Goddess Tempest

Welcome, I am Goddess Tempest and I have been using human toilets since I was 19 years old.

Feeling and watching people consume my load while I shit into their mouth is a true passion and 24/7 lifestyle for me. It's so much more than just a fetish, it's the true way of life. I own both a 24/7 live in male toilet slave as well as visiting female toilet slave. Both eat my shit for my orgasmic pleasure and delight xoxo

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Scat Massage Getting Messy While Eating

If extreme messy shit eating is what you crave that this video of over 20 minutes is just what the scat lover ordered!

If a sensual scat massage and actual shit consumption of a woman’s shit is something you love then keep reading. Nice verbal communication between man and woman in this one too just making it even more erotic.

We communicate while he is massaging me and licking my ass and he can actually taste my need to go to the toilet. Of course the communication between us leads to him offering his mouth for me to shit into. Taking a shit into someone’s mouth while laying in bed is highly erotic for me.

I am warning you though, I took a extremely big, thick, nasty and messy shit into his mouth. He managed to keep up swallowing a large portion directly from my asshole but the sheer volume and taste was just too much for any toilet to handle.

I nice and big soft portion ended up between my ass cheeks and his face. Watch him actually eating and swallowing the remaining load of my very smelly and nasty shit right out of my Goddess Ass Crack as well.

Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to take such a big shit into someone’s mouth while they lick your ass. But what feels even more amazing is that feeling of them swallowing my shit right out of my asshole and eating the rest out from my ass crack.

You are going to see amazing shit eating detail in this one but it gets even better. Watch him use his tongue to clean my ass crack and ass cheeks the best he can. As he filmed my ass close up afterwards you’ll see the tiny piece of what he thought was corn that he found on my ass cheek that came from my massive shit that he swallowed on camera. I think it’s actually a tiny piece of fibre that probably came from the green beans that was part of my many meals two days prior to this shit. Either way, he ate whatever that was that came out of my shit as well.

The entire experience of another person fully consuming the solid waste of my body that literally came out of my ass is orgasmic.

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Broken Toilet 39 – Phone A Friend

While I was laying in bed talking to one of my girl friends I had to take a shit. I could not be bothered to get up so I just pulled down my jeans and shit in bed giving you a perfect view of my turd sliding out of my puckered little asshole.

While still talking to her on the phone I had my slave lick my asshole clean and eat my long turd. I moaned in orgasmic pleasure and my friend on the phone heard me. I just told her it’s cramps lol

It was a lot of fun hearing her reaction over the phone while filming this videos.

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Length: 18min.
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Added: 2024-07-20

My Best Shits 5

My Best Shits 5 brings you the very best scenes of women shitting into the mouths and faces of her submissive slaves. Women using other men and women as toilets is the most erotic experience you can imagine and this if filled with the very best of those mouth and face pooping scenes1

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Length: 17min.
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Added: 2024-07-18

Broken Toilet 38 - Nastiest Shit Ever

I didn’t call this video “Nastiest Shit Ever” without reason. It’s back to basics, letting myself go and enjoying the pure pleasure from my own filth. Animalistic, filthy, orgasmic scat fun!

I had the desire today to feel really dirty. I took a nasty shit with my ass cheeks close together. I could actually feel the green cut beans & unions I ate the previous day that passed through my digestive system sliding against my anal skin as it slid out of me.

My slave smeared my own shit over my entire bottom and I felt like a very dirty & naughty girl as I enjoyed the soft squishy feeling of my own filth & stench covering my body. Being completely nude probably helped this feeling of naughtiness lol

I had several powerful multi-orgasms while my slave had his entire face buried in my bottom of filth. Feeling the wet warmness of his tongue as he licked my shit from my asshole and eating it. Devoted Sub (my slave) is truly the “King” when it comes to fuck a girl’s asshole and rectum with his tongue WHILE swallowing her shit.

