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DARK SIDE: my lover fucks me in front of you ! (SCAT / URO / ASS TO MOUTH / ATP / ANAL)

I have needs that aren't yours… I want to get fucked while playing with my piss, my shit, and you are unable to satisfy me on this level my dear husband… My lover arrives, and you will have to watch us while he fucks me like you've never fucked me before…!

With him, I can do anything, and he loves it… Up to giving me a big turd in my face and pissing in my face, like the little dog that I am… Lying on my back, my pelvis raised, I make myself then a caviar in the face, then it's the piss that follows, I piss and aim for the cock hole that serves as my mouth, and I swallow as much as possible...

Then, I spread my shit on my face, before languidly sucking my turd and inserting it all into my mouth... Don't take your eyes off me, look what my lover manages to do with me...

I then come and suck his big cock, with my face still covered in shit… It's so hard… Then I roll myself generously in my excrement and spread it all over my body, before pissing my mouth again!

My lover then takes care of my big ass, he's going to fuck me while you'll always have to watch us... He fucks me in different positions, and finally, I'm the one who will come and finish it with my mouth...

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
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Size: 4635MB
Language: French

BANANA SPLIT (PUKE) : I eat a piss and shit banana split and eat my puke ! (EATING / FOOD & FOOT FETISH / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

Today, I'm going to concoct 2 different split bananas; 1 banana split with piss and 1 banana split caviar version!

First I'm going to suck my bananas, before making you lick my dirty feet (full of dust). I will then cover them with whipped cream and ask you to lick them again!

Then I insert the banana in my pussy, then I piss on it for a long time, before eating several good tasty bites.
I make you imagine yourself in place of my banana doing a footjob with whipped cream.

I will then open a banana and get puked on me and in my cleavage many times… I then put puke on my face and then I eat some puke…

Then I go a little whipped cream on my ass and insert a banana inside, before releasing a big creamy turd, to then put a banana back in my butt and make it brown.

I then spread caviar on my face, body and hair, then I put whipped cream in my mouth and then I spread it on my hair full of caviar.

I then cover the banana with poop, then I taste several big bites offering you views of my mouth full of poop banana

I smear my dildo with caviar, then insert it deep in my throat to get my cleavage poking again. I then make myself degobiller directly in my hand to come directly to eat my puke. I then run a good layer of puke on my hair before moving on to my big ass.

I spread caviar on my ass, my legs, then I fill my ass with bananas before sticking my dildo in it. I end up popping a banana mush. I then put some whipped cream on my ass and I come to smash my ass for a long time. I will pee again then.

I then change position and insert the banana in my ass, before moving into a new position to go back and forth on my dildo. The dildo in the ass, and to finish, I'll get my body fucked because you love it...

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 4693MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-01-20

PANTIES THIEF: I'm punishing you for what you've done! (SM / LATEX / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

I found out what you were doing; you steal my panties to sniff them and jerk off with them! You disgust me ! Dressed in a sexy latex catsuit, I will dominate you and blackmail you into doing what I ask of you as punishment!

To start, I'll hit your ass a little bit with a leather swatter, then you'll have to shit in your face.

Didn't you manage to shit on your face? What a wretch! For the trouble, you're going to have to put your shit in your mouth, suck it, chew it! You will also have to spread it all over your face, your nipples and your big slutty ass.

Then I want you to smash your anus hard and in different positions, first with a big dildo, then with a much bigger one. Always the body covered in shit. You're going to hole your ass! You'll piss on yourself then.

You will finally be able to dump your bastard cum in my mouth with a count of 5 to 0 (using fake cum).

I hope this will serve as a lesson to you, you little panty-stealing shit!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 28min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Instructions, Pissing, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 4081MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-01-19

EATING HOTDOG : I'm eating a shitty hot dog ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SAUSAGES / SCAT / PISS / ATM)

I have a very naughty desire; that of shoving big sausages up my ass, then making a shitty hotdog and eating it! Yum !

