Goddess Tempest

Welcome, I am Goddess Tempest and I have been using human toilets since I was 19 years old.

Feeling and watching people consume my load while I shit into their mouth is a true passion and 24/7 lifestyle for me. It's so much more than just a fetish, it's the true way of life. I own both a 24/7 live in male toilet slave as well as visiting female toilet slave. Both eat my shit for my orgasmic pleasure and delight xoxo

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Shitting In Your Mouth Feels Wonderful

You know what it feels like after a good night out? When you over indulged the night before be eating and drinking too much?

That next day your stomach is all queasy with those cramps on your lower abdomen that gives you Goosebumps? You want to know what really helps for that?

You lay on your stomach and have someone lick your ass. This is however a very unpleasant task for the one who has to do the licking because after such a night your asshole is all smelly and gross. Not to mention the person licking is going to very likely taste a bit more than just your asshole.

Luckily I’m one of the very few women who own a male slave who was born into this world for the sole purpose of ensuring my comfort and pleasure even if it means he has to endure high levels of unpleasantness and suffering.

You will notice a few times while he is licking my ass deeply for me that I relax my asshole completely so his tongue can gain even deeper access into my ass. He mentioned that he can actually taste I need to go to the bathroom and I told him I can feel it.

But since it felt good I decided not to get up and go to the toilet but rather let him continue to eat my ass deep because it felt really good for ME at the time. Make no mistake. I was well aware he was tasting my waste back there because I felt his tongue made contact with it in my asshole. I just did not care because it felt great.

A few times he mentioned the taste is getting really nasty and strong now and I merely replied I can feel the need is also getting very strong. However I made him continue because feeling his tongue constantly probing into my waste back there felt fucking amazing. It felt so good that I moaned in pure delight.

Eventually the cramps and urge got to intense and I told him I want to take a shit in his mouth. Why would I walk all the way to the toilet while I have a perfect mouth right there by my asshole?

Like any good toilet slave he put his wide open mouth nice and tight over my asshole, ready to accept his nasty fate for my pleasure.

These hungover shits are the BEST! I could feel my turds were really thick but with that nasty warm creamy shit coating filling his mouth. Feeling him doing his best to keep up chewing and swallowing back there in perfect view of the camera only made my big bowel movement that more enjoyable. I pushed out multiple of those thick turds and the last two were really soft and creamy. I could feel him eating and swallowing it from between my ass cheeks right out of my perfect asshole.

What truly felt amazing is something that never happens. Halfway through eating he started to vomit my shit back up into my ass cheeks. Felt so warm and amazing. Especially when he started eating the vomit shit between my ass cheeks. To make sure he gets the message that he WILL EAT ALL MY SHIT I shit some more for him to swallow along with the vomit shit soup sludge. Making him suffer so intensely is so arousing!

It really was a MASSIVE shit because I had very big meals and lots of drinks the previous day but he literally ate EVERYTHING for me. He is such an amazing toilet slave!

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Broken Toilet 17 – Shitty Dinner

Devoted Sub is a very privileged slave getting to smell, kiss and lick my asshole on camera for you. His biggest honor is when I reward him by taking an impressively large shit right into his inferior mouth.

Moment of truth as he gets under the toilet chair opening his mouth in anticipation under my asshole. A view that in real life very few in the world will ever experience. The first load is very soft and creamy and every piece that drops into his mouth he swallows greedily. I guess that large chicken burger with fries and vanilla muffin for desert taste great for him as it passed through my superior body and slides out of my asshole into his mouth.

Huge pile of my poop forms on top of his face. I wonder how big the pile would’ve been if he didn’t swallow at all.

With this angle you see a PERFECT view of my superior female asshole stretching open as I push out one soft and juicy turd after another directly into his inferior mouth for his feeding.

I’m doing what I was born to do, shit into slaves mouths. My slave is doing what he was born to do, eating my stinking shit by being a toilet for women. It’s no one’s fault, we’re both here to serve a purpose in our respective roles in life. It’s just the natural order of things.

You can see my vagina in full view swelling from the arousal as it even opens up along with my asshole as the turds slide out. Best camera angle I have used in a long time

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Swallowing Diarrhea

This video is a more budget friendly production for those whom prefer not to buy expensive clips of for those who want to check out my work before moving on to the longer, more expensive video’s.

This scene was meant for another production but I scrapped the idea because I had a nasty case of soft diarrhea shits and my slave was greedy and swallowed my soft runny shits as I pushed them out.