I get filthy, naughty and nasty in this one. Putting my own pleasure of orgasms above the discomfort and agony my slave had to experience by pleasuring me in this way. Eating my filth, tongue fucking my girl asshole and rectum. My honest opinion? Every girl should have a slave to give her this experience daily xoxo

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Length: 14min.
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Added: 2024-07-16

Pissing My Jeans

In this video you’ll see quite a bit you haven’t seen before in any of my productions so get ready Pee and Desperation fans! You’re in for a real treat.

I was in the kitchen when I knew I won’t make it to the toilet. I had a big accident, I pissed myself wearing my favorite jeans. But it gets worse! It was a MASSIVE piss! I’m talking Victoria Falls here!
Watch right in from of your eyes how I piss myself till my jeans soak completely through and my pee trickle into a large puddle on the tile floor. Now you’ll see something you haven’t seen before.
My slave Devoted Sub licking my vagina out DEEP! Well....someone had to lick me dry!

He then proceed on my instructions to slurp up my puddle of pee from the dirty tile floor I walk on barefoot daily.

Then the best you’ll see in a long time. He had to suck the pee out of my jeans and little black panties before he puts it in my washing machine. You can see he really sucks hard to get every drop of my pee out of them and you can even hear some slurping noises as his mouth fills with my pee from the fabric.

Hubby was a little spiteful though. After the video shoot was done he filmed me in the bathroom. I was completely naked and not wearing my mask. GEEZ!! Can a girl have a little privacy please? Xoxo

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Length: 11min.
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Added: 2024-07-14

My Best Shits 4

For those who know my “Best Shits” series, you’re in for a treat again. For those who don’t, “My Best Shits” are all my best shitting scenes from my older videos in one 25 minute movie.

This video is for you as it contains by best shitting scenes, no annoying “talking” or “dialog” Just a video showing one scene after another of me taking a shit in my slave’s mouth and having my unwashed ass licked clean.

From the erotic shitting scene in my slave’s mouth using the ever popular “69” position to the MASSIVELY thick & long turds I pushed out into my slave’s mouth in the next scene...

Right to the HUGE soft & creamy bowel movement I had in my slave’s mouth using my toilet chair a few days later.

Then a very big & soft shit I took in my slave’s mouth while laying on my back to expose my vagina for your viewing pleasure so you can see how it swell up and get wet soaking right in front of your eyes as my asshole fills his toilet mouth much faster than he can swallow.

Uninterrupted shitting scenes following one another from my best sellers. This fourth edition is a must have for your collector’s edition if you enjoy watching a video containing only shitting scenes :-)

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Added: 2024-07-12

Swallow My Liquid Poop

Are you a fan of seeing a slave swallow his superior female owner's liquid shit? You enjoy watching her verbally humiliate him into the ground as he does this? You like seeing her showing him how little she thinks of him afterwards by blowing massive & loud smelly farts right into his mouth & face while he licks her ass? Then look no further as this clip is for you!

Nutrition is very important for toilet slaves. This is why I’m showing you exactly how to make a shit smoothie for your slave to drink using your own poop as main ingredient of course!

I take a big & soft shit into the blender’s bowl and my slave licks my dirty ass clean afterwards. But it doesn’t stop there. I continuously verbally humiliate my slave without mercy as he struggles to drink every last drop of my liquid poop.

You think he suffered enough? Not in my opinion. Watch as I make him lick my ass again and while he does this I blow loud & smelly farts right into his mouth & face like he is absolutely NOTHING! I laugh out loud as I blow out several of these nasty & loud farts right into his pathetic face!

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Added: 2024-07-10

Lesbian Farts

Women farting is already fucking kinky. But when you have women farting in each others faces it’s orgasmic!

I had my girl Chanelle over and ordered her to lick my ass. Her tongue probing my smelly and dirty butt hole certainly worked some gas lose so it let it rip and farted right into her mouth while she was performing girl on girl ass eating on me!

I wasn’t done though. See how kinky it is when one women keep farting into another woman’s face. Oh yeah, I also ended up riding her face so she had her nose up my pussy while she tongue fucked my shit hole.