I have several types of sausage: medium, and a HUGE.

I'll start by spraying my ass with mustard and ketchup, then I'll play with a sausage in my anus all excited. I will also lick sausage with shit coming out of my ass.

I'm going to put a sausage in my ass to reveal it like an explosion, and I'll even do it with 2 sausages in my anus twice in the video!

Tickling my anus with these sausages makes me extremely want to shit. So I'm going to make a big turd and piss at the same time, to then play again directly with the sausages, then come and cross my mouth with it and suck 2 of them directly at the same time in my mouth (with shit).

I'm then going to suck my turd, before spreading it all over my face and hair and playing again with the sausages in my mouth!

I spray my ass again with mustard and ketchup to continue to smash my ass with sausages.

I lie on my back, my ass in front of you, and generously spread shit on it, before playing with sausages. This time I shove the HUGE sausage further up my ass and prolapse slightly.

I then change position, and I play again with a normal sausage, but also again with the HUGE sausage that explodes my ass!

The shit on my face has dried nice and dry, I stretch my face tight from the shit dryness, before preparing my hotdog with: hotdog bun, mustard, ketchup and of course, a good poop-coated sausage. I eat several big bites and show you that I swallowed everything!

Some farts in this video!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 10957 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 30min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Farting, Food/Baking, Pissing, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 2345MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-01-13

TOILET WHORE (PUKE) : I'm becoming a real toilet whore ! (PUKE / EATING / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

In this video, I will degrade myself to the highest point, lose all my dignity, for your greatest pleasure. If you still had the image of me as a wise young girl, you will no longer have it after the viewing.

Wearing fishnet tights, and a fishnet stocking over my face with just an opening for my slutty mouth, I lick the toilet bowl, before pissing on my toothbrush to brush my teeth with it.

Then, dildo placed on my toilet, I'm going to impale it in my pussy (my ass shakes a lot, like a twerk) offering you 2 different points of view.

Astride my toilet, I will make a huge turd that I will then lick and suck like a little dog.

I then go to fuck my ass full of caviar with the dildo on the toilet (still shaking my ass like a twerk).

I will continue by spreading shit on the toilet bowl to come and lick it all languidly and spread it on my face. I will also dunk my hair in the toilet, then clog it entirely to fill it with water and put my head in it. The water turns brown.

Then I'm gonna suck my shit, put a big chunk of it in my mouth, chew it, and swallow a big chunk of it. I get directly disgorged many times, to put my head back in the toilet water several times, dirty with puke and shit.

I'm also going to think about brushing my teeth with my shit, like the little female dog that I am. Without forgetting to re-dog, release the bowl, and put my head back in the dirty water.

Then I spread shit on my ass, head towards the toilet, and I cover my face with shit generously (up to my eyes), then I come and fuck my anus by regularly putting my head in the toilet water always dirty as if to drown me.

Finally, with a very disgusting face, I come to suck my big dirty dildo to conclude in style this video which will have made me the biggest toilet whore in history.

Video Info: 2560x1440 Pixel @ 14336 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Size: 2644MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-01-09

SADISTIC DOCTOR (PUKE): Doctor Ninounini makes you eat her shit and take a very dirty bath! (EATING / SCAT / URO / DIRTY BATH / ATM / ATP)

(I eat my shit in this video)

Doctor Ninounini has replaced your former nurse to take care of you... And it's bath time for you! You're going to have to obey him if you don't want to have your second leg broken !

Dressed in a super sexy red and white outfit, open on her chest, she will seduce you while being very sadistic and merciless with you...

You will first have to undress and suffer the mockery of Doctor Ninounini on your penis!

Then, you will have to watch her lay her huge shit that she has been holding for 4 days. Then you'll lie down in the tub to suck his huge turd...

Suck it well, and masturbate your little clit at the same time. Put some shit on your slutty nipples!

