Discover the charm of the French scat with a blonde with a big ass and developed hips. I like to restrain myself from pooping for a long time to make huge turds, for my pleasure and yours. ❤️

Follow me as I explore my limits and go crazy watching me do the dirtiest, kinkiest things with my poop, piss, and vomit.

I am open to custom videos, contact me and give me all the details !

Foot size : 33,5 (FR) - 3,5 (US) - 1 (UK)

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KFC (PUKE) : I eat shitty tenders and shit by my pussy twice ! (EATING / SCAT / URO / FOOD FETISH / PUSSY SHITTING / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

I take my car to go to KFC. I'm going to buy myself a bucket of 20 tenders, but not to eat them as they are, rather by seasoning them with my delicious shit.

I'm at my parents' house, and I'm going to do all this behind their backs, they won't know anything about it and I'll try to remain discreet, while having fun!

I'm going to caress my pussy a little before making a huge turd in my bucket of tenders. It's really big, and pretty tough!

I'm going to taste my tenders with shit, I'll eat several of them, then I'll fill my mouth with shit and tenders and chew, while smearing shit all over my face.

I'll smear shit all over my tits, then I'll repeatedly puke into the bucket.

I will then come and spread shit on my pussy, before filling it with shit and shitting by the pussy. It's so exciting! It even makes me pee. I'll do it a second time for your greatest pleasure and mine...

I will then spread shit on my ass, before shoving my dildo into my anus. I will play with my asshole for a long time, before moving on to my pussy.

I will impale my pussy and ass on my dildo and piss again. Finally, I will smash my 2 holes one last time in a last position!

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Length: 23min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Eating, EFRO, Food/Baking, Pissing, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 3743MB
Language: French

CUCKOLD (FUCK MACHINE) : My lover fucks me dirty anal in front of you ! (SCAT / DIRTY ANAL / FARTING / URO / SPITTING / ATP)

You are unable of satisfying me, you and your tiny clit which serves as your tail. Since I can't have fun with you, I'll do it with someone else, and you'll have to watch!

You're just a little girl so I'm going to make you put on some underwear that will look great on you! I will also tie you up to keep you from moving and jerk you off, and put a gag in your mouth to shut your bitch mouth.

You will have to watch us while he fucks me in dirty anal. First I will oil my big ass, then he will insert his big cock in my ass.

He is going to file him until his cock comes out brown. More and more brown… I'm going to end up shitting on his cock!

He'll come back in my big ass full of doggy style shit, you'll be able to see what a real man can do to me, compared to you who never can! I will mount you from several angles and in close-up his good cock in my ass.

I will then fart on his cock many times and ask you to sniff. He will penetrate me again after that.

I will allow you to start jerking off and you will have to wait for the final count to cum together with my lover.

Then I'm going to come and impale my pussy on his cock full of shit, it's so good... I spread my legs like a slut to let him do it...

Finally, I will spread my legs on my back and he will come and penetrate my ass and pussy full of shit. I will piss with his cock in my ass.

He will end up cumming in my ass with a count of 5 to 0, and you can also cum watching us.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Length: 32min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Farting, Instructions, Pissing, Smearing
Size: 4620MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-06-06

PANTYHOSE & HEELS (PUKE) I piss, shit and puke in pantyhose before playing with my horse cock with my mouth full of shit ! (PANTY POOPING / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / HORSE DILDO / HEELS / FOOT FETISH / ATM / ATP)

I'm wearing see-through tights and a nice pair of high heels. I will tease you with my heels, ask you to lick and I will start to caress myself.

I'll stroke myself to orgasm in my pantyhose, pissing and squirting out some shit at the same time.

I will then put myself in an original position to make a huge turd in my pantyhose while pissing at the same time!

I will touch over the pantyhose my shit and tease you by approaching and moving my ass full of shit in front of the camera.

On the ground, I will then puke many times in my pantyhose. The feeling is crazy! I will also puke in my heels to come and pour the puke on my head. I will then cover myself with shit and puke.

