Goddess Tempest

Welcome, I am Goddess Tempest and I have been using human toilets since I was 19 years old.

Feeling and watching people consume my load while I shit into their mouth is a true passion and 24/7 lifestyle for me. It's so much more than just a fetish, it's the true way of life. I own both a 24/7 live in male toilet slave as well as visiting female toilet slave. Both eat my shit for my orgasmic pleasure and delight xoxo

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Broken Toilet 23 – Grateful Toilets

How do you determine whether a toilet is grateful or not? Let’s say something prevents you from using it a day or two. Will it miss you? Will it be grateful for your return?

Due to unseen circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t use my toilet for a few days. In this video you will see how grateful he was to be able to call himself my toilet again :-)

I returned with a very smelly ass that haven’t been washed and I show you all the different positions you can use your toilet to lick your ass clean. If for instance your back hurts you can use positions that is comfortable for YOU. He is your toilet slave after all so your pleasure and comfort is what counts!

As you will see some of these positions are great if you want to masturbate a little while he works his tongue deep into your smelly ass. I couldn’t resist, it felt so damn good! Other positions allow you to push a little to make sure he tastes your shit right in your asshole before you finally take a big shit in his mouth and on his face like I did

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Lesbian Toilet 3 – Chanelle’s Suffering

Chanelle is at it again! This girl just can’t stop eating my poop in order to satisfy me. I decided to step it up to the next level in order to make her suffer for my sadistic side so I can experience the pleasure of masturbation. At HER expense of course!

This morning we did things a little different. I took a shit in Chanelle’s mouth BUT I ordered her not to chew or swallow until I tell her too. As I got up I told Devoted Sub to cover her with a blanket in order to trap that shit smell in there with her. With no fresh air coming in it means she keep re-breathing the same shitty air....LITERALLY.

Now THAT’S how you do a proper slow shit smother folks! As the air gets thinner Chanelle slowly experience more and more agony as the smell as well as the taste in her mouth intensify. What did I do? I sat on the couch watching her body as this happened. And I did a slow and very satisfying masturbation, concentrating on my own body’s pleasure knowing very well how unbearable it’s becoming for her down there.

Eventually I had the blanket removed and masturbated further as Chanelle suffered having to swallow those turds of mine still in her mouth all the time.

I watched & masturbated in full view for you so you can see my face as Chanelle continued to chew and swallow my shit until all of it was gone

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Broken Toilet 33 – Merciless BITCH Returns

Why do I refer to myself as a “Merciless BITCH” in this episode of Broken Toilet? Well I managed to track down a replica of my original red mask which gave me a real bitchy look. Quite fitting as I put my slave Devoted Sub through his TOUGHEST challenge EVER in this one.

Guys....I’ve had diarrhea before but never before like this. I’m honest when I say the smell was probably enough to kill most wildlife here in South Africa. It was literally an explosion of endless streams of watery & brown liquid shit. It was like my anus was a pipe transporting raw sewage that burst open. It looks like muddy water & raw sewage and pretty much smelled the same.

I don’t even want to try and imagine the taste. I was surprised at the high pitched moaning coming out of my own mouth. That’s how good this felt!

Devoted Sub did the unthinkable as he gurgled in his suffering keeping up the whole time swallowing the nastiest diarrhea you have ever seen shooting out of a woman’s asshole.
You’ll see during this ordeal how his eyes got red & watery from intense diarrhea swallow suffering, you simply can’t make up such symptoms. And still....like a TRUE GENTLEMAN he thanked me for using him for possibly the nastiest shit I ever took in my life and even licking my buttocks and anus clean afterwards

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Lesbian Toilet 2 – Chanelle Swallows Again

It’s Chanelle’s third day and time to push her limits in my training program. I held my shit in for two days (keep in mind Chanelle has literally NO other food source than my ass)

The past 48 hours Chanelle had to watch me eat eight large meals right in front of her. As you can imagine she’s very hungry. Not only for something to eat but for serving me as the very best female toilet.