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2383 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 18min.
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Added: 2024-07-08

Constipated Enema Eruption

This video has the name “Eruption” for a perfect reason. I’ve NEVER filmed myself having an enema before. After days of being constipated I simply could not take the abdominal pain any longer. Decided to give myself an urgent enema.

Instead of keeping it private I decided you are all special and as a woman I want to share this with you. Seated with my legs spread I took the nastiest enema induced shit right into my white bath tub for you. The urge to let it all out of me was so desperate & intense I had no time to remove my G-String. FIY, I think my little black G-String is ruined :-(

Either way, you can see from 3 different angles how the muddy enema fluid erupts from my little girl asshole, my face and my entire body in full view too so you can see EVERYTHING! Includes a close-up as well, don’t want you to miss anything from this amazing experience

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2016 kb/s
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Length: 12min.
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Category: Constipation, Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Enema, Pantypoop, Partners/Slaves
Size: 188MB
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Added: 2024-07-06

Lesbian Toilet 7 - Turds For Breakfast

It’s time to show you what I do with my female toilet slave Chanelle on a daily basis. It’s one thing for a woman to use another woman as a toilet. But making her suffer a little longer and adding the humiliation factor is another.

It started with me taking my first morning piss in her mouth. She drank most of it but I enjoyed it so push I let my full bladder go and pissed all over her face. When I was done I left her JUST LIKE THAT! Laying with her head in a puddle of my piss for two hours.

Later that morning after my third cup of coffee the stirring in my bowels told me it was time to go take a shit.

As I ate mostly foods with loads of union & garlic you can only IMAGINE the horrible stench, the taste would be much worse. I took a big & nasty shit in her mouth SLOWLY to prolong her suffering. Sat for a while after I was done smiling and then I took my time wiping my ass while remaining seated on the toilet chair above her.

Now remember, she has a mouth & throat FULL of my nasty filth from my beautiful Goddess body and seeing my slender hand gently folding each piece of toilet paper and wiping my dirty & tight little asshole above her. Some of my filthy toilet paper I dropped in there with her.
This is very humbling for any woman enduring this for another woman she considers her owner. Two women, one willingly be a full toilet for another is such erotic humiliation, not to mention special and intimate

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Added: 2024-07-04

Lesbian Toilet 6 – AssFuck With Tongue

During Chanelle’s ten day stay there was a full three days I wasn’t able to take a shit. When it was finally time that morning I KNEW it was going to be a HUGE load of shit coming out of me. Keep in mind Chanelle only eats what comes out of my body during her visits.

I decided to give Chanelle a treat by feeding her in bed. As she fucked my asshole with her tongue working it in and out of my full rectum I pushed gently to ensure the tip of her tongue makes constant contact with the tip of my turd. Feeling the intense pleasure of having my full rectum fucked by her tongue WHILE knowing she has to endure the taste of my filth in there just intensified my climax.

Finally I pushed and the longest thick and creamy turd started sliding out of my asshole into her mouth. Chanelle swallowed like the ultimate toilet slave champion. She LITERALLY swallowed with the same speed it was sliding out of my ass, she swallowed the whole thing basically whole.

As I kept shitting Chanelle smeared my little bottom and packed it tight with my last soft shit, then pressed her entire face into my filth and tongue fucked my asshole deep. Within seconds I was in orgasmic heaven as one multiple orgasm after another hit me for several minutes.

Close-up action of Chanelle’s tongue literally fucking the last messy filth and rectal secretions out of my rectum, my face and vocal sounds during these long & intense multiple orgasms.

Amazing filthy lesbian scat action at it’s finest!

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Added: 2024-07-02

Lesbian Toilet 5 – Constipated Madness

You are about to witness something you have NEVER seen in one of my videos before.

Chanelle visited me again for further training as my toilet and again she was only to eat waste from my body during her stay here. But after 42 hours of me being constipated I was concerned. I knew she’s very hungry and I also knew when you’ve been constipated long that the smell & taste is something no toilet slave can endure/

I tried to shit in different positions, Chanelle licked my bulging asshole long periods of time in order to get me some relieve because I was in pain and a lot of discomfort. You’ll see from different angles how she probed my rectum using the tip of her tongue to lubricate a very stinky turd in there.