I'm going to lower the pantyhose and cover my ass with shit before dildoing my ass with my horse cock dildo. I'll piss then! I will then fist my ass and pussy with my heels, it's so sexy…

With my heel, I will tear the pantyhose to be able to pass the dildo. I cover my face with shit and put a big piece of shit in my mouth before dildoing my ass and pussy again, in different positions (new new positions to discover!)

I'm going to wreck my ass with my horse cock dildo while wearing my pantyhose and my heels and having my mouth full of shit, I'll piss a big squirt again, and to finish, I'll come close to the camera to suck my shit languidly…

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Size: 5005MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-31

ICE CREAM (PUKE) : I eat shitty ice cream and have a golden shower to cool off! (SCAT / EATING / GOLDEN SHOWER / PUKE / URO / FOOD FETISH / DRAGON DILDO / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

Summer is coming ! I'm going to make myself a shitty ice cream and a glass of piss to refresh myself.

First, I will make a huge turd in my ice cream cone to form a delicious and generous ice cream. I will then piss in a glass before coming to dildo my very dirty ass.

I will then pour piss on my white top and in my mouth, then I will come and lick and suck my homemade ice cream while putting it all over my mouth.

Then I'll cover myself in shit (body, face, hair...) before tasting my delicious ice cream again.

I'll then smear shit all over my legs and pussy, cover my shitty dragon cock dildo to shove it into my hairy pussy. I will piss again at this point like a squirt before resuming penetration into my pussy in another position.

I will then suck my dildo languidly, making me disgo many times in deep throat.

I will then spread my vomit on my head and breasts, before coming to taste my ice cream again.

I will then put shit on my dildo to push it into my mouth again and suck it greedily. I will then end up biting into my ice cream and chewing my shit for a long time. Hmm�

Finally, covered in shit, I'll be dildoing my ass and pussy with my dragon dildo in many different positions for the rest of the video for my viewing pleasure and yours!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 317 kb/s
Size: 4981MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-27

SHITTY PIZZA (PUKE) : I eat shitty pizza and enjoy a glass of piss ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATM / FOOT FETISH)

I ordered a margherita pizza with pepperoni, but I wish I could add extra shit to my order. No worries because I'm going to put a huge amount of shit on my pizza myself, brush it all over and eat it. I will also prepare myself a small glass of piss, to drink it during my tasting. 🍕🍾

After covering her in poop, I'm going to smear poop all over my face, hair, and breasts, I'll also put pepperoni in my hair, and then I'll go straight to tasting my poop pizza.

I offer you a slice, then it's my turn to eat it! I eat several good bites, until the bite too many makes me gag immediately and without the help of my fingers in my mouth. I eat a piece again, then drink my glass of piss.

I impregnate a slice of pizza with my puke to eat again, and puke.

I pour my puke on my head, rub a slice of pizza in my face and place this slice on my head (it will be present almost the entire video), before puking again.

I get down on the ground, legs apart in front of you, spread shit on my body (stomach, breasts, legs, ass…) using my pizza. I stick a slice of pizza in my pussy, then I push it out in front of you.

I eat my shitty pizza again, while masturbating my pussy, then I gag a few times before masturbating again. I again expel pizza from my pussy.

I am now going to fuck my ass, smearing shit all over my ass and putting pepperoni rings on it (the pizza is still stuck to my head). Before starting, I do a second big turd, then I will put on my big dildo in different positions. I'll take a few poses to whip my pussy with a slice of pizza and pee a second time.

I tease you with my feet and pizza on them, before eating a piece of pizza again and sucking my dildo like a good female dog.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 4367MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-21

PERVERT DOCTOR (PUKE) : My doctor makes me pee, shit and puke in my diaper before fucking me full of shit ! (ABDL / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / MASTURBATION / ORGASM / ATP / ATM)

I have an appointment with my doctor and I explain to him my problems with urinary leakage and incontinence.

He asks me to undress completely in order to examine myself. He will quickly start touching my breasts and pussy, which will bother me but also make me wet.