Then, Doctor Ninounini will order you to spread it on your body, face and hair...

Fuck your ass while she fucks her ass too! She will get into different positions and she will pee at that time.

Doctor Ninounini is going to give you a very brown bath. You will go into the water, spread some more shit in your face, then you will chew a piece of shit that you will have to swallow! You'll swallow it, then you'll get pummeled several times...

Then you will brush your teeth with shit, then you will soap yourself with shit too.

Doctor Ninounini will still file the pussy in the water before being degobbled again...

You will immerse yourself completely in the water, put your head under water many times to clean yourself!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 15360 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 4235MB
Language: French

CHRISTMAS BLACKMAIL (PUKE) : I make you eat my shit for Christmas ! (EATING / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

It's Christmas. I put a gift at the foot of your tree, but you hear me and get up. So I ask you if you were very good this year to give yourself your gift, knowing that no, you were not, and that you will have to repent to get it. I then blackmail you: you will have to do the dirtiest things for me and fuck me to get it.

I start by for cing you to watch me shit at the foot of your tree. My turd is really huge today, with the christmas preparations I hadn't made for 4 days! It already seems to excite youâ¦

Then I'll make you suck my shit just for me⦠You'll have to take it in your hand and suck it languidly like the big cock sucker that you are⦠I'll make you lick your fingers after that. It's not over, because then you have to take a big piece of shit, chew it, melt it in your mouth, and then swallow it! You will have a hard time, but you will get there. You will prove to me by opening your mouth that you swallowed well. You would then gobble up everything (pushed up very brown), the shit as well as pieces of your meal!

Then I'll make you smear shit all over you... All over your body, face, and hair... You now really embody the shit you've been all year!

Now you can fuck mother claus (fuck machine). Screw me, stuff my ass as hard as you can. I'll even piss while you fuck me.

You have caught up, and you will be able to have your gift. I offer it to you, then I spread my mixture of shit and brown puke on my head before wishing you a merry christmas !

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 3852MB
Language: French

HARD CHRISTMAS (PUKE) : I ate a shitty Christmas log ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / DOUBLE P / SCAT / PISS / ATM / ATP)

(I eat my shit in this video)

It's almost Christmas ! I want to play the slut to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year, and it's not to displease you, is it?

At the foot of the Christmas tree and the gifts, I first put my double dildo in my buttocks full of shit, I take it out and my shit starts to come out, I reinsert the dildo in my buttocks but it's too late, l expulsion of my huge turd has begun! I quickly pull the dildo out and lay my shit freeing my ass.

I will then continue to play with my big and long double dildo in my anus, then, the latter being well covered with shit, I will insert it in my hairy pussy, before returning to my ass...

Then I'm going to drink a big glass of pink strawberry juice (to make my puke pink!), then I'm going to cut myself a nice piece of log that I'm going to cover GENEROUSLY with shit. ð« I eat everything, then I get degobilled with my dildo that I push deep in my throat. My puke is brown at first as I puke shit, then gets more and more bright pink.

I continue by spreading my shit on my face, my breasts, my hair, my santa hat, then I get degobber again in my cleavage⦠It is very very hotâ¦!

I pour my puke all over my face, head, then I'll start to take care of my fat ass mother claus slut⦠I start to masturbate my hairy pussy a little with my my shit, then I spread it all over my legs and ass, before fucking my ass and pussy with my double dildo⦠I'm pissing at this point (and at another point in the video)

You will be entitled to a short scene where I spread caviar on my feet to make you lick themâ¦

In different positions, I will alternate between my ass, my pussy, and both at the same time with double penetration! I finish by fisting my assâ¦

I get closer to the camera to languidly suck my double dildo, and tell you see you next year!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 3566MB
Language: French

SHIT IN A CONDOM (PINK PUKE) : I shit in a condom and i played with it ! (EAT / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM / ATP)

I brought strawberries and strawberry/banana juice. Guess why? I'm going to eat fresh pussy flavored strawberries (which I would have put in my ass), drin k strawberry juice, so I can make a pink puke later! I also lick my fingers with shit on them and I swallow my saliva full of shit.