Loud, wet and noise farts along with my runny shits. I was quite a bit gassy as well. Thankfully the last little bit of my shits landed more on his upper lip for you to see but if you’re a fan of good diarrhea swallowing action this short and budget friendly video clip is a must for your collection :-)

I also included a “Slow-motion” part so you can see with how much loyalty he swallow my runny, nasty shitload. Despite the horrible smell I think this is my slave’s best diarrhea swallow to date. You can tell how much I enjoyed this by seeing how wet and swollen my vagina got lol

Please note: One of my studio lights blew just as we got started. I was able to enhance with some editing. Still the video does appear a little bit darker than my usual productions. However, you won’t miss any of the shitting and swallowing action. Halfway through my shits a sarcastically apologize to my slave for not being able to keep it in as I shit more nasty soft shit into his mouth that he greedily swallows :-)

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Training Clarissa

Girls make great toilets IF they are trained properly. This video is about the training of Clarissa so there is no script. You could say this video is more documentary like with a lot of erotic action as Clarissa simply does everything on pure aroused instinct. Yes the girl is very nervous due to her lack of experience but to see what she does out of devotion towards my male slave is mind blowing!

She smells his ass, she let him sit on her small little face, let him hand cuff her so he can smother her with a pillow and still she remains devoted as a slave. She endure agony desperately struggling for air merely to please her Master. But it doesn’t stop there.

Clarissa holds her hands so Devoted Sub can take a big shit in them and then he tells her to do whatever she’s comfortable with. You won’t believe what this girl does. She start sniffing his shit. She gags but that only makes her more determined! Every time she gags and Devoted Sub tells her to take a breather she ignores it and sniff his shit again.

Eventually after some more gagging it’s like she’s trying to prove a point to herself by starting to kiss his pile of shit in her hands. She gags a little again and yet she keeps kissing it.

From there she rolls it into a big sticky ball and plays with it and as you can see from the huge mess in her hands, big smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes this girl LOVED every moment of this filthy act.

This girl never tasted shit and yet she turns Devoted Sub around, bend him over and start licking his shit smeared asshole while gagging!

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Broken Toilet 16 - Thick Creamy Turds

It’s been days since I took a shit and the pressure from within against my anus is suddenly strong. I call over my human toilet and inform him I need to take a big shit and that he should make his mouth available.

I NEVER get tired of a slave licking my ass hard while my bowels is full. This feels amazing but it’s not good enough so I slap him, grab his head and tell him he better get his tongue DEEP in there. Feeling his tongue exploring every smelly wrinkle of my anus as he works it into my full rectum, lubricating the tip of my thick creamy turd in there with his tongue.

I could feel it’s now or never so I order him to open his mouth for me. The most satisfying and intense pleasure of relieve washed over me as I evacuate my bowels right into his open mouth.

I could LITERALLY feel the movement in my lower abdomen as that first turd slide out. The thickness and warmth it slid out slowly. I took a colossal shit in his mouth and I pulled a face from the pleasure as it felt like this turd would never end.

It wasn’t over, 4 more creamy turds slid out one by one. I honestly don’t know where all this shit came from and can’t believe it all came out of me.

I film him chewing my thick, creamy turds while explaining to you (the viewers) the importance of why I’m making him chew it. While this is happening my slave decide to show his ultimate devotion by starting to swallow.

My apologies for being so wet. I can’t help it, it was just so erotic and arousing feeling his struggle.

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Suck My Turds Till I Orgasm

So I was really gassy and had my slave film my asshole up close while farting when I felt something else is about to happen. I love sharing the intimate and private experience of shitting with you, including my natural facial expressions if it’s a big shit like this one that feels really good to push out. Filmed from two angles so you can see my facial expressions but also my asshole open and expand as the tick and juicy turd slowly slide out of me.

But it gets better! My trusty slave knows how I love it when people actually TASTE my shit so he starts licking my turd right there in my ass while I push it out slowly! I LOVE that feeling of someone’s tongue on my shit, licking my tur is long slow strokes while I push it out.

Once I was done he put it in his mouth and sucked on it while I watched him and masturbated. It’s such a turn on when people suck on my shit! He then tongue fucked my shitty asshole to enhance my orgasm, what an amazing toilet slave!

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She Play And Cum With My Shit

For a change I get the chance to stand behind the camera and seeing toilet slavery between other people. It was time for me to throw my toilet slave into the deep end by getting him his very own female toilet slave and putting him in the dominant role of Stinky Steve.