I then put on my diaper to test it with him, to reassure myself. I will then make a huge turd and a big pee inside.

I don't feel safe in my diaper because I'm afraid it will spill out the sides. I'm gonna show her how easily shit can come out of diapers. I stick my hands in and pull out a lot of shit that I spread on myself and on the diaper.

The smell is starting to make me want to puke. He's going to shove his cock down my throat to make me gobble up in my diaper. I will then spread my shit on the rest of my body (breasts, face, hair�)

Keeping the diaper that I will switch to the side (anus visible), he will start to fuck my anus. I will piss again.

I will give myself an orgasm, the diaper next to me, masturbating with my fingers, before resuming the relationship with my doctor in different positions, the very dirty diaper still attached to me. He will also come and fuck my dirty pussy.

I'll fill my mouth with shit while he fucks my ass, and end up with a 5-0 count asking him to cum in my fat ass!

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Size: 5187MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-17

XTREME PLEASURE : I shit by my pussy while masturbating, reinsert my shit in my ass to shit it again and fill my mouth with caviar while playing with my holes until orgasm ! (SCAT / PISS / PUSSY SHITTING / MASTURBATION / ORGASM / DRAGON DILDO / ANAL /

I will still do dirty things while I am not at home. Dressed in pink fishnet tights and high white socks, I first show you my pussy and my ass by stroking me.

I will then play with my clitoris vacuum cleaner while pulling out a huge, solid turd. I will continue with my sex toy on my clitoris and my fingers while languidly sucking and licking my shit. I will take the opportunity to spread it on my pussy and around it, on my breasts, my face. I'm already well covered...

I'm going to come and dildo my pussy while continuing to suck my turd as if it were a cock. I will also piss at that time (by sucking it again).

Without stopping sucking my shit, I'm going to play now with my big dragon dildo, alternating with my pussy and my ass. It's so good...

There comes the time when I'm going to get my shit all the way into my pussy, then I'm going to suck my clitoris while I shit delicious shit out of my pussy. It is so hot ! I take it back immediately to put it back in my mouth and dildo my pussy and ass.

I then stuff my shit in my ass, then I file my pussy while shitting again. I then offer you a prolapse.

Finally, I'm going to shove my shit in my mouth and fill it up, and while keeping it in my mouth, I'm going to impale myself on my dragon dildo while playing with my clitoris vacuum from time to time. I will give you an orgasm at 00:26:10.

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Length: 29min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Pantypoop, Pissing, Prolapse, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 4685MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-10

THE ROOMMATE : we celebrate our 1 year with scat games ! (SCAT / URO / ANAL / ATM / ATP)

My roommate and I are celebrating our 1 year together. We don't really have any ideas to mark the occasion, when suddenly a very naughty idea comes to my mind... I start to suck his big cock, before telling him of my desires; make a big turd and get fucked full of shit…

It's hot, me too, let's go! I tickle my anus, we start to see my shit at the edge of my anus. I do my shit, then I suck it languidly, before spreading it generously on my face, breasts, hair…

I cover my ass in shit, and my roommate finally comes to fuck my ass for our 1 year old… I put shit in my mouth while he fucks my ass, I love it… I even end up dropping a big pee, before getting dislocated again by my roommate, my ass covered in shit.

I go back on his cock to suck it, while the shit on my face starts to dry… I then spread it on my legs to make me a giant shit, then my roommate will continue to fuck my big ass bitch in different positions, until I asked her to cum inside…

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 21min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Pissing, Scat Sex, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 3024MB
Language: French

DILDO THIEF (PUKE / F MACHINE) : You're going to pay dearly for stealing those dildos ! (SHIT IN A CONDOM / SCAT / PISS / FOOT FETISH / ATM / BLACKMAIL / ANAL)

Manager of the sex-shop department, I receive an alert for suspected theft of dildos. I then bring you up to my office and order you to give me the stolen dildos and confess, under penalty of prosecution. You totally deny, so I search your jacket. I find them in it, and finally offer you a deal; obey my every wish, or end up with the cops. You choose the first proposal.