Finally I was able to shit into her mouth, one of those juicy turds felt like giving birth with your rectum. But a bigger problem was ahead. The smell was unbearable, how will Chanelle cope? Will she be able to swallow?

Perhaps it was her hunger after 42 hours of having nothing to eat but it sure as well was loyalty, determination and devotion towards me for the most part as she ate EVERYTHING and even cheekily sucking her shit smeared finger tips clean!

Good slaves deserve good rewards but GREAT female slaves like Chanelle deserve GREAT rewards! Literally less than five people on this planet got to hold their breath while licking my asshole clean after a feeding while having their nose deep into my soaking wet vagina as I ride their face. Welcome to a very elite club Chanelle.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2111 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 22min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Constipation, Eating, EFRO, Partners/Slaves, Tasting, Toilet Slavery
Size: 353MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-06-30

Broken Toilet 35 – Tongue Ass Orgasm

You have seen me reach orgasm in videos before but NEVER this INTENSE & LOUD! Even waving my arms around at one stage as it felt like I was having an orgasm with my entire body. My slave had to stop at some point for me to catch my breath for a few seconds!

Laying on my side I took a massive shit in his mouth. He swallowed most of it but it was such a large volume of thick & juicy shit sliding out of my ass that he simply couldn’t keep up.
Now, you know when you pushed out a MASSIVE shit you sometimes get it that it’s like you can’t stop pushing? EXACTLY what happened today!

Knowing he is pushing his tongue through my shit into my rectum and he is tasting that horrible taste of my bowel movement only intensified my pleasure. It caused me to have several multiple orgasms.

It’s extremely satisfying! You’ll see my vagina swelling & getting soaking wet right in front of your eyes (without any vaginal & clitoral stimulation) Fluids eventually start leaking from my vagina but the best is for last. In crisp & crystal clear video view you’ll see a close up of my messy ass and you’ll notice a yellowish / brownish “slime”

That is a mixture of his saliva and my rectal secretions that build up in my rectum while he was tongue fucking my ass through my shit. It was eventually pushed out of my asshole from the intense multiple orgasm contractions.

I included this for you to show you it really IS possible for us women to enjoy scat & toilet slavery to a point where we can get very satisfying orgasms. I kept cumming and I LOVED every second of it.

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Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
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Language: English
Added: 2024-06-28

Lesbian Toilet 4 – Mouth Squat Shit

Well folks, Chanelle did my 6 month toilet training program in a mere FIVE days and she passed with flying colors. In this one I decided to squat directly over her open mouth as I took a shit.

I was a little constipated as you can see. So don't mind my heavy breathing, grunting and shaking legs lol. Enjoy as Chanelle had to chew this shit of mine a lot to swallow because it was so firm.

I don't give her any liquids to make things easier on her. I want her to suffer to show me how much she want the position while we stare into each other's eyes as I rubbed my clit during this.
I hope you enjoy watching Chanelle eating my shit AGAIN

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 1681 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 154 kb/s
Size: 149MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-06-26

Lesbian Toilet 3 – Chanelle’s Suffering

Chanelle is at it again! This girl just can’t stop eating my poop in order to satisfy me. I decided to step it up to the next level in order to make her suffer for my sadistic side so I can experience the pleasure of masturbation. At HER expense of course!

This morning we did things a little different. I took a shit in Chanelle’s mouth BUT I ordered her not to chew or swallow until I tell her too. As I got up I told Devoted Sub to cover her with a blanket in order to trap that shit smell in there with her. With no fresh air coming in it means she keep re-breathing the same shitty air....LITERALLY.

Now THAT’S how you do a proper slow shit smother folks! As the air gets thinner Chanelle slowly experience more and more agony as the smell as well as the taste in her mouth intensify. What did I do? I sat on the couch watching her body as this happened. And I did a slow and very satisfying masturbation, concentrating on my own body’s pleasure knowing very well how unbearable it’s becoming for her down there.