This is usually the “Final Swallow Exam” slaves endure at the 6th month of my training program. Since Chanelle is only here for five days she’s doing this exam only on her third day (only her second feed)

This video has been filmed from two angles to ensure you see EVERY single one of my EIGHT turds sliding out of my asshole into her open mouth in perfect view!

I had a MASSIVE shit. What do you think? You think Chanelle managed to do it? I have to admit after 16 years of doing this. This girl keep acceding ALL my HIGHEST expectations.

She swallowed EVERYTHING! Also filmed from two angles so you can see she spit nothing out. Bite for bite, chew for chew you’ll see every last bite of my filthy poop disappearing down her throat, you can actually see it happen.

If you like to see the impossible, one woman swallowing such a large load of shit directly from another woman’s asshole look no further than this clip folks! More videos of Channelle’s training coming soon!

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Lesbian Toilet – Chanelle’s First Training

I have been promising you all this for a very long time. That one day I will train a female slave as my toilet and film the training sessions. The wait is over! Let me introduce you to my female slave Chanelle whom I’m training as my personal FULL CONSUMPTION toilet.

Chanelle blew my mind. By all the tell-tale signs I could see she never tasted poop before but for the first time in my 16 year career of training new toilets I have found the ULTIMATE toilet. And she’s female. That’s makes her extra special.

In this video you will see many “firsts” for Chanelle. First time smelling unwashed ass, first time licking unwashed ass and first time tasting shit. I had to squeeze my six month toilet training program into five DAYS!

Chanelle agreed to my terms. Absolutely no food during her five day stay. She will LITERALLY only eat what comes out of my asshole. I have PROVEN that one woman’s body can literally support another woman’s body for five DAYS. Chanelle literally only got one meal a day, my bowel movement. She is perfectly fine!

As you can see watching my vagina. My arousal was pretty insane from having another woman making her mouth available for me to take a shit into hehe

This is my very first “girl on girl” toilet training video I’m releasing to the public. Do not miss this as there will be coming more of them. I’m releasing all the videos of her feeding from my ass several times during her stay. Stay tuned as more of my Lesbian Toilet Training videos will be released

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Broken Toilet 31 – Eat ALL My Turds

Women have the gift of life, or do they? I put it to the test for a few days and I have PROVEN that our beautiful female bodies can truly support life. How? By letting my male slave eating NOTHING except my bowel movements directly from my ass!

For several days I have taken all food away from my slave. Only I got to eat all the delicious meals to feed my beautiful female body. Eventually when my body is done with the food and I need to take a shit THAT becomes the meal for my slave in order to feed his body with.

Ladies, I have proven our female bodies can truly support life. By letting your slave literally eat your bowel movement when you take a shit your body is literally feeding & supporting his body. It gives new meaning to the phrase “Ass to mouth” doesn’t it?

After 7 large meals over the past two days I was holding it in my slave was starving. Watch as I’m laying naked on the bed being filmed from two angles taking a massive shit. You have to excuse my load moans, it was extreme pleasure & relieve lol

Then watch as my slave eats my shit from my bottom & inner thighs bite for bite, turd for turd in FULL view until there is absolutely NONE left. He even scraped the last soft she from between my buttocks & asshole and put it on top of the last firmer turd he ate in full view.

As I was laying there completely naked seeing & feeling him eat my ENTIRE bowel movement I could feel my vagina soaking the sheets underneath from my huge arousal.

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My Best Shits 3

It’s that time again, time to bring you all my best shitting scenes together from my Broken Toilet Series.

I take only the big shits I take in those videos of mine and put them all together for you in this nice and long 31 minute video.

From the massive soft & creamy shit I took in my slave’s mouth during an interview where I played the role of the bitch female interviewer taking advantage of

To the several turds I pushed out in my slave’s mouth in the Global Warming video. That video also included a semi direct feed of sorts as I pushed out the last massive & soft load down my slave’s throat.