First, I'll make you lick and suck the slutty dildo you are (as if it were my cock). You like it, so keep going!

Then I'll adorn you with nipple clamps and a gag to shut your bitch mouth while I play with your shit and get your ass pounded.

You will have to shit in a condom for my greatest pleasure. You will make a huge turd. You will then come and suck languidly and deep throat the condom well filled with caviar. You will gobble up on it several times to come and suck it again.

You will then cover yourself completely in shit, ass, chest, bellies, arms, hair, face, everything! I'll then make you suck and lick my pretty feet full of shit , before moving on to the gumming of your slutty little ass.

Your ass will take a lot with my fuck machine in different positions. He will have no respite. You will piss with the dildo in your ass. And the worst part is that all of this won't even have been a punishment for you, because you liked it.

That I don't see you hanging out in my cock-hungry little shit anymore!

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Size: 5016MB
Language: French

HARD DAILY ROUTINE : I show you my shitty beauty routine, it excites me so much that I fuck my ass ! (SCAT / PISS / ANAL / CLOTHING FETISH / FOOT FETISH / ATM)

I didn't wash my body or my hair, I didn't brush my teeth and I didn't wear makeup. I'll show you how I like to do all these steps with my own shit!

I'm going to do a huge shit rather hard and extremely wide (he "ripped" my anus), to lick it right after I get out.

I'm going to suck it languorously, its shape and its texture make it very pleasant to suck as if it were a real good cock...

Then I'll put some shit on my toothbrush and brush my teeth with it, then I'll move on to makeup! First I'll apply my shitty blush to my cheeks, then I'll do my shitty eyeshadow, and finally I'll put on my yummy shitty lipstick.

To complete this makeup, I will do my complexion! I will take my big turd in hand to apply it directly to my face. I will finish with my fingers to blend well and put on a good layer.

I'll move on to the hair next, soaking it with my shit. I will then dry my makeup to then take care of my body that I had not washed beforehand, covering it entirely with shit (I show you this standing up to give you a wide view of my fully covered body)

I will then, over my covered body, dress in a little short pleated leather skirt, and a white off-the-shoulder crop top !

I want to take care of my ass before going out, still dressed, I'm going to fuck my ass in different positions (I'll pee a little at that time). I will also remember to show you my shitty feet!

I come to my senses, and show you one last time my look before leaving!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 5284MB
Language: French

SLUTTY GAMES : I shit in my heels, I shit by my pussy and play with my shit and my holes ! (SCAT / PISS / PUSSY SHITTING / ANAL / ATP / ATM)

Dressed in sexy fishnet tights and red pumps, I'm going to start by teasing you and making you lick my shoes and my asshole��

Then I'm going to make a huge turd in my shoes for your greatest pleasure and make you lick the contents, before doing it myself. I will languidly lick my shit out of my pumps, it's so exciting.

Next, I want us to write the words "SLUT" in shit on our forehead, and "CUM HERE" on either side of our cheeks, not forgetting to draw a nice dick on our chin. Then you and I have to lick the shit out of the pumps again.

I will then spread shit on my pussy and fill it with shit, before shitting by my pussy, while pissing for a long time, and ending up masturbating my pussy.

I change position, cover my breasts with shit, and continue to masturbate until orgasm. It is so good ! Then I massage my tits full of shit in close-up�

Legs apart, facing the camera, I stuff myself shit into my pussy before penetrating it with my dragon cock dildo. I then move on to my ass. Of course you can do the same.

I continue to play with my ass and this dildo in other positions, before presenting myself to you and sucking the dirty dildo as if it were your good cock. I suck it like a good slut and make you cum (brown colored fake cum will flow at the end)

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 23347 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 126 kb/s
Size: 4102MB
Language: French

DIRTY ABDL : I poop in my diaper before fucking my ass with my big dragon dildo ! (SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM / ATP / PROLAPSUS)

I wear a diaper with the desire to regress, to relive the time when I wore them, to feel free to be able to let go at any time...