After having really enjoyed myself, I'm going to make a huge turd in a condom, which I'm going to close and then come and suck it languidly, as if it were a tail...

Then I'm going to use this shit filled condom to dildo my pussy and masturbate my clit.

I will also use it to shove it down my throat until it makes me gag (rose and strawberry pieces). I then spread my puke all over my hair and face, while continuing to suck on the shit-filled condom… Lots of snot coming out of my nose at that moment!

Then I piss on my chest, before opening the condom and pouring it all into my pussy. Twice, I do a little poo by my pussy (poo comes out of my pussy by pushing).

I spread shit all over my ass, tits, face, then I take my dildo to dildo my shit-filled pussy, before moving on to my jealous anus, which I'll bang in many positions… I also get myself puke on my body at that time, still pink, to continue to dildo me in this state…

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Size: 5160MB
Language: French

READY FOR CHRISTMAS : I play with my huge double dildo ! (SCAT / URO / DOUBLE DILDO / DOUBLE P / ATM)

My tree is ready for Christmas, and after this huge dildoing session under the tree I'll be too!

I tickle my anus and I start by making a huge turd by sucking my huge double purple dildo. I will come directly to put it in the mouth, on all fours, at the foot of the tree. I suck my shit languidly, I get my mouth fullâ¦

I continue by spreading a maximum of shit on my face, breasts, and I completely cover my hair with shit to make me a bun...

I lie down, legs in the air, still at the bedside of my tree, and cover myself in shit from head to toe. I will then play with my big double dildo, I first put it in my excited pussy, sucking the other end of the double dildo!

I piss with the dildo in my pussy, it's my first time, I loved it !

I penetrate my pussy well, then I move on to my big slutty ass, I will file it long enough for it to be wide open... I will go back to my pussy, then I will play with the double dildo in MY 2 HOLES IN SAME TIME for TWICE THE PLEASUREâ¦!

I play again with my pussy, then my ass, before changing position and offering you a nice view of my ass from the front, which I will continue to smash with my huge double dildo. I will continue to put it IN MY 2 HOLES at the same time! It is magic !

I change position, smash my anus again ardently⦠I get off! I end up lying on the ground, legs wide apart, dildoing my pussy, then my pussy and ass AT THE SAME TIMEâ¦

I end up chewing a big piece of shit, then sucking my double dildo with as much shit in my mouth as possibleâ¦!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 27min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Pissing, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 3948MB
Language: French

SCAT AND SOCKS : I guide you in your masturbation while playing with my shit ! (SCAT / URO / FOOT FETISH / ANAL / ATP)

In this video, you will have to follow my instructions to masturbate, and you will only have to cum when I tell you with a countdown. My feet will be regularly put forward (bare or in socks) for your greatest pleasure.

You love smelly feet and socks, and I love teasing you and making you hard… I'll start by making you smell them, sniff them, before doing a big turd and pissing on my pussy.

Still masturbating at the pace that I would have decided for you, you will watch me smash my ass which will end up completely covered in shit.

I take off my socks in the middle of the video to give you a quick view of my bare patent feet.

I will then penetrate my pussy with my big dildo, then give myself an orgasm by playing with my shit on my pussy, before dildoing my anus full of shit in a new position.

I ask you to finally cum for me with a count of 5 to 0, while I continue to fuck my ass...

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 3303MB
Language: French

BIRTHDAY CAKE (PUKE) : I eat a shitty cupcake ! (EATING / FOOD / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

(I will introduce you to the ingredients briefly, then start working on my shitty cupcake recipe. In the meantime, I will lay my huge turd, which I will suck languidly, and which I will use to make a shit mask on my face and hair which will remain until the end of the video. Don't worry, there will be plenty left for our cupcakes!

