Queen Siya & The Prince of Secrets

We are a couple wanting to explore the hidden world of coprophagia and we wish to bring you on this mouth watering adventure with us.

Our beloved Prince gives it his 100% to swallow everything his 400 pound (180 KILOS) SSBBW Queen fills the funnel with when she needs to use him as her human toilet.

Unlock the mysteries of true visceral bathroom play with us today.

See you there!

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Most disgusting diarrhea SO FAR in my porn!

Very best part is that you can see and hear my slave drinking and chewing through it as I supervise him :) !

I don't know how to describe this, but this has to be the most EVIL diarrhea I've had in a long WHILE. He's such a good object.


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 8543 kb/s
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Size: 585MB
Language: French


I have been trying to shit in my kitchen for the past months, and in this video, you can see the four different stages of me doing it until I was finally ready for a good show !!

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 8017 kb/s
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Length: 8min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Partners/Slaves
Size: 454MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-06-06

(2 SCENES) RED CABBAGE SALAD from my ass into the funnel looks PUKE INDUCING

(Multiple camera angles, fast swallowing)

The shit going in that funnel looks so vile, so dire. There are literally no words I could use to explain how surprised I am that he could swallow this. Every slave would shatter into tears knowing they have to eat this, but not him; he goes hard at it like a mission, like his survival depends on it.

Like, what the FUCK is this?!?!

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 11571 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 28min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 2275MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-06-05

Trying METAMUCIL for the first time and making my slave swallow my weird load

(Multiple camera angles, including camera close-up on my belly)

This was quite the interesting experience. Not suprisingly if you want me to be honest, he has a real hard time going through. The texture is repulsively disgusting, especially when mixed with liquid as it re-activates the jellifying agents of the product. This was defenetly new & fun!

Will probably repeat if you guys like it !!

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 15462 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 1282MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-06-01

(NO SLOW MOTION) Rubbing my leaking obese belly + VERY LIQUIDY, dark brown diarrhea harsh chugging

Here you have the perfect example of an enslaved living toilet swallowing an insane amount of my piss & shit as I rub my boobs and my belly to really empty my intestines completely into his food-deprived stomach. He goes hard.


I am moaning because I need to go so badly. This is PURE despair to use the loo. EMPTYING myself in his hungry mouth NEVER felt BETTER !!!!

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 11162 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 1298MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-27

(2 scenes) UNREAL dump + Animalistic CHOW DOWN

(30 minutes / Multiple camera angles)

I take a sickeningly large dump in his mouth. I tell him to swallow until at least he can fit everything in his mouth before he can leave. He struggles quite a lot, but finally, the funnel is clean in the end.


I start by peeing a lot. Once he is done gulping it down, I unleash my logs. He knows to finish his entire meal quickly to apologize for not finishing his last meal. It is quite impressive.


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 10342 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 2333MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-25


(30 minutes with multiple camera angles)

I am stressed.

The food connoisseur testing my skills as a pastry chef came into the room and took place for his meal.

Today is the big day, this is the best pastry school there ever was in the world, and I must truly show them the new skills I have learned over the years if I hope to get my diploma.

I really did not want to fail this exam because it lacked imagination. Generic does not cut it here.

I took a HUGE dump in the funnel and hastily prepared a chocolaty mousse for him.

He seemed quite surprised that this is the direction I took; no one had ever attempted something so wild. Will I be crowned best student of the year, or will I be sent to jail ?

The competition is serious; purchase now to see if I prevail .

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 10445 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 156 kb/s
Size: 2229MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-23

(3 SCENES) Brown pee + CONSTIPATION SWALLOW + Devoted human toilet

We are both getting ready for work, and as usual, my morning toilet needs kick in. We don't have much time, but he gives it a good amount of swallows. Can't wait to have more time.


I am severely constipated. It's been so long since I've been waiting, and that massive tree stump finally comes out as I am in pain. I then proceed to order him to swallow my hard log. It is nice to know he actually is tasting that constipation, more intimately.


This is the real deal; we have plenty of time. I make him wait for a while after I'm done emptying myself. His slave mouth is full of my nasty shit for a long time, so he can frankly taste me before I get up and flush his toilet throat. Will he be rewarded for being the true Chad or punished for being a useless clown ???

Discover YOUR true scat fantasies with us :3

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 10445 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 155 kb/s
Size: 2219MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-19

(2 scenes) Slave PROVES he can swallow FULL loads, TWICE !!!

(Multiple camera angles)

Just using my slave as my daily toilet, he is getting good !!!!


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 9345 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 155 kb/s
Size: 1600MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-18

30-MINUTES insanity ORANGE SHIT too FULL swallow!!!!

(two whole CAMERA ANGLES)

Be a man and swallow my ORANGE COLORED SHIT, U worthless SLAVE XS


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 9626 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 2197MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-16

(8 SCENES) Sensual PEE CHUGGING -and fart in mouth- CUMPILATION

Over 30 minutes of me, emptying my bladder at any moment of the day and having my slave going ham to impress us all, guzzling away like his life depends on it, Yum!!!!


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 6804 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 148 kb/s
Length: 31min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Farting, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1567MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-12

(DIRECT FEED 8) Two long N soft logs + Poop comes out FAST

I squat over him to fill his mouth twice with 2 long, but soft logs. No funnel, just him on the floor, my ass hole almost connected to his mouth so you can see him swallow in a CLOSE-UP angle.


Really didn't think I needed to poop. Went for a classic wee into his thirsty stomach, and then it surprised us :P

Some fast logs cosplaying The Flash bolted into my pee for him to swallow too.