I will then do a huge shit in my diaper. I take it off and show you my ass full of shit, before spreading it on my buttocks, pissing, and dildoing my ass and pussy with my dragon dildo. Shit still comes out of my ass.

I will then impale my ass on my dragon dildo, while occasionally sniffing my very dirty diaper. I cover myself in shit and get back to anal work.

I put the diaper on me so I can feel it while I dildo my ass, then it will end up on my head. I will piss again and continue by dildoing my pussy.

In another position, I will dildo my ass still with my dragon dildo, being covered in shit and laying it on my head, and will offer you a prolapse.

On my back, seen from above, I will continue to play with my ass, then I'll change position one last time to finish fucking my ass...

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 21min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Diapers, Eating, EFRO, Pantypoop, Pissing, Prolapse, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting
Size: 3077MB
Language: French

HARD THERAPY (PUKE / F MACHINE) : Your psy twists your brain to make you love shit and cocks ! (GAY ACCEPTANCE / SPH / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

I will learn humiliating things about you and my diagnosis will be final; you were born so that your ass would serve men as a sperm dump.

I'm going to deprive you forever of your balls without any mercy before continuing the session.

You will learn how to take blows, suck cocks, play with your caviar, get your ass fucked, open your ass and make the charming gentlemen you serve come.

First, I'm going to kick your ass, before I make you do a huge turd in a bowl. You will have to start by languidly sucking your shit, then chewing.

You will then have to spread shit everywhere, before sucking 2 big cocks.

Then you will have to learn how to get fucked up for these men, because it is very exciting to see his little slut doing that. You will also have to smear it on your head, then drin k the puke that remains in the bowl, then spit it out again.

You'll have to cover yourself in even more shit, before having your ass pounded in different positions by a fuck machine. You're going to learn to like taking big dicks up your ass! You will also have to pee at this time.

Finally, you will have to learn how to get your mouth fucked hard and fast. You won't be able to stop yourself from puking while my fuck machine literally fucks your mouth.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 10957 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Size: 3004MB
Language: French

DOUBLE PEES ON THE BALCONY : I piss from the 3rd floor on my balcony and dildo my pussy and ass! (URO / EXHIB / ANAL / ATM / ATP)

I show off on my balcony peeing through the railing, while taking the risk of being seen by the neighborhood...

I show you the balconies likely to see me and the outside environment, then I take a long pee, dense and explosive, which will fall to the ground from the 3rd floor!

I then dildo my pussy and ass on my balcony in different positions, all afraid of being seen⦠I'll do a second pee at that time!

Video Info: 3840x2160 Pixel @ 51200 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 8min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Pissing, Public + Outdoors
Size: 2915MB
Language: French

STEPSIS (PUKE) : She fists herself dirty, drinks her piss out of her heels and gets fucked full of shit ! (SCAT / PISS / FISTS / ANAL / ATM / ATP / FOOT FETISH / HEELS)

Everyone is asleep, and you and I meet in the living room. We warm up slowly, and I start teasing you with my heels that you love !

You learn something about me; that I like to make love with shit. I caress my breasts in front of you, spit on them, massage them, then it all begins.

You will first have to watch me fisting my ass full of shit, to bring out my very dirty hand that I will put in my mouth or in my mouth, and this many times. A huge turd will come out between the fists.

I'm starting to be already covered in shit, I get on all fours and continue fisting my ass and sucking my hand full of shit. I then covered my ass with caviar.

I will then piss in my shoe, then drin k everything until the last drop, before covering my face, hair and bust with shit.

Then I'll languidly suck my shit, before moving on to your cock. I put a huge dose of shit (and add more when there's less) then I just suck it like a good slut.

I'm going to put shit in my mouth, chew, suck, before pushing the dildo back into my mouth full of shit. I then dirty the sexy babydoll I'm wearing with my dirty fingers, before getting my puke on me.

