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I love EFRO, smearing, pantypoops and giving eating instructions for my lovely poop the most. I also have a lot of fun experimenting with diapers, enemas, laxatives, tasting and more!

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Coworker threatens and orders you to be a Toilet Slave

Warning! This is a hardcore instruction clip! Can you handle it? Dare you dive deep into this fantasy?

You've been staring at your coworker Cassie's ass. She's noticed and takes you aside for a talk.

Turns out I'm pretty mad and I start talking about my big tough boyfriend and my revenge plan... to humiliate and destroy you. If you don't do everything I say, my boyfriend and his friends will beat you up so you have no choice! Your fear makes me excited but i want more.

While I explain the plan, I order you to piss in your own mouth and drink it in front of me and later, the laxatives I fed you cause you to shit yourself on the floor everywhere. I laugh at you and make you lick your own poo up while telling my boyfriend about it on the phone!

All the while I'm threatening and scaring you, I intimidate you by showing you my ass and taunting you with my asshole, asking if you like it and if it was worth it.

My revenge plan involves making you to clean a men's bathroom with your mouth - but I'll explain much more further details in the video ;P Let's just say you'll be slurping up and consuming so much piss and stinky logs of shit and cum that there's no way you'll dare to disrespect me ever again!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 17101 kb/s
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Length: 16min.
Format: MP4
Category: Instructions, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1910MB
Language: English

Mean Mommy Fills Diaper and Torments Sissy Boi

You're just a little sissy boi taking a nap in your diaper when your mean mommy decides she wants to torment you. You're always making a mess and taking up all her time! She removes your diaper and puts it on herself. She pees in the puffy fabric and it crinkles. She continues to fill it up with a big stinky poop too! You can see the diaper get heavy as it pushes out.

She then sits and squishes the poop around making it extra messy before taking it off (revealing her dirty smeared poopy butt cheeks!) and puts you in the dirty diaper. Then she wakes you up and is furious that you pooped your diaper while napping! Your butt is all dirty and even though mean mommy changes you, she doesn't clean you up - in fact she makes you messier, smearing you with the diaper and leaving it on your face while you're restrained to the changing table.

You should reflect on how naughty you've been sissy boi! Lie in your stinky filth and no touching your little baby-sized cock! This is why I have to restrain you, you can't be trusted to behave!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7886 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 15min.
Format: MP4
Category: Diapers, Pantypoop, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 868MB
Language: English

Eating Instructions for My Ass-Rippingly Thick Log

I've been holding and holding and holding, feeling the pleasure increase as my poop becomes fat and firm inside me. You haven't been fed in a while and I crave using your mouth.

I start off with some instructions. I want you eating shit for me right away and then I will help you along by showing you how I made it. It's going to be a challenge, I can tell from how big it feels inside me but I know you'll do it for me, just like you always have.

Getting into birthing position and spreading my legs wide, I start to push and feel my asshole stretch open. Some hard, small pieces immediately break off before I even have finished opening myself. The log them starts to split once finally free from my tight insides and it is so hard to push out! I writhe and push until it starts to move again, then the rest follows, a thick long turd! Feels really really hot to push out something like this one.

Now that i've done all this hard work for you, the least you can do is eat every last bit, gently clean my sore asshole and then thank me for the privilege.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6847 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 9min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, EFRO, Instructions, Toilet Slavery
Size: 442MB
Language: English

Toilet Pooping a Surprisingly Big Log! Wipe + Flush

I went to the toilet and filmed JUST IN CASE. I had been feeling kinda weird all morning, waking up early with a feeling I couldn't place in my tummy.

I knew for sure it wasn't that I had to poop - it couldnt be! The day before I filmed this, less than 12 hours before, I had taken a GIANT poop in a diaper for a video, and had none leftover afterwards. It kinda felt like I had a big urgent poop inside me but that was impossible, I thought there was no way I could have so much inside me!