Encouragement came from me to finish his meal, proper...

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 9129 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 961MB
Language: French
Added: 2023-05-10

(3 SCENES) Tasting some shit from 2 different loads before FULLY eating a big PILE

I found 2 older scenes that I had never used because he does not have time to swallow much of the poop in them, but he still gets some in with the HUGE amount of pee he drinks. Everything is mixed in the funnel.


I wanted you more hardcore fans to see what he is able to do when he goes hard <3


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 7911 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 144 kb/s
Size: 1086MB
Language: French

He COMPLETLY chows down 2 DISGUSTING loads :O

I had a bacon, onion, and cheese omelet yesterday. The strong SMELL OF ROTTEN EGGS filled the room to the point I wished I had a gas mask. Almost felt like ww2. That vicious sulfur burned his throat as he struggled to achieve his mission. Common soldier, swallow! Be brave!


Big load, blended to perfection for REAL scat connoisseurs. If you've ever eaten scat, I CHALLENGE YOU to try this at home !!!!

(*Chef's kiss)

Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 9771 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 154 kb/s
Size: 1874MB
Language: French

(2 scenes) We finally did it, my BIGGEST SHIT of 2023 !!!!

He was almost walking out the door, but I held him back for a few minutes because I needed to go for a quick number 1. Well, I thought it was only that, but he got a big surprise load mixed with it. There was no time for all that now, but I made sure he drank down all that pee before running to manage his team of employees for the day. He also had some clients to meet this morning, I believe. Would it be weird if they knew that I just NITROed shit down his throat ?? Imagine going to work, and you know that a 400 pound girl just NITROed brewed her shit down your BOSS' throat? Would you see him differently?? Or would you trust him with your money ??


I binged ate last Friday because I knew we would both be here all weekend. I wanted him to GENUINNELY have a big one to make up for all of what was wasted, and I was surprised on Saturday to poop this INSANE LOAD. It is non-stop; I JUST KEEP SHITTING.

He truly swallows UNPRECEDENTED amounts. We fill his stomach LITERALLY TO THE BRIM until he is ALMOST ABOUT TO PUKE.


Video Info: 1600x900 Pixel @ 9659 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 1821MB
Language: French

Showing my privates on all four + Vile shit he has to swallow FLOATS !! !!

I thought I needed to poop but I was constipated or something, took some stool softners (nice WET surprise incoming), ass slightly dirty :3


I empty myself brutaly, an ORANGE diarrhea with flaky texture just fills the bottom of the funnel where the slave is installed. He immediatly starts chugging down as much shit as he can, it is now mixed with all the hot pee that just came out of me.

I then add some water to help him swallow more, to really flush his cute toilet troath. I love when he eats alot of my shit.


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7623 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 150 kb/s
Size: 961MB
Language: French

(HUGE LOADS) New SLAVE vs. Experienced TOILET

I came across some old footage of my slave that I thought was lost forever, and I love to see how much he has evolved in those past months of trying his honest best to be my human toilet for my every girly needs :3

I want you guys to see the difference between a willing but new slave trying to swallow not only pee, but also poop from the same funnel, and a TRUE SLAVE that actually can take what I give him.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6271 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 155 kb/s
Size: 929MB
Language: French


My stomach had been making weird noises, and I would get some odd cramps for hours. I finally asked my slave to give me an enema to empty my bowels real good right in his stomach. The cleansing was satisfying; he went out of his way to swallow all the weird chunks quickly, like the good toilet he is :)


I had a carrot salad, and whatever came out kind of still smelled like it. Mostly carrots and vinegar. I thought it would be fun to use a blender to make a nice carrot broth for him to drink down and to really taste every single particle of my tasty shit as they all glide slowly on his tongue <3 <3


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6832 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 154 kb/s
Size: 1426MB
Language: French

Bulky meal is hard to hold all inside + Lactose intolerant DESPERATION DIARRHEA in the funnel, YUM!!!!

The texture is uncommon, abnormal even; it's soft but very chunky at the same time. Hard-working sub tries to get this weird meal down all the way. Multiple flushes.


(BIG FARTS INCLUDED, he then drinks my diarrhea PURE, no water.) The desperation on that fated day was absolute, I had to hold it for 20 minutes, and the second I got home, I texted him to get under the chair fast so I could just run in and fill his stomach to the brim with what I knew would be liquidy poop. When I got in our playroom, I exploded like I rarely do <3 <3 <3

This load was REALLY DISGUSTING, and I wanted to make sure my sub swallowed everything, so I STAYED there for the entire meal, giving him STRICT but loving INSTRUCTIONS. I encourage him more than I usually do in this video, as I genuinely want him to finish. It looks unattainable to gulp down so much of this impossibly vile diarrhea.

So i make it his CHALLENGE to make him drink rapidly through and FAIR WARNING, this has become MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER!


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7342 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 158 kb/s
Size: 1462MB
Language: French


Sorry everyone! I was busy most of March and did not release many videos, I was still making sure my slave was swallowing :) entire loads though and I have all of those wonderful moments here on camera for you to see him struggle finishing his meals!


This is my longest video up to date, an actual SCAT movie where you will be able to cum and cum again :P


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7401 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 3397MB
Language: French


(2 full scenes, multiple camera angles)

Small diarrhea quickly swallowed by him, despite the struggle. Slave said it was the worst-tasting diarrhea he ever had in his mouth.


ABSOLUTE throat obliteration; this scene is EPIC. I have NEVER seen him swallow SO MUCH SHIT SO RAPIDLY !!!!!!!!

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6818 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 1060MB
Language: French