On the ground, I cover myself again with shit, legs, ass, etc., and my bro-in-law comes to fuck my ass in different positions. I will piss again.

I'm going to fist my ass a little more to offer a nice prolapse, then I'm going to impale my pussy on my bro-in-law's cock and ask him to cum inside...

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 4764MB
Language: French

PISS OF CAKE (PUKE) : I eat a piss cake + a shitty juice and then I vomit and eat my vomit ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SCAT / URO / ATM / ANAL)

I’m going to make a lemon piss cake, and make myself a glass of shit to go with the cake.

I present you the ingredients, then I tease you in my sexy cow outfit, before preparing my shitty drink with an enema (I do it several times)

Do you already have a cow that lays eggs? I am one! I then lay the eggs I would need for the recipe, then I play with them a bit by reinserting them several times…

Then, I piss in a glass for the cake! I then grate the lemon to get some zest and squeeze one into a glass.

I'm going to take shit in large pieces in the glass to suck it languidly, before spreading it everywhere!

Then, I flour my face and breasts, before starting to prepare the dough; flour, powdered sugar, laid eggs, butter, zest. I only put a little lemon juice and pour the glass of piss into my preparation, then I mix everything well!

I keep some dough to play with. I spread some shit on my ass and some cake batter, then I come and fuck my anus in different positions with 2 different dildos (one big and one XXL). I piss at that point.

I present the cake to you, and cut a few slices. I'll give you one, watch out, it's hot! I then eat several small portions, then I drink my glass of shit juice to make it all flow!

I then get puked in a bowl, then I drink my puke, I puke again, I drink my puke again, then I puke again! I pour puke all over my face, then rub the cake all over my face, dirty with dried shit and puke, to eat some more.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 29min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Enema, Food/Baking, Pissing, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 4108MB
Language: French

PANCAKES (PUKE) : I ate a shit and piss pancake, and I drank a shit enema ! (EATING / FARTING / SCAT / PISS / ENEMA / ANAL / ATP / ATM / PROLAPSUS)

I'm going to eat piss and poop pancakes, with a poop dr ink made with an explosive enema to go with it.

I start by going to do my shit that I will reserve to garnish my pancake. I have diarrhea, this will be perfect to spread!

I fart and then I prepare my shitty dr ink by giving myself an enema.

I then go to sink my ass into my high chair. Then I flour my ass, spread caviar on it before resuming anal.

I then come to piss in a glass for the recipe, then I start my preparation!

I come to fart again, then put some dough in my ass while fisting myself, then I insert a whip in my ass and play with it. I'll get a second one, a little bigger. My ass is going to be destroyed! I will finish by dildoing my ass. I will pee again then.

Then I'm going to spread the paste on my face, hair and breasts. I plan on helping her dry off to cover myself in shit later!

I finally prepare the pancake, and I cover it with diarrhea. I reserve it to enjoy. But first, I'm going to roll around in my diarrhea that's on the ground and cover myself completely in shit.

It's time to taste! I eat my poop pancake entirely, then follow it up with a few sips of my poop dr ink. I then gobble up and spread my puke on my head.

I make myself an enema with the rest of the piss. I stick my dildo in my ass until the piss explodes out of my ass. I dildo myself in different positions, without forgetting my pussy and giving you a nice prolapse.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Size: 4498MB
Language: French

HEELS x 3 FISTS (PUKE) : I get dirty with my high heels and fist my ass, pussy and mouth full of shit ! (SCAT / PISS / 3 FISTS / ANAL / BEADS / HEELS / ATM / ATP)

I'm going to seduce you with my red high heels and my red fishnet tights, I'll make you lick my soles because you love it, before starting to play with my ass.

I will alternate between back and forth and shit. I will file my anus, while my shit will not stop coming out. Then I will piss before inserting my anal beads in my ass. I will insert the 4 balls, to make them come out one by one of my dirty ass. I will lick them full of shit before fucking my dirty ass again with my double dildo.