But it doesn’t end there. I also included the scene from Broken Toilet 13 where I took a gigantic shit in my slave’s mouth. I was living only on take-out food for a few days. My slave got a LOT more than he bargained for in that one, believe me lol It started as a firm turd that changed to a long thick & creamy one that ended in a soft mess. That will make your mouth water for sure.
I also bring you a shitting scene from Broken Toilet 14, showing you how I shit into my slave’s mouth every single morning. It was a pretty nasty loose diarrhea bowel movement I had directly in his mouth there while he was busy eating my ass.

If you like watching non stop shitting action of a woman shitting into a slave’s mouth without the boring “dialog” and talking parts then this third 31 minute edition of My Best Shits if a must have for your shitting in mouth collection

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Different Shits

Awesome special! Get this 15 minute video for only 11.99

I’m not a huge fan is sticking things up my ass accept if it’s someone’s tongue but every now and then I do indulge in sticking my own finger deep up my ass into my full rectum.

In the first part of this clip I do this during a massive diarrhea and you can see how soaking wet my vagina gets from this. A vagina swelling & getting wet without any cuts in the clip is something you simply can’t fake. I LOVE doing this!

In the second part of this clip I must have set some kind of record. The first turd broke off but that second one.....It was so creamy & thick but more importantly. I’ve NEVER pushed out such a long turd, it literally curled at the bottom of the toilet bowel and just kept coming. After that one I thought it must’ve been over but no....a THIRD one also came.

I was so overwhelmed by the feeling of relieve that I peed for you as well, watch the multiple streams of my golden fluid run out of my vagina. Just for you

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Eat Shit From My Ass And Panties

Do I spoil my slave by sharing something this intimate with him? Perhaps I am, I’m just a very nice person.

As a woman I know all too well how intimate it is taking a shit in your panties. It’s something very special and I decided my property Devoted Sub is such a good slave I’ll reward him. I gave him the ultimate gift. I let him keep his face close as I took a very soft & nasty shit right into my panties.
I showed him affection by allowing him to pull of my shit filled panties and letting him eat the soft shit stuck in my asshole & between my ass cheeks. It’s such a huge honor for a male slave, getting his mouth into a woman’s shit smeared bottom to eat it out and lick it clean for her. But it didn’t stop there.

I gave him the ULTIMATE gift! I let him eat & swallow my load of nasty & soft shit right out of my panties for the world to see!

Watch from two angles how he takes one bite after another out of my shit, show you it on his tongue and then chew and swallow it in full view of two cameras just for you! It was taken with two cameras so you can enjoy a perfect view of my shit and see for yourself he really swallows every one of the multiple bites.

If you like seeing a man eating & swallowing a woman’s shit this clip is a must have for your swallowing collection! xoxo

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Added: 2024-06-10

Broken Toilet 30 – Rent A Toilet

Let’s start with the obvious. Yes....it’s true. I had a MASSIVE shit in this video as you can see...
I played the role of “Cherelize” a young woman who booked into the fictional hotel “Women’s Inn” A hotel run entirely by women for women, catering for women’s special needs. The hotel only use men as toilets for the female guests and doesn’t have regular bathrooms.

Young Cherelize is not too comfortable with the idea so she tries to hold her shit in for two days. But eventually she can’t hold anymore and ask the front desk to send her one of their male toilets.
Cherelize is overcome by intense pleasure from taking such a MASSIVE stinking shit into a man’s mouth. It’s like she lose control over her own emotions and give into the urge to masturbate and orgasm repeatedly.

The slow & gentle multiple orgasms drives her to a point where she does something completely out of her soft & caring character. She use her foot to push one of her massive turds right down into the poor man toilet’s throat and then masturbate AGAIN from the sight of his suffering.
Afterwards Cherelize let the man lick her asshole clean for her and even though she giggles a little in the beginning because it tickles she is quickly overcome by her first anal-gasm (orgasm from having your asshole licked)

Cherelize enjoy this so much she remain seated on the man’s mouth much longer than needed, even instruct him to lick her ass deeper and gasp with two more anal-gasms.