Eventually I had the blanket removed and masturbated further as Chanelle suffered having to swallow those turds of mine still in her mouth all the time.

I watched & masturbated in full view for you so you can see my face as Chanelle continued to chew and swallow my shit until all of it was gone

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 158 kb/s
Size: 383MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-06-24

Broken Toilet 33 – Merciless BITCH Returns

Why do I refer to myself as a “Merciless BITCH” in this episode of Broken Toilet? Well I managed to track down a replica of my original red mask which gave me a real bitchy look. Quite fitting as I put my slave Devoted Sub through his TOUGHEST challenge EVER in this one.

Guys....I’ve had diarrhea before but never before like this. I’m honest when I say the smell was probably enough to kill most wildlife here in South Africa. It was literally an explosion of endless streams of watery & brown liquid shit. It was like my anus was a pipe transporting raw sewage that burst open. It looks like muddy water & raw sewage and pretty much smelled the same.

I don’t even want to try and imagine the taste. I was surprised at the high pitched moaning coming out of my own mouth. That’s how good this felt!

Devoted Sub did the unthinkable as he gurgled in his suffering keeping up the whole time swallowing the nastiest diarrhea you have ever seen shooting out of a woman’s asshole.
You’ll see during this ordeal how his eyes got red & watery from intense diarrhea swallow suffering, you simply can’t make up such symptoms. And still....like a TRUE GENTLEMAN he thanked me for using him for possibly the nastiest shit I ever took in my life and even licking my buttocks and anus clean afterwards

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2199 kb/s
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Size: 209MB
Language: English
Added: 2024-06-22

Lesbian Toilet 2 – Chanelle Swallows Again

It’s Chanelle’s third day and time to push her limits in my training program. I held my shit in for two days (keep in mind Chanelle has literally NO other food source than my ass)

The past 48 hours Chanelle had to watch me eat eight large meals right in front of her. As you can imagine she’s very hungry. Not only for something to eat but for serving me as the very best female toilet.

This is usually the “Final Swallow Exam” slaves endure at the 6th month of my training program. Since Chanelle is only here for five days she’s doing this exam only on her third day (only her second feed)

This video has been filmed from two angles to ensure you see EVERY single one of my EIGHT turds sliding out of my asshole into her open mouth in perfect view!

I had a MASSIVE shit. What do you think? You think Chanelle managed to do it? I have to admit after 16 years of doing this. This girl keep acceding ALL my HIGHEST expectations.

She swallowed EVERYTHING! Also filmed from two angles so you can see she spit nothing out. Bite for bite, chew for chew you’ll see every last bite of my filthy poop disappearing down her throat, you can actually see it happen.

If you like to see the impossible, one woman swallowing such a large load of shit directly from another woman’s asshole look no further than this clip folks! More videos of Channelle’s training coming soon!

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2167 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 21min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Tasting, Toilet Slavery
Size: 346MB
Language: English

Lesbian Toilet – Chanelle’s First Training

I have been promising you all this for a very long time. That one day I will train a female slave as my toilet and film the training sessions. The wait is over! Let me introduce you to my female slave Chanelle whom I’m training as my personal FULL CONSUMPTION toilet.

Chanelle blew my mind. By all the tell-tale signs I could see she never tasted poop before but for the first time in my 16 year career of training new toilets I have found the ULTIMATE toilet. And she’s female. That’s makes her extra special.

In this video you will see many “firsts” for Chanelle. First time smelling unwashed ass, first time licking unwashed ass and first time tasting shit. I had to squeeze my six month toilet training program into five DAYS!

Chanelle agreed to my terms. Absolutely no food during her five day stay. She will LITERALLY only eat what comes out of my asshole. I have PROVEN that one woman’s body can literally support another woman’s body for five DAYS. Chanelle literally only got one meal a day, my bowel movement. She is perfectly fine!