But When I sat down and stated pushing and squeezing pulses of pee out of my bladder, I start to poop! And keep going too! It was not small at all, in fact it was a big long solid thickness log :O I describe the fancy bar I went to the night before and the cocktails I had, explaining that I thought I might've been hungover but I actually just had to get this big poop out.

I wipe a couple times and show you everything, including the log in the toilet. I take some of it out to send to a fan, then flush away the rest! Bye!!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 19968 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 5min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Pissing, Toilet Pooping
Size: 640MB
Language: English

2 Clips of Simple Toilet Shits

This a a combination of two shits I took over a few days.

The first shit I push out small, dense turds which plop nicely into the toilet and feel great. I wipe and then show the firm turds which have sank to the bottom of the bowl.

The second one comes out easier but louder and messier for sure. I push and clench and it sputters and splashes really nicely :) I clean myself up and wipe then turn around and show the very full messy toilet >:D


Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 14950 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 7min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Foot Fetish, Toilet Pooping
Size: 709MB
Language: English

Firm and Detailed Shit-Eating Instructions for Toilet Slaves

Just as the title says, this is a nice long, detailed eating instructions video that is perfect for beginners.

If you enjoyed my free videos on Pornhub and wanted more instruction videos that were similar, this is just the thing for you!

I'm wearing sexy lingerie and dark purple lipstick and I am gentle but firm, making sure you are ready and willing to eat a big plate of shit for me. I show you my tits and use them to help you get it all down.

If my encouragement works and you clean your plate then you can watch the JOI and cum countdown at the end <3

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 11264 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 15min.
Format: MP4
Category: Instructions, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1232MB
Language: English

BusinessLady Cassie Loves Shitting Designer Panties

Calvin Klein panties are just so stylish and fit so well - not to mention they look great under a tight skirt! Cassie knows all her employees at the office love to look at her ass and she loves the colourful and fashionable designs that Calvin Klein makes.

She's been having trouble holding her poop though lately and today is no exception. She comes running home into the bathroom and know she won't make the toilet. She has just enough time to hop in the tub and roll up her skirt before hot piss is soaking her nice panties and running down her legs. They also begin to bulge with a big, urgent turd. No wonder she was desperate!

The panties are already ruined but she doesn't mind - she's actually begun to enjoy the pantypooping and sits in the mess, squishing it and spreading all over her ass and turning the brightly coloured panties a dull brown! Even as her friend calls her, she has no problem explaining that she'll be late to the bar tonight because she's enjoying herself covered in poop and fingering her asshole through her stained panties! Her friend knew she was nuts but this is very kinky behaviour!

A rich business lady doesn't have to worry about much - if she ruins her expensive designer panties, she can just buy another pair!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6058 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 11min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, EFRO, Pantypoop, Smearing
Size: 474MB
Language: English

7 Cute, CassieScat Toilet Poops!

Here's for the simple "I want to see a girl pooping" kinda guy!

There's a little variety but most of these clips are on the toilet and show off the messy toilet paper wipes, flushing and a close up of the poop itself - whether it's in the toilet bowl, or in one case, seeing it on the floor!

I use different angles, like a side view, straddling the toilet reverse-cowgirl or leaning back to show you a peek into the bowl, so you can usually see the poop as it stretches out my asshole and squeezes it's stinky brown way out!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6048 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 15min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO
Size: 685MB
Language: English

72 Hours Held Shit into Silky Panties

I've been holding my shit for 72 hours! I feel like I'm going to blow - but I know how much you like when I get my silky panties full all the way up with shit ;)

I start with pissing so the shiny fabric gets dark and wet, then I turn around and release the first big part of the hot load.

You can see the fabric stretch and sink under the weight of the hot pile of my shit. It feels amazing to keep pushing and pushing more out for you. I push and smear and squish the load as it oozes out the sides and through the sagging fabric.