The naughty that I am will not be able to help flouring my ass, face and spilling milk everywhere... For your greatest happiness.

The 4 large cupcakes are in the moulds, ready to be baked! I put them in the oven and during the cooking time I will play a little with my big ass. I cover it with shit to come and shove my big dildo in my ass, I even fist myself at one point!

I light the candles and I'm going to put them out by pissing on them! They will thus have a little taste of piss when I taste them. So I do a huge and very long pee that will allow me to successfully extinguish all my birthday candles!

I unmold them and then begin the tasting. I will eat 1 big shitty cupcake, and show you that inside, there is indeed good shit and by proving to you that I swallowed everything.

I puke powerfully right after the tasting, I spread my puke on my head, then while sitting on the ground (with a view of my whole body), I will puke again on my body (a mixture of cupcake, shit and pasta eaten a few hours before)

I get high to finish my ass and pussy in different positions. It was a wonderful birthday day!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 10957 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 36min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Food/Baking, Pissing, Scat Sex, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 2825MB
Language: French

FOOT DOMINATION : Eat my feet full of shit, loser ! (FOOT FETISH / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

Shabby little shit that you are, you're gonna have to eat my filthy, horny toes, and I don't want a shy tongue, I want to feel your devotion and admiration for your goddess!

Then you're going to have to eat as much of my creamy shit as you can, and what you can't eat we'll be useful for later.

Obviously, the loser that you are couldn't swallow everything, so you're going to have to lick my shit on the floor like a docile little dog! Lick well, jerk!

Then you'll have to suck my turd and then spread as much of it as you can on your body and face. I'm doing all this at the same time as you, to show you.

You will then have to come and lick my feet that I would have completely covered with creamy shit. Do you like it my little slut?

I now want you to smash your anus, without ever forgetting to lick my little feet full of shit, and this in different positions�. (I piss on my feet full of shit at this time)

Finally, the cock sucker that you are will have to suck the dildo that she used previously to put it in her ass, face and body still covered in shit�

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Size: 4708MB
Language: French

FUCK DOLL : I become his cum hole ! (SM / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM / ATP)

Dressed in ultra sexy latex lingerie, I invite you to make me your sex slave, your cum sink, your toy, your instrument... You can enjoy my body as you please, without any pity for it...

What ? I don't have to talk to you? Forgive me Master and give me a good beating for this, by giving me whips and whips on my buttocks.

To start, I will make a huge turd for you, as well as a torrent of pee. (Double simultaneous points of view).

Then I'll suck the big load straight out of my big slutty ass, languidly, like it's your good cock, Master.

Then, the sub-shit that I am will spread its own shit all over my face, without forgetting to put a big dose of it on my hair, as well as on my arms, my breasts, my stomach, my ass, everywhere... I love being covered in shit, Master….
I'll piss again when I spread it on my ass...

You can then smash my ass without mercy, manhandle it with your big cock. You will also smash the cock garage that serves as my pussy.

Finally, body and face covered in shit now well dried, I'll come and suck your cock until you come and cum in my beautiful slutty mouth (using fake cum)

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Size: 4304MB
Language: French

ADORATION : Love and worship what my body produces ! (SCAT / PUKE / URO / ANAL / ASS TO MOUTH)

I want you to devote unlimited adoration to my goddess body, and all that it is capable of producing... You will have to follow my instructions to jerk off throughout this video (JOI with countdown)

To start, I'm going to tease you with my body, especially my ass and my breasts, I'm even going to have fun jumping around to twirl the pompom of the nipple cover I'm wearing... I know you love seeing me do that!

Then you'll have to watch me dildo my pussy and anus, before pissing on my body and playing with my piss. Don't forget to follow my instructions!