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Added: 2024-06-08

Broken Toilet 29 – Dinner For Breakfast

Many people ask me “What do eat to produce such big & nasty shits Goddess Tempest?” Instead of telling you which is boring, why don’t I just show you?

In this episode of Broken Toilet I decided to show you something more personal. I filmed my slave preparing my very delicious chicken dinner with his own secret sauce. The very same dinner he is getting as breakfast the next morning directly from my asshole.

See under the toilet chair as he swallows more than half of my thick & stinking shit as it slides out of my asshole. See how the rest of my massive creamy shit fills his mouth & piles on his face. Just as I finished shitting my orgasm hit and if you’re quick you’ll see my milky white fluid squirting out of my vagina as this silent orgasm happened without masturbating or touching myself. One continuous scene with no cuts. As I get up my vagina is nearly three times it’s original size from when I sat down. That’s arousal for you!

As I get up I film him up close and order him to chew the rest of my massive shit he hasn’t swallowed yet. Without thinking I blurted out: “Shit...this is so arousing” So putting my own needs first (like I should) I order him to just lay there like that for me. This is because I could smell the horrible taste of my shit and I wanted him to keep tasting it as long as I desire *Evil Grin*

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Broken Toilet 28 – Fill That Mouth

You should show her how much you love your wife, not just tell her. This is what Walter wants to do and he comes to me for help. I teach Walter that if you make her feel like the most special person on the planet then you are truly the best husband in the world. But it takes work, you need to show her your love by following every single order she gives you and by doing certain tasks including being a toilet for her.

I explained to Walter that my socks and my panties have been worn almost a week by my so washing machines struggle to remove such nasty odors and stains. He will clean it with his mouth.

Walter must do the laundry on his knees naked and I watch him on the two hidden cameras in the kitchen which are connected to my phone. In the beginning a laugh sadistically as I watch him struggle with my very smelly socks. Sucking those clean while it smells like a cheese factory gives me delight indeed.

I give into my body’s arousing desire and start to masturbate while watching him suck on the stained piece of fabric that I know has been in direct contact with my smelly shithole for several days.

He even licks my tile floor clean. I walk barefoot over that floor with my hot and sweaty feet.

My hips start to thrust in pure ripples of orgasmic contraction pleasure as I start to cum hard. Afterwards I take a tick & creamy shit right into Walter’s open mouth under me. Nothing Beats that feeling of her creamy turds curling out of her shithole into his mouth.

As I finished shitting and relaxing a few seconds to catch my breath I feel cramping and the urge to push again. You can see my asshole opening wide and see the nasty shit smears visible inside as a little more nasty & soft shit slowly make it’s way out of my rectum. Walter learns that a real good husband waits patiently while enduring the horrible taste of her shit so she can finish in her own time in extreme comfort.

As I finally finished shitting I feel light and relieved but more importantly, I feel loved as a woman in a very special way that very few women experience. Walter is a REAL MAN becoming the very best husband for his wife, are you?

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Length: 21min.
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Added: 2024-06-04

Broken Toilet 27 - Too Much For Mouth

It’s not often I’m willing to show the world my face up close and personal during an “Analgasm” (orgasm from only having your ass licked) Today I decided to do just that.

I just came home from a intense workout at the gym. I’m sweaty and more importantly my asshole is reeking.

My slave’s tongue will simply have to do. Watch as he first have to smell my asshole to determine how bad it smells and how much he will have to lick in order to get the smell gone.

You can see us both, so close you can see his tongue licking my asshole and see how my vagina is swelling up from the arousal without any other stimulation. See my face up close and personal so you can see my pleasure. I was never able to hide my facial expressions when I’m getting pleasure from having my ass licked hard and deep with a full rectum.