I finally pull them off and show you my messy ass covered in shit and the big sticky pile in the panties on the ground. I even wipe some more of my cheeks onto the panties. Come lick me clean ;P

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 15053 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 7min.
Format: MP4
Category: Diarrhea, Pantypoop, Pissing, Smearing
Size: 764MB
Language: English

Cramping and Desperate Toilet Poopies from 5 Angles

I'm lying on the bed in my panties and I start farting a few times and cramping. I think I'm going to have bad poopies.

I rush into the bathroom and have to have diarrhea poopies 5 times throughout the day, each filmed at a different angle on the toilet. I cramp and explain that it must've been something I ate while rubbing my stomach and tits. I wipe and flush often and you see the wet diarrhea on the toilet paper.

The inside of the toilet is not shown clearly but the poopies are audible and smeared on toilet paper :)

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 11162 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Farting, Toilet Pooping
Size: 1367MB
Language: English

Four Short Shits Compilation

This video is a compilation of 4 short pooping videos

#1. In this video I shit on a pad in my bathroom. It's a struggle to get this one out, but the relief was so good once I was finally done! The wipe after results in a messy toilet paper then I give you a closeup of the poop and toilet paper. You can kind of see what I ate!

#2. This is another floor pad poop, but this one was much easier to pass! After I'm finish I give you a closeup of the finished product. This turd was hard at the beginning and then quickly turned into soft serve

#3. This is a poop directly on a paper plate and you are close to my asshole. The video starts out with a nice fart followed by a bunch of pee which I have to keep dumping off the plate. Finally the poop comes and it's multiple multicolored poops. No close up on the poop this time.

#4. The last one is the biggest also! The camera is positioned in front of me so you get a nice view of my pussy and tits! It's not long before I push out a long shit for you to enjoy! The video is a little dark at first, but then I give you a close up of this very wet looking poop

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7089 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 7min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, EFRO, Farting, Foot Fetish
Size: 361MB
Language: English

4 DAYS Held Poop Released into the Sink

Cassie tells you she's really desperate to take a dump, like 4 days holding it in type of desperate. The thing is she wants to pee but doesn't want to poo right away even if she feels it's close to come out because she loves to hold it in.

She sits on the toilet, show you her ass & pussy so you can see pee falling out. She then shows her belly while rubbing it, she's definitely bloated right now. She's pregnant of a big warm dump. She shows you her asshole in a close-up view and tells you she'll try to hold it for two more hours.

In a new bathroom later, she is up on the bathroom counter sinking with her asshole aimed right at the sink. Cassie is lifting her ass, arching her back & spreading her ass cheeks. Not too long before you see a long, fat, smooth turd coils its way into the sink bowl. Wow. That was a long piece of shit, slowly coming out of her ass. All of it while hearing her sexy moans.

Several turds fall off of Cassie butthole. When she's done she takes the cam and show you the mess she made while keep pushing, winking and pulsing her dirtied asshole. You can also see her after front the front, with her legs dangling down as she is seated naughtily making a huge mess when there is a toilet right there next to her!

The turd is shown in the white porcelain sink in a small puddle of piss that is quickly browning from the stinking load.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7026 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, EFRO
Size: 316MB
Language: English

3 BIG Cassie Poops in 1 Diaper Then SQUISH!

Looking pretty good with my diaper on under my jeans but it's empty and I wanna make it bulge and droop. I tease you in the crinkling fabric with my pants off then show you the fabric getting pushed as I releasing two big firm turds into it. I show them off and my messy ass but I don't feel like I'm done. Dare me to keep the diaper in the fridge and keep on filling it?

Over the next week, holding it in for 3 days each time, I poop and fill the same diaper 2 more times! Each time the poop stacks on top of the last load and each time my body is messier from pulling on the dirty diaper and having my poops pushed tighter and tighter against my ass! Will it hold?