I will then come to make me gobble up many times, by inserting a spoon in my throat, or else my fingers. It's sour, cream-colored and very thick... You love it, don't you? Watch me then cover myself in puke... Can you smell the sauce rising?

Then I'll make a huge turd, for your greatest pleasure, you'll have to admire me sucking it languidly before spreading it all over my body (one of the biggest smearings I've ever done!), breasts, ass, face, hair...

I'm then going to come and dislocate my anus in different positions, always with my body completely covered in shit... Imagine yourself in the place of my fuck machine...

Finally, I'm going to make you squirt thanks to a countdown, during which my mouth gets fucked by my fuck machine and makes me puke many times...

Video Info: 2560x1440 Pixel @ 10854 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Size: 3366MB
Language: French


Hey you there, looser! Come over there. I need to vent on someone, and it's gonna be you.

You know you can run away, but you won't, you are aware of the honor I give you to be humiliated by the most popular girl in high school.

I'm going to blackmail you into doing what I want.

You're going to have to suck my turd first and eat it for lunch! (huge poo).

Then I want you to cover your dirty bitch face with my shit. Then your fat nipples, your belly, your big ass! You're even prettier like that, little sissy!

Apparently you have the habit of sticking pens up your ass? That's not enough, today I want you to smash your slutty ass with a big dildo spreading more and more shit all over your pathetic body!

You will fuck your anus in 4 different positions (I piss during anal pounding) until I am satisfied.

Finally, I'm going to suck your cock and count down for you to cum. You'll even make me gobble up with your tail at the end of the countdown.

Bye loser, now go back to your homework, I'm going back to see my friends.

Video Info: 2560x1440 Pixel @ 10854 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 32min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Pissing, Scat Sex, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 2485MB
Language: French

I EAT & PUKE : I realize your biggest fetishes ! (EATING / PUKE / SCAT / URO / ATM / ATP / FIST / ANAL)

(I eat my shit in this video)

You have many fetishes; starting with that of the armpits full of saliva, the inside of the nose well apart, the fact of putting the fingers in the nose, the inside of the mouth... I'll caress myself for a few minutes for you, then I'll teasing by showing you all that (close-up), before moving on to the hardest of your fetishes: pissing, shit and puking!

I'm going to prepare a nice mixture: a happy mixture of shit, puke and piss.

So I'll start by pissing in a big bowl, then I'll make a magnificent turd for you, which I'll suck languorously...

Then I'll eat bits of my shit to kick it into the big bowl! You like it, don't you� I finish by putting the rest in the bowl and mixing everything together.

I then just pour myself this mixture little by little on the mouth, as well as on the body. I can't open my eyes anymore because shit sticks to my eyelashes!

Once well covered with shit and very dirty, I will smash my anus in different positions (dildo and a little fisting) for your greatest pleasure, and mineâ¦

Video Info: 2560x1440 Pixel @ 9499 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 36min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Pissing, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 2487MB
Language: French

DIRTY BITCH (PUKE / F MACHINE) : I'm becoming a REAL shit whore ! (SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

I received a mysterious letter, without sender, telling me to go to an address to make money (lots of money) by doing favors for rich men. I'm a little puzzled, but I decide to go.

I meet a man - moreover very charming, explaining to me that the service I must render him is to make love to him. But love "dirty". What does that mean ? With caviar... I've never done that, but I'm going for it, despite my fears and reluctance. Anyway, this client has already paid, I have to honor my performance...

He starts by fucking my wet little pussy, then I have to shit on his cock as it's half buried in my pussy. I take all the shit out of my ass, then he goes back and forth in my pussy with shit! I'm starting to like it

I continue by greedily sucking his cock full of shit, putting it around my mouth. Then I spread a good dose of caviar on my face, before he kisses my mouth again. I get knocked out several times, he loves it!