It’s on this angle you’ll see my face during my analgasm. As an added bonus there’s short little scenes of me in the bathroom where I tell you about my analgasm and you can see the embarrassment on my face from showing such a vulnerable side of myself to the WORLD!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, my slave actually tasted I’m close to having to visit the bathroom because he could taste the nasty anal secretions.
Watch as I take him to the livingroom for his feeding. Despite his efforts my shit was just too nasty and massive and he couldn’t swallow it fast enough to keep up with my shitting. See how I overfill his mouth and my shit overflowing his face.

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2433 kb/s
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Length: 16min.
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Size: 290MB
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Added: 2024-06-02

Broken Toilet 26 – Diarrhea Explosion

WARNING!! This video is NOT for the faint hearted as it contains EXTREME suffocation scenes as well as very foul diarrhea.

Ever wondered what your toilet slave is doing and saying about you behind your back? Well I have! So I had a hidden camera installed to see what my slave gets up to when I’m not around.

I start off by confronting him and telling him he will receive two extreme punishments. The first will be suffocating him slowly for my pleasureI handcuff his hands behind his back and restrain his feet & legs to ensure there will be no escape for him from this cruel and sadistic punishment.

I sit on his face with my full weight and get highly aroused feeling his struggle to get tiny drops of air and enjoying the vibrations from it on my already swollen & wet vagina. At well over a minute that an intense orgasm hits me. I keep the pressure as a squirt, cutting off the last bit of air he was able to get completely, almost like with waterboarding. My orgasm lasts 30 seconds and his cries, sobbing and wails of agony intensify my orgasm so much.

Let me assure you, having such an explosive diarrhea into someone’s mouth is amazing! As the terrible smell reached my nose I just kept pushing. My asshole was on fire as my diarrhea ran out of me like a tap. Directly into his mouth, over his face into a puddle on the floor. Feeling that explosion from your ass and knowing it’s going into someone’s mouth and his face is better than sex.

I filmed him up close for you afterwards so you can see my light colored liquid shit with little solid chunks in between leaking from his overflowed mouth, his head laying in the puddle on the floor where it ran down the side of his pathetic face. It’s almost leaking into his nose and seeing his nose so close to it got me highly aroused again. If it smells this bad waaayy up here I can only Imagine how bad it smells with your nose so close. I could feel my vagina leaking down my legs from arousal. I will NEVER get tired or bored of doing this to my slave!

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Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Size: 243MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-05-30

Broken Toilet 25 – Direct Feed

WARNING!! This video is NOT for the faint hearted as it contains extreme direct feeding scenes from my rectum to my slave’s throat. Scene’s also include extreme face sitting / riding and suffocation with my shit.

I explain to him what I’m planning for Broken Toilet 25, of course I don’t tell him it will be a direct feeding though.

In the next scene the camera is set up for what he THINKS will be a routine 69 position. I explained to him I’m using a new method of restrain on him to make things interesting by handcuffing his arms tight around my body.

At first he is calm as I start to push out the first of many thick & firm turds into his mouth. Now the REAL fun starts as I suddenly sit down with my asshole firmly on his open mouth and say: “Surprise! Feeding time!!!”

Watch his insane & intense struggle as I grunt and push out three more MASSIVE and firm turds out slowly, using the power of my rectum to slowly push it down his throat as he growls, struggle and make screaming noises for mercy that I’ll never show.

Biggest challenge is wanting to make sure you can see this is really happening. So I lift up a little so you can see the last thick turds sliding out of my asshole filling his mouth to capacity.
If only he knew the true agony was about to only start now. I sit down on his face with my full weight, within a few seconds I realized my shit is sealing off his nasal cavities as well. He simply can’t breathe. I’m truly suffocating him with my thick shit!

His muffled screams for air through my thick shit into my ass after around a minutes sent me over the edge. The feeling of his face trying to squirm out of my ass, smashing my shit even deeper into his own throat and nose sent me into an intense climax.

It turned into helpless, pathetic pleading noises & screams for air and mercy. So instead of getting up and helping him get air I started riding & humping his face for almost another minute enjoying the waves of pleasure from my orgasm as I start to cum.