So I got my slave his very own female toilet slave for my video productions. And not just any girl, only the best. Her name is Clarissa and she is a BEAUTIFUL 25 year old girl. She is also a very submissive type of girl.

She was eager to see what a dirty asshole will smell and taste like. I have seen many girls learning to cope with the smell for video productions but it’s the first time I met a girl LOVING it. She washed every smelly wrinkle of his shithole with her tongue.

As he finally sat down on her open mouth she tongue fucked his shithole while inhaling the strong smell of his ass crack. He could feel she is working a massive shit loose down there.

He got into position to take a shit on her and she did tense up a little from fear and excitement. However, as he started to take a MASSIVE shit on her chest between her perfect breasts she actually started to giggle. The extreme stench of his massive shit filled her nostrils and I noticed her little nipples becoming rock hard.

He tested the waters by wiping his very messy asshole. He showed her the toilet paper covered in a thick, soft shit smear and brought it closer to her face. She looked very nervous but she didn’t stop him as he pushed that shit smeared toilet paper right onto her beautiful, young lips.

To our surprise she started playing with his massive pile of shit as her other hand went into her jeans and she started to masturbate. She kept going, confused by her intense arousal over this as she reached 3 more orgasms soaking her jeans.

This girl discovered a very confusing, dirty pleasure within herself and we look forward to help her explore this further. Welcome Clarissa.

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Broken Toilet 15 - Sixty Nine Shit

Even in the best of dungeons slave’s do forget their manners. As it’s owner it’s my duty to remind it that I am superior to it and that I’m in charge. As I told my slave this morning he will be my restroom again and he must prepare everything for me to shit in his mouth he dropped his shoulders. This kind of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE! He need to be taught a lesson.

For the first time I included my brutal punishment in one of my Broken Toilet video’s. My husband was kind enough to film the scene where I suffocated my slave with a pillow without mercy. With his hands cuffed behind his back and his feet tied down I placed a pillow over his face and sat down with my full weight. His desperate struggle and agony for air after nearly two minutes got me soaking wet. I included a few seconds from his intense suffocation for you.

After that punishment he was very eager to please me and I used the 69 position to shit in his mouth. This position is humiliating for a slave, seeing my vagina but only there to open his mouth to receive my thick and smelly turds as I push them out into his toilet mouth one by one.

Afterwards I gave him the privilege to lick my dirty asshole clean. Shivers of pleasure went all over my perfect body as his tongue licking every nerve ending of my anus and rectum to wash off every revolting shit smear and stain.

He knows his mouth and tongue belongs up my shitty ass! Just another day in the life of my slave whom was born to serve and please me

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Honor My Asshole

In today’s Farting and Anal Play video I show you that having a 24/7 slave is a bigger responsibility than many realize. As a slave he is honored to be the property of a superior female owner. Just saying the words Thank you can obviously never be enough, he needs to show his gratitude by his ACTIONS. How can you help him do this?

It’s very simple actually. Just don’t bath for a few days until your asshole literally stink so much that you can smell it a few inches through your jeans. NOW it time to get rid of the clothes and underwear presenting your slave with your very strong anal stench. I honestly don’t understand why more women don’t do this. It feels AMAZING!

The nerve endings in your asshole is more sensitive if it wasn’t in contact with soapy water for a couple of days. Hearing your slave’s discomfort as his warm, wet soft tongue makes contact with your very smelly anus is PURE HEAVEN!

Watch as I did this to my slave several times. On the scene where I’m on my back he licked my ass so good that my rectal muscles relaxed completely. That caused me to blow a soft and very smelly fart right into his mouth while he was working his tongue deep into my smelly asshole. The best for me was the last part where I was standing with my slave kneeling behind me. I went an entire 12 days without a bath! He had to literally bury his face between my smelly ass cheeks to lick my very strong smelling asshole. As he tongue fucked my asshole, working his tongue hard between every smelly wrinkle to lick the nasty odour away for me it got too much. I got soaking wet from arousal and for the first time ever I started masturbating and rubbing my wet swollen clit on camera, not giving a shit. I was planning to cut this part but decided to leave it in this video so you can see how much I truly enjoy having my smelly asshole honored and washed by a slave’s tongue!