As you can see watching my vagina. My arousal was pretty insane from having another woman making her mouth available for me to take a shit into hehe

This is my very first “girl on girl” toilet training video I’m releasing to the public. Do not miss this as there will be coming more of them. I’m releasing all the videos of her feeding from my ass several times during her stay. Stay tuned as more of my Lesbian Toilet Training videos will be released

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2561 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Tasting, Toilet Slavery
Size: 333MB
Language: English

Broken Toilet 31 – Eat ALL My Turds

Women have the gift of life, or do they? I put it to the test for a few days and I have PROVEN that our beautiful female bodies can truly support life. How? By letting my male slave eating NOTHING except my bowel movements directly from my ass!

For several days I have taken all food away from my slave. Only I got to eat all the delicious meals to feed my beautiful female body. Eventually when my body is done with the food and I need to take a shit THAT becomes the meal for my slave in order to feed his body with.

Ladies, I have proven our female bodies can truly support life. By letting your slave literally eat your bowel movement when you take a shit your body is literally feeding & supporting his body. It gives new meaning to the phrase “Ass to mouth” doesn’t it?

After 7 large meals over the past two days I was holding it in my slave was starving. Watch as I’m laying naked on the bed being filmed from two angles taking a massive shit. You have to excuse my load moans, it was extreme pleasure & relieve lol

Then watch as my slave eats my shit from my bottom & inner thighs bite for bite, turd for turd in FULL view until there is absolutely NONE left. He even scraped the last soft she from between my buttocks & asshole and put it on top of the last firmer turd he ate in full view.

As I was laying there completely naked seeing & feeling him eat my ENTIRE bowel movement I could feel my vagina soaking the sheets underneath from my huge arousal.

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2259 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Length: 19min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, EFRO, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 328MB
Language: English

My Best Shits 3

It’s that time again, time to bring you all my best shitting scenes together from my Broken Toilet Series.

I take only the big shits I take in those videos of mine and put them all together for you in this nice and long 31 minute video.

From the massive soft & creamy shit I took in my slave’s mouth during an interview where I played the role of the bitch female interviewer taking advantage of

To the several turds I pushed out in my slave’s mouth in the Global Warming video. That video also included a semi direct feed of sorts as I pushed out the last massive & soft load down my slave’s throat.

But it doesn’t end there. I also included the scene from Broken Toilet 13 where I took a gigantic shit in my slave’s mouth. I was living only on take-out food for a few days. My slave got a LOT more than he bargained for in that one, believe me lol It started as a firm turd that changed to a long thick & creamy one that ended in a soft mess. That will make your mouth water for sure.
I also bring you a shitting scene from Broken Toilet 14, showing you how I shit into my slave’s mouth every single morning. It was a pretty nasty loose diarrhea bowel movement I had directly in his mouth there while he was busy eating my ass.

If you like watching non stop shitting action of a woman shitting into a slave’s mouth without the boring “dialog” and talking parts then this third 31 minute edition of My Best Shits if a must have for your shitting in mouth collection

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Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2108 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Size: 504MB
Language: English

Different Shits

Awesome special! Get this 15 minute video for only 11.99

I’m not a huge fan is sticking things up my ass accept if it’s someone’s tongue but every now and then I do indulge in sticking my own finger deep up my ass into my full rectum.

In the first part of this clip I do this during a massive diarrhea and you can see how soaking wet my vagina gets from this. A vagina swelling & getting wet without any cuts in the clip is something you simply can’t fake. I LOVE doing this!

In the second part of this clip I must have set some kind of record. The first turd broke off but that second one.....It was so creamy & thick but more importantly. I’ve NEVER pushed out such a long turd, it literally curled at the bottom of the toilet bowel and just kept coming. After that one I thought it must’ve been over but no....a THIRD one also came.

I was so overwhelmed by the feeling of relieve that I peed for you as well, watch the multiple streams of my golden fluid run out of my vagina. Just for you

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 1726 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 161 kb/s
Size: 203MB
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