I put him through true hell and enjoyed every second of my sadistic pleasure doing it. I filmed his glazed & red eyes afterwards. He was so exhausted from this ordeal he was just laying there. He was just grateful I let him have air and that he can please me in this way.

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2208 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 18min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Tasting, Toilet Slavery
Size: 308MB
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Added: 2024-05-28

Broken Toilet 24 - Diarrhea Student

Professor Coleman calls in a law student with a problem. You see the student is arrogant and cocky towards the female Professors and Lectors teaching at the University and Professor Coleman won’t stand for it. She informs him he is failing and she will notify his father he is being kicked out of her University.

Derick the law student only has one choice. Watch as Professor Coleman makes Derick submit, worship her sweaty feet, smell her ass through her sexy and tight little black dress and be humiliated in order to learn to respect his female peers.

She makes Derick call her “Principle” and use him in her toilet chair. Hear her grunt in pure delight as she takes a massive diarrhea shit down his throat, overflowing his mouth and entire face quickly with her soft and runny diarrhea shit.

But things are about to get worse for Derick. He can’t breathe as her runny shit covered everything. As Derick squirms in agony for air Professor Coleman slowly take her time by wiping her ass and telling him she wants to sit a while longer.

Derick is in agony and he inhales some of her soft shit right into his nostrils. This is a huge turn-on for Professor Coleman who doesn’t show him any mercy. She enjoy seeing Derick in such agony, seeing him inhaling her shit into his nasal passages and she remains seated caring only about herself and not about Derick’s agony.

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Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Size: 380MB
Language: English

Breakfast From My Asshole

I think I’m sometimes too good for my slave. Every morning he eats a bland & tasteless bowl of noodles. Besides the fact that it doesn’t have any flavor it also lacks nutrition. Perhaps there’s a way I can enhance the flavor for him and have some erotic fun at the same time?

Since I ate a few Ham & cheese pies as well as savory muffins yesterday I decided to take a shit into his bowl of noodles. Not only will my shit enhance the flavor, he will also get some of the left over nutrients my body didn’t need. What an honor this must be for such an inferior human toilet slave! The privilege of eating the shit and absorbing some left over nutrients from MY superior female body! Of course like any good toilet slave he licks my asshole before I shit and licks it clean afterwards. Balanced meals are earned after all!

If you’re also a fart fan you’ll LOVE this! I unfortunately don’t fart often but in this video I have blown two MASSIVE and LOUD farts! With an additional camera in very high resolution you’ll be able to see my asshole crystal clear and up close as I take this big shit right into his bowl of noodles. You see the clear view of my asshole opening up and the fine detail of my shit as it slides out

But can you believe how ungrateful this inferior human toilet slave is!? As he puts my shit in his mouth he gags and say my shit is not delicious! The audacity!!! Watch as I punish him for his ungratefulness by slapping him around PROPERLY in the end.

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2286 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 162 kb/s
Size: 229MB
Language: English

Broken Toilet 22 – X-Mas

If you like more direct feed type shit feed videos directly from ass to mouth then this video is for you! I stood on a platform so my ass is almost in line with his inferior face. This way I can tower over him as he licks my ass. Making things better is the massive mirror in front of me so you can see me literally from two angles and watch my face as my ass gets tongue fucked while I’m wearing my X-mas hat.

I let him seal his mouth over my vagina so I can take my big morning piss right in his mouth. I enjoy seeing the strong yellow stream of my morning piss overflowing his mouth.

Finally my bladder is empty and I present him with my ass again. He buried his face into my bottom, sealing his mouth over my asshole. With the help from the massive mirror you can enjoy watching my back arch as well as the expression on my face as I start to take a shit into his mouth. See how he pulls away slowly as his mouth gets full. Greedy bastard swallowed most during this semi-direct feed but luckily there’s still plenty of shit for you to see. You can see my creamy turd slither out from between my ass cheeks piling on top of his mouth.