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Broken Toilet 14 - Daily Use

I get asked a lot on social media what it’s like to use a human toilet on a daily basis. I understand the curiosity because very few people in the world use actual human toilets 24/7. I literally use a regular bathroom toilet maybe 3 to 5 times a year. Devoted Sub is a full time 24/7 live in human toilet. So I am going to show you how I use my human toilet every single day You’ll notice I don’t communicate too much with my human toilet unless my toilet is a female. Let’s face it, you don’t have long conversations with your regular bathroom toilet do you? Well, the same thing goes for a human toilet.

You’ll see as I come in and take the magazine from the toilet chair (I like to do some light reading while I take a shit) I merely greet my human toilet and he greets me back. (Human toilets must have manners after all) He smells my ass and the strong odor tells him my asshole is very smelly so like a good toilet he shows his respect by licking my stinking asshole a while because he knows how good this feels for me.

You’ll notice the difference in this daily using of him compared to usual video’s is that I take my time, shitting slowly ensuring he savor the revolting taste is he swallows. I apologize for him swallowing so much of my bowel movement (he is a very hungry and greedy toilet) I did ensure however you can see his mouth filled with the last part of my soft revolting smelling load by pushing it out faster than he can swallow it.

He even wipes my shit smeared asshole for me (like any good toilet should) and puts the shit smeared toilet paper on his face. I then take a close up film so you can see my soft shit moving as he is still swallowing as I close the toilet chair hole with the magazine I was reading. I then leave him to swallow everything and clean up.

As far as I’m concerned he is just another piece of property I own for my pleasure and convenience.

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Messing My Pants

I just came back from the gym and I can feel I worked up an appetite among other things. I worked something else lose as well. I can feel the pressure build up and I really need to use the bathroom as soft smelly farts are escaping. But what's this? My slave Devoted Sub have not done the laundry like I told him to. This is UNACCEPTABLE! What am I suppose to wear to work now?

As punishment I'm just going to have my bowel movement in my gym pants. He WILL lick my bottom and my gym pants clean afterwards. THAT will teach him not to do the laundry! Watch how he drops my very thick and soft turd to the floor as I take my gym pants off and how I make him suck and worship my very smelly excrement right there on the floor where he dropped it

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Added: 2024-04-16

Broke My Human Toilet – Messy Diarrhea

I’m not one for hot and spicy foods but hubby surprised me last night with a huge serving of the most delicious hot chicken wings. It took it’s toll on my bowels the next day. I had a very nasty and runny diarrhea shit. Watch as I let this very horrible runny shits run directly in my human toilet slave’s mouth. The taste was so revolting, nasty and smelly he only managed to swallow a little more than half of it. Watch how my human toilet breaks. As I get tears in my eyes because my ass is on fire I get aroused, hearing my human toilet struggle to keep up. Finally it’s too much and revolting tasting for him to handle and he breaks. Hot chili spices passed right through my system and my human toilet had a mouth that burned just as much as my ass. Want to see what I did at work earlier this week? Keep watching as I included the free bonus material for you in this clip as well ;-) There is also a short interview with me afterwards while sitting nude on a regular bathroom toilet.

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Added: 2024-04-15

Broken Toilet 13 - Take Out Food

What if I ate ONLY these take out foods daily the whole week-end and NOTHING else. These chicken burgers with fries and mash potato & gravy sauce and hold it in as long as possible to see what it will taste like for my slave when it comes out of my perfect female asshole a few days later. I’ve been munching down several of these meals and the last one Sunday afternoon was the hot box meal (everything with hot chili) I’m not a big fan of “hot” foods but wanted to see what exactly it would do to my bowel movement.

You will see several KFC meals in my poop when I take this gigantic shit into my slave's mouth and All over his stupid face. Was a massive and messy load.

This was by far the most disgusting shit I pushed out in a LONG time! The first turd was very long, thick and creamy, filling his mouth and covering most of his loser face. I was far from done however. I groan in pleasure and delight as I cover both sides of his face in a very soft shit. By the burning sensation of my rectum and asshole I knew that was the last “hot” meal I ate a few hours ago.

I am sure those KFC meals tasted a lot better for me than it tasted for the guy who had to eat my shit when I pooped down his throat. It's how it should be. I eat the great tasting meals and the slave eats my shit as I experience the pleasure and delight from taking such a huge and smelly dump.

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Added: 2024-04-14

Pee And Poop Fun

Don’t you just wish you were under me right now where you belong? Your mouth wide open at it’s rightful place under my vagina to swallow every drop of my golden urine and under my anus to chew and savor the taste of my explosive shits? See me as I’m having the grossest shit explosions on the toilet and make my slave Devoted Sub clean my toilet afterwards. Around the 3 minute mark as I push solid shits out you can actually see me getting when from relieve and pleasure.

