for you!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 15258 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 22min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Diarrhea, Eating, EFRO, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 2441MB
Language: English
Added: 2023-11-08

Tummy ache disaster

Katherine's being really excited about making her slave suffer as much as possible the whole week.

So the night before she ate a whole bucket of ice cream and she woke him up with a rotten diarrhea surprise

Lactose is bad for her tummy and she already knows that.

When he smelled the first shart, he said he wasn't sure if he would be able to take it, but she didn't give him an option.

This a very extreme session, buckle up!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 8792 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 12min.
Format: MP4
Category: Diarrhea, EFRO, Partners/Slaves, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 802MB
Language: English


Katherine wants her first anal with you, but sheâs worried it might be too painful for her. Her asshole is very tight, so she asks you to work on it with your fingers to try to open it up.

Things start to get dirty pretty fast since Katherineâs been accumulating poop that day, so your fingers dome out messy and dirty.

Finally, you get to stick your dick on her tiny ass, it seems painful for her at the beginning but she starts enjoying it and the fun begins.

You enjoy fucking her white juicy ass like never before, when suddenly you see your dick full of shit, Kathie starts nervously laughing and farting on your cock. The rotten smell fills up the room, but this is what you like, isnât it?

After fucking her beautiful ass for a while, the farts keep coming, even smellier and smellier. Sheâs so naughty that she makes you stick your nose on her ass to smell them. Imagine the smell of those farts on her asshole wide open and full of shit, DISGUSTING.

In the end, she asks you to cum on her ass since it turns her on so much, a beautiful mix of poop and cum fills her butt, hummm, delicious!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 8923 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 21min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, EFRO, Farting, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Scat Sex
Size: 1404MB
Language: English


Katherine's been taking a new bombing pre-workout that destroyed her stomach. That combined with a heavy protein shake caused massive explosive sharts before leaving for the gym. Luckily her slave was available to take them on his face.
The slave was expecting just some quick farts but got a big shart attack by surprise, smelled pretty nasty!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 8738 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 3min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Diarrhea, EFRO, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Pooping, Toilet Slavery
Size: 220MB
Language: English

Shitty farts

Katherine has her asshole gapped and full of shit ready to fart rotten farts in her slave's face

Not content with this, she makes his slave to insert his nose completely inside his anal hole to feel the rotten smell emanating from it, very sexy.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 3766 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 5min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 134MB
Language: English

Creamy shit torture PART 2

Katherine keeps torturing his slave and gets even more cruel as the minutes go on.
She spreads the shit all over him over his chest, neck, mouth, and nose.

But Katherine realizes that something is definitely wrong with this slave because you can tell that he is clearly suffering but his dick hard as a rock.

So she goes harder on him and gives him a handjob as she facesits on him with her dirty ass.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 10752 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 18min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1423MB
Language: English

Creamy shit torture PART 1

Katherine is very angry with her slave so she decides to prepare a scat session that she will never forget.
Before filming, she prepares her stomach for a long session by eating fast food and lots of ice cream, food that is particularly bad for her and makes her poop smell horrible.
The video starts with a very extreme facesitting, but Kathy can't stand her stomach ache so after a few minutes she starts shitting in her slave's face and mouth. At first glance, you can see how the color and consistency of the shit makes you realize how horrible it smelled.

The slave's suffering is notorious, begging for mercy and coughing from the unbearable smell of Katherine's shit, but she doesn't care... and this is only the first part of what Kathy had in store for him that day.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 15770 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Size: 1417MB
Language: English

No more constipation

Katherine's slave was having quiet days as she could not go to the bathroom for two days.
But no more, Katherine started to feel a terrible stomach ache and I said it's time for action.
The video starts with her resting her beautiful ass on her slave's face while facesitting him.
After some pushing, a little poop started to come out and left my slave's nose and mouth completely brown.
After minutes of trying Katherine's sphincter begins to loosen giving way to a little more shit that went straight to her poor slave's face.
Finally, after so much effort on Katherine's part, what she had been holding in her stomach for days finally came out, a ball of shit was trapped between her beautiful ass and her slave's mouth. Dinner is served!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 11366 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 21min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Constipation, Desperation, Eating, EFRO, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1683MB
Language: English

He couldn't stand the taste of my poop

This was one of the first scat videos involving shitting my partner's face that I have done.

I try to push with all my might with my anus placed in his mouth while performing a harsh facesitting on him.

Some farts come out because what I was doing, and finally creamy poop comes out from my ass straight to his face.
The smell was so strong that he couldn't stand it and begged me to please end the session,

Since he was one of the first I forgave him and we ended for the day, but believe me I learned my lesson, he will never be that lucky again.

Video Info: 720x1280 Pixel @ 8673 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 11min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 693MB
Language: English

Direct feed my liquid poop

This is one of my first scat experiences, it started as trying to fart on his face but I pooped accidentally and I got very very turned on and just kept going. It came out liquid so I could tell it was hard for him to breathe, so freaking hot!!

Video Info: 1080x1920 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 8min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1187MB
Language: English