Under my watchful eye he sucks on my shit in full view for you, gagging from the horrible smell & taste as he swallowed a bit too fast while his mouth was over my asshole. Like a good toilet he buries his face into my ass again to lick my asshole clean for me.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2561 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
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Size: 330MB
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Broken Toilet 21 - Mouth Shit Masturbation

Something about this shoot was just different. Maybe it’s because my shit just smelled so horrible that I could see the agony in my slave’s eyes. I decided to make him lay still with his mouth and face filled with my creamy shit as I sat down with my legs spread over him and masturbated slowly in full view of him.

I start off by giving him the huge honor of smelling and licking my asshole with his face buried into my tight bottom where it belongs. After he washed my shithole with his tongue he has to thank me by giving me a massage. He is indeed privileged that he got to put his hands on my perfect back, massaging my tight muscles for my pleasure.

After this I sit on his face twice so he can see me playing with my perfect breasts while he only experience the nasty taste of my shithole by licking it deep this time while I’m using his inferior face as a seat. The perfect way to show him how little worth I consider him. Afterwards I give him the biggest honor of all by taking a big and nasty shit right into his mouth and then I masturbate in full view of him as I smile down at him with his mouth and face filled with my smelly shit.
It’s such an amazing feeling of power and control isn’t it? When you see the agony in his eyes, his mouth filled with your stinking shit. Instead of showing him mercy I simply masturbate, so amazing

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Broken Toilet 20 - Orgasm Before Shit

It was not planned for me to reach several orgasms during a human toilet slavery video. I went off script and these orgasms were real. It was pure loud groans and moans from the waves of pleasure during these orgasms including my REAL facial expressions as I started to cum on my slave’s face several times. Let’s just say this is the most orgasms I had during a single shoot.

First I let him lick my ass after a hard day. My asshole is sweaty, itchy and VERY smelly. I could actually smell my own anal odor as I took my panties off. So my slave had to put his inferior tongue to good use.

Watch as I moan in pure pleasure as he licks between every wrinkle off my asshole to get it clean.

But I was far from done, before he will taste my shit he will have to earn it. So with his mask removed I sat on his naked face and rode him like a racehorse. His nose deep into my soaking wet vagina and his tongue fucking my asshole I kept riding and almost suffocated him in my girl juices as I reached two more mild but long multiple orgasms.

He will never be worthy enough to lick my vagina but as I rode his face and came two more orgasms my pussy cum pumped right into his inferior mouth to swallow.

Now I really needed to take a shit. We used the living room furniture so I can sit in comfort. I sat with my legs widely spread in full view of the camera so you can see the full detail of my swollen pussy from the orgasms I had on his face.

I enjoyed the warmth of each of those soft, nasty & creamy turds as they slithered out of my asshole into his mouth. It felt AMAZING

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Broken Toilet 19 - Living Room Toilet

It’s been a while since I had such a big & creamy shit that my whole body went numb from pleasure and you guessed it! I did it directly into my slave’s mouth.

Yesterday I treated myself to a big house breakfast with EVERYTHING! Sausages, bacon rashers, eggs, toast and grilled tomato. For lunch a medium / rare 300g steak and large fries. For dinner? Well you’ll see it in the video. THREE Chicken & Mayo burgers my slave prepared for me.
The next morning there was a problem with the bathroom toilet and there’s only so much waste a girl’s colon can take guys.

So I have shown and explained to you why you need more toilets in your home for such emergencies where you know your bowel movement will be massive.

Do what I do, get yourself a human toilet slave. When needed you can transform it to the perfect toilet to eat your shit.

Look how thoughtful my slave was here, using two living room chairs so I can sit in total comfort and take a massive shit right into his inferior mouth under me. This shit felt so good to push out that I left him like that with my shit in his mouth for the entire day. His face was also covered under the pile so he could barely breathe.

Also a little bonus material. You think I’m perfect? You think I don’t make mistakes during a shoot? Enjoy the humorous moments as I included a short blooper where you can see me stumble and forget what I wanted to say.

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