I'll masturbate my pussy a little, then I'll fuck my ass with my big dildo (I'll pee a little more then), before fisting it myself.

I will then fill my mouth with shit, to suck my double dildo languidly... I love it. I will then chew my shit and fist my mouth slowly, and also frantically.

I will puke in my shoes, then I will drink my very thick puke, before puking again in my shoes a puke still thick and consistent.

I will pour the contents of the shoes on my head and spread it in my hair.

I will impale my ass on my dildo, while filling my pussy with shit. I will lightly shit my pussy before fucking my caviar stuffed pussy.

I will then play with my heels, inserting them in my pussy and in my ass. I love it so much, it's so exciting. I will also come and fist my pussy and my ass again and piss again.

I will still play with my anal beads, removing them with the heel of my pumps, it's so sexy! I'll do it twice, before fucking my big ass with my dildo to finish.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 20480 kb/s
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SUBMISSION (PUKE) : My master makes me eat my shit out of a dog bowl and suffer the worst tortures! (EATING / SM / SMOKE FETISH / SCAT / PISS / PET PLAY / SHIBARI / PROLAPSUS / ANAL)

Dressed in a latex bodysuit, thigh high boots and an SM rope that squeezes my chest, I introduce myself to my master and regularly smoke in front of the camera. I'm ready to become a thing, to become his slave obeying all his desires. And he will make me do the worst tortures !

First, my master will hit my breasts, then whip them with a leather flogger ! They will turn red, and I will smoke while he tortures me and I scream with pleasure !

I will then have my ass kicked with a leather swatter, before having to make a huge caviar in a dog bowl. He penetrates my ass right after I shit.

On my knees like a female dog, bowl on the ground, I'm going to have to lick and suck my shit, then put some in my mouth, chew and swallow a big piece. I swallow then I rush into my bowl several times, before licking my puke and swallowing a little.

I should then cover myself entirely with shit, body, face, hair ! I will even put caviar in my nostrils to expel it. Then my master will come and fuck my ass with his big cock (dildo) in different positions. I will piss then. He will also open my ass with an XXL dildo and I will prolapse.

He continues to fuck me mercilessly in new positions, destroys my anus, until I beg him to cum in my big slutty ass while licking my bowl full of caviar.

He knows how to treat the whore that I am, I deserved only that. Thank you Master !

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SLAVE EXPERIENCE : A moment of domination with me ! (SCAT / PISS / ANAL / FOOT FETISH / FOOTJOB)

You wake up, tied up, collar around your neck and left in the hands of your mistress who was waiting for you to emerge ! And yes, little bitch, you can't move, and you're going to have to obey me.

I'm going to whip your cock many times, while making fun of you, before making you lick my little 33.5 feet that you admire so much!

I hang my tongue from your tail.... No, but you're dreaming? You really thought I was going to lick it! I'm going to come piss in your mouth instead (the submissive in the video really drinks it)! 🍾

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It was Women's Day. We are going to celebrate it together very badly.

I wear white sneakers and high socks I ask you to start caressing you. I'll guide you through the rest of the video, until I tell you when to cum, with a countdown of 5 to 0.

I start by making a huge turd, then I spread it on my pussy, before dildoing my pussy.

I continue to masturbate with my fingers, sucking on my shitty dildo, and making myself cum all over my body repeatedly (brown puke).

I then masturbate with my dildo in my ass and squirt with piss!

I stick my shit in my pussy, then I take a nice turd out my pussy.

I spread it on the breasts, and on the dildo to suck it languidly. I make myself vomit several times.

I then chew my shit then I suck my dildo with lots of shit. Then I start screwing my ass, without forgetting to bring the dildo full of caviar to my mouth regularly.

I'll suck the shitty dildo again, then I'll do anal and ass to mouth again. I will tease you again with my sneakers, the dirty dildo in your mouth. I will pee again then.

In other positions, I will continue to fuck my ass to get the sauce up, until I finally ask you to cum for me with a count of 5 to 0!

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