Then he starts pounding my shitty ass, before having the urge to lay a turd again and piss! I spread a maximum of caviar on my body while he fucks my little hole and makes me gag many times, on my body full of shit

3 positions all hotter than each other follow one another, even if it's for money, I'm having fun!

Finally, while puking a lot because of his cock deep in my throat, I make him cum on my bitch face with a count of 5 to 0.


Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Length: 32min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Instructions, Pissing, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 5255MB
Language: French

SCATFOOT JOI (bro.ther-in-law) : let's do it while my little sis.ter is away! (FOOTJOB / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATM)

Finally alone in a room. Everyone is downstairs, including my little bro-in-law, your wife, whom you are about to cheat on.

I know you have a sexual attraction for feet, especially mine. I am referring to an anecdote that made me guess it. Tonight, you kept kicking me under the table, I couldn't contain my excitement!

I entice you with my feet in my black high heels, make you take my shoes off and then gently massage my feet, lick them, suck them, as well as my toes.

Follow my instructions to jerk off, and wait for my countdown to enjoy... And above all, take advantage of this moment that may not come again...

Apparently we have the same fetish, shit. I'm gonna piss on my feet, then make a nice turd on it to play with, what do you say?

You love when I cover my feet in shit so you can massage and suck them (I do it to show you), and even more when my face is covered in shit! Put yourself in the mouth!

I want you to fuck my ass, while putting my feet, while taking them... Don't cum right away!

I'm counting you down with a footjob so you can cum on my pretty shitty feet.

It was great, but we have to go back to our lives... Is it between you and me?

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Length: 30min.
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HARD DATE (PUKE / F MACHINE) : I'm getting ready for a date ! (SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

I have a date with a man in 30 minutes, which gives me time to prepare. I'm going to surprise him to come covered in shit, I'm sure it will make him happy!

I'm not just going to make a caviar and spread it out, I prefer to take the opportunity to play a little!
Dressed in a transparent babydoll, a garter belt attached to stockings, and sexy heels, I start by dildoing my pussy, first squatting with my legs apart, then on the ground, before being taken by a want to pee and do it on me. Feeling the hot pee on my body is a real pleasure!

I change positions to finger my anus (and by the way, lick the shit off my fingers!) and do a huge turd, then start working my anus with my big dildo, while spreading my shit all over my ass. Then it's up to the fuck machine to fuck me, at different speeds! I'm pissing at that moment!

Then, I take pleasure in sucking my turd, sensually, I love being a little female dog to shit. I continue on the ground, being dismounted by the fuck machine. It starts with the pussy, while puking all over my body full of shit, then it continues with my ass, again puking big squirts all over me!

That's it ! It's time for my appointment! I put on my slinky off-the-shoulder dress, and off I go!


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Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Length: 27min.
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Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Pissing, Scat Sex, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
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50 SHADES OF SCAT (FUCK MACHINE) : he made me his little dog ! (SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATM)

I met a man like no other... Good in all respects, but in intimacy, his sexual relations are rather... out of the ordinary. He likes when it's brutal, dirty. I'm not sure, but I decide to trust him during this session. We set up a watchword when it becomes too difficult for me.

He puts my collar on, makes me suck his big cock, then puts a gag in my mouth. How could I pronounce the watchword, if I no longer speak?!! He continues by smashing my ass with a whip and a leather swatter. It turns red

I feel like shitting, ask him to postpone the session, but tell me that it's not a problem. Gag still in the mouth, I then have to do a big turd, before getting whipped again.

The only times I can take the gag off will be sucking my shit, and sucking his cock I'll even keep the gag on when I have to cover my face in shit, right before sucking it!

I then have my ass demolished in different positions (fuck machine), while using my shit to spread it all over my body and again on my face. The urge takes me back to shit, so I do a second one which is huge, but this time flowing! I think I end up liking it! I piss then

Finally, I get fucked in the mouth (fuck machine), missing vo mir. Then thank my master for this session


Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Length: 27min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Pissing, Smearing, Tasting
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