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Added: 2024-04-13

Hand To Mouth Shit Feed

I don’t like touching my own shit because let’s face it, it’s shit and it’s gross. It’s also far beneath me to touch it. I LOVE however seeing my shit in a slave’s mouth. Watch how I take a thick and firm shit into a plate.

When my slave came back from the errands I sent him on he stands on his knees as I inform him my asshole is still dirty and needs to be licked clean by him. Watch him eat my dirty ass desperately just to please me.

Afterwards he gets rewarded by me taking my own shit with my hand and stuffing it into his mouth. Just to make sure he doesn’t get idea’s I firmly push my hand onto his shit filled mouth making sure it stays in there “melting” slowly.

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Added: 2024-04-12

Pee And Fart Adventures

Being in several meetings is hard, especially if a lot of people need to step into your office afterwards and you don’t have time to pee. As I arrive home I can see it’s time for Devoted Sub to take a shower.

Water is a limited resource and we must use it sparingly for future generations. This is how I’m going green and doing my part to save water. Watch me get undressed and stand on two chairs to give my slave a shower with my warm piss.

I pee all over him and not only does he wash himself with my golden nectar, he even takes it in his toilet mouth. Watch me afterwards making him slurp it up from my tile floor. Now watch me ride his face for my own amusement and pleasure afterwards.

I get soaking wet from this right on his face thrusting and riding it. I enjoy myself farting directly on his worthless face, blowing my smelly gas into his mouth and nostrils where it belongs! My wet and loud farts are so smelly he turns bright red.

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Size: 225MB
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Added: 2024-04-11

Broken Toilet 12 - Global Warming

Broken Toilet 12 - Global Warming: Watch as I feed my slave my poop directly from my anus to end food shortages in world. If all women use men as toilets we can save the planet.

Men, please do the right thing like the guy in this video with me and report as a full toilet for women in your area. If you consume our turds you'll help lighten the burden on food supply. Let the women eat the food and YOU can feed on their waste. It makes perfect sense.

Global warming makes me HOT and in more ways than one ;-)

It is a HUGE concern for me. I’ve been thinking about how my slave and I can do our part in helping saving the planet for future generations, GODDESS TEMPEST STYLE!

It’s pure common sense actually, if we consume less food then less food have to be produced countering global warming. So my trusted slave and I have come up with a plan. What if we “recycle” the food I ate that my body already used? There are still a little bit nutrients in human feces so that is the answer!

We still have to stick to the natural order of things though. I eat all the nice foods my slave cooks and in a day or two when my body is done with it I’ll simply shit into his mouth. He has to swallow of course and that way his body can absorb the nutrients that’s left in my shit meaning nothing goes to waste. At the same time I get HUGE satisfaction from seeing him eat my shit, my ENTIRE bowel movement directly from my asshole.

Watch as you see me push one creamy turd after another out into his mouth, see how he gag and suffer as he chew and swallow everything.

I apologize in advance, it gave me such intense erotic pleasure that I simply couldn’t help playing with myself, seeing him suffer to chew and swallow everything. When I push out the second load he licks my asshole. He knows I like the feeling of my shit push the tip of his tongue away as it comes out. As I push out the third load it get softer and extremely foul smelling. Seeing how he is struggling to swallow all that down just aroused me even more. Like any good slave he offers to lick my asshole clean and as he tongue fucks my shit smeared asshole I simply unload a fourth soft and creamy load into his mouth. It felt so good to feel that soft shit of mine his tongue out of my asshole and fill his mouth up again.

After this I thought I was done but the stirring in my bowels tells me there is another massive and nasty load that is coming, FAST! My slave is so devoted that he saw this in my facial expression and without me asking he offers to seal his open mouth over my asshole and swallow as I empty myself. As I feel his soft and dirty lips sealing tight onto my asshole and his tongue gently sliding into my still full rectum I just let go. I experience the feeling of my bowels as I unload a very nasty and soft load filling his mouth very quickly. I experience his swallowing actions, extreme gagging and squirming. I feel it in every part of every anal and rectum nerve and the arousal is simply too much. I don’t want to stop, for several seconds I feed him a steady “flow” of nasty, creamy shit. Heaven only knows where all of that came from, I suppose it was stuck in my bowels for days.

Despite his extreme discomfort he keeps his mouth sealed tight onto my asshole and accept his fate as he simply keep swallowing. By keeping his mouth over a beautiful woman’s asshole swallowing her shit he shows his devotion. Not only to saving the planet but also to woman everywhere. The fact that he can see my soaking wet and swollen vagina as I rub my clit in between but he only gets to lick my asshole and swallow my shit. That is TRUE RESPECT from a man towards the female gender :-)

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Size: 257MB
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Added: 2024-04-10

New Location Fun

I have long wanted to do this. Do a clip where I shit in someone else’s house without them knowing. I visit a friend of mine a couple of times the past week and did something crazy. Went into another part of her house and took a shit filming it. It started the first two times with diarrhea in her bathroom toilet and then I had the urge to do something a bit more crazy. I took a shit in her shower leaving the bathroom door open. As she and some of our other friends walked by the open bathroom door they had no idea what nastiness I was getting up to. Knowing very well that at any second anyone can walk in and catch me in the act got me so aroused that I actually orgasmed and squirted my white girly fluid without even touching myself! Guess what? I got it ALL on film for you as that happened while I pushed out that nasty big shit in her huge shower.

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 1920 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 154 kb/s
Length: 9min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
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Broken Toilet 11 - Job Interview

We all know unemployment is a very real issue in most countries. To make matters worse some employers take advantage of this situation by exploiting their employees whom just do whatever they are asked out of fear of being retrenched or losing their job.

Steve was retrenched 6 months ago and with a family as well as his elderly parents to support he really needs a job in the video production industry. Unfortunately he is not qualified for the job but claims he is a quick learner. The other P.A (Personal Assistant) position has already been filled and Goddess Tempest feels bad for the poor guy. So she creates a new job for Steve right there and then.

The P.S (Personal Slave) position. As a probation Goddess Tempest explains to him if he licks her smelly asshole right there and then in the office and complete one more task afterwards he has the job.

First she makes Steve say it out loud that he want to lick her smelly asshole and then be her toilet so she can take her nasty soft shit right into his mouth. Goddess Tempest feels he should be employee of the month. What do you guys think?

Watch as this potential employee, nicely dressed up wearing a tie pull my office pants down and tongue fuck my smelly asshole before I take him to another part of the office to take a nasty soft shit in his employee mouth.

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Broken Toilet 10 - Sleepy Shit Swallower

I like being honest with my fans, this time my bathroom toilet wasn’t broken. I was lying in bed simply too lazy to get up. What to do? Simple, let me just call my slave to get his open mouth by my asshole so I can take a very big and smelly shit right into his mouth!

Trust me, this was a very big and VERY smelly shit. Remember this guys, the best part of waking up for a woman is when she has a slave whom can lick her smelly asshole first thing in the morning.

I could literally smell my own ass when I pulled my legs up while lying on my side. So first he gave my asshole a good and long lick. I even grabbed him by the neck and pushed his face harder into my sexy bottom so he can get his tongue in nice and deep to lubricate and work my shit loose.

As you’ll see by how big and thick my turds were this was necessary. I pushed out two large and thick turds that he eagerly swallowed as I pushed it out. Finally I pushed out a huge, thick but softer load. Notice how I close my eyes and bite my lower lip as he struggleto keep up swallowing? I’ll tell you a secret, this is what happens when I get extremely aroused. The pleasure of feeling those thick loads sliding out into his wet, warm mouth and him struggling to swallow it all. Keep a close eye on my vagina as well, you’ll see how it’s turning red and swelling up during all of this. I simply can’t help it, I LOVE this fetish and my body language and facial expressions give me away.

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Broken Toilet 9 - Bathtub Shit Explosion

Finally the move to the new house and bigger studio is done. This did leave me with very little time to visit the bathroom. My abdomen is cramping up and I really need to take a big, nasty shit. But what’s this? New studio but the same unreliable broken toilet!

Thank heavens I have a very devoted slave whom would offer his mouth for me to shit in anytime. It is however very important your slave EARN such an honor. Watch how I make him complete several tasks. I sat on him, made him massage my feet, made him lick my underwear I have been wearing the whole week, made him lick my very ripe asshole and then sit on his pathetic face grinding my vagina into his nose while he works his tongue deep into my ripe asshole.

It felt so good feeling his worthless tongue making contact with my nasty shit in my rectum in this position that I gave him the honor of being my toilet. He was in the bathtub with me squatting over his very willing mouth as I pushed out a very revolting smelling shitload into his mouth and over his pathetic face. Watch as I take a close up view of this mess on his face for your viewing pleasure. Do not miss this episode of the Broken Toilet series on our new location.

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