Each fresh warm load is shown in the diaper next to the cold poops from before. They are all such different colours and textures! Finally my ass is so messy from the third poop that I pull the diaper back on and sit and wiggle and squish it everywhere! My ass is caked so thickly in shit I can practically peel off whole smashed loads! Get a good look and the results of our little dare ;)

**Cassie here, giving a little warning - I had some big but nearly faded bruises on the fronts of my thighs for this video but I'm ok! I was just helping a couple of friends move furniture the weekend before and I bruise like a peach. Thanks for the concern <3

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6216 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 21min.
Format: MP4
Category: Diapers, Pantypoop, Smearing
Size: 957MB
Language: English

2 Peaceful Toilet Pooping Trips

I'm off to poop and sometimes simple is best :) Lately I've been filming myself pooping while I have a meeting that I have to listen to on Zoom laying loudly in the background.

What can I say? I'm a workaholic who loves to multitask and I wanna retire from my boring day job in my thrities so I can just poop and have fun ;)

That does mean I muted out all the sound for these, but you can still see my body language, expressions and of course, the poop turtling from my asshole while I shit it into the toilet!

Watch for lots of messy wiping too where I show off the dirty toilet paper to the camera. I tried wiping with plastic wrap too for something interesting but it wasn't as cool as I thought haha.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7108 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 14 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Toilet Pooping
Size: 322MB
Language: English

Stinky, Dirty Feet + Loud, Nasty Farts JOI

I have noticed you checking out my dirty soles and long, pale toes in my flip flops. You dirty thing! I have much more for you to appreciate than just my dirty feet ;) If you like the smelly stench coming off of my unwashed soles, you're gonna love how gassy my dirty asshole can get! And I'm gonna watch you jerk off your big penis while I show off.

I pose a few ways to show you my holes and soles and spread my cheeks, stretching my asshole as much as I can and pushing out lots of stinky wet sounds farts right in your face! I get excited by all the smells and finger my grubby asshole to get extra nasty.

At the end I count you down to bust a nut, all while looking at my tasty, nasty red painted toes and loud, farting butthole!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6044 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 10min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Farting, Foot Fetish, Instructions
Size: 435MB
Language: English

Goth Eating Instructions (Long, Detailed, Beginner Level)

We all know you have a thing for goth girls like me. Who wouldn't? It's a common fantasy to crave something a little dark. But what does a goth girl like me fantasize about? Well, I want you to eat my shit for me and I'm going to walk you through every step in detail.

I'm very fair though, and I know the best way to get you to do what I want is to stress how sexy it will make you to me, and to reward you with touching you cock and some of my clothes coming off ;)

Once you've finally swallowed a piece I'll finish you off with a cum countdown!


Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6096 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 19min.
Format: MP4
Category: Instructions, Toilet Slavery
Size: 838MB
Language: English

Eating Instructions + Dirty Feet Fetish

If you like feet, in this video I use them to encourage you to eat my whole load of shit. My feet are dirty from doing chores in my dirty house and in the building's hallway and I'm loving showing them off for you. I give instructions on how i want you to sniff, lick, chew and swallow my shit. You are NOT allowed to cum until you finish all the instructions!

You also get to see me push of the shit and imagine yourself eating it right straight from my ass. I wipe with toilet paper as I have gotten thick smears on my crack. I want you to lick up the shit like you are cleaning me personally. Enjoy the views and don't cheat! If it takes you several tries of going over from the beginning, then that's the training you have to do in order to be able to cum ;)

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6735 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Foot Fetish, Instructions, Toilet Slavery
Size: 834MB
Language: English

Worship My Loud, Naked Farts

I rip a ton of farts in this video~ and I want you to worship my ass while you do it. It takes a lot of work to have an ass this supple and juicy so I want your nose buried deep in my asshole sniffing everything I have to give you.

Most farts in this video are audible and noisy rather than airy and all are 100% natural filmed in a couple hours on a day when I ate something that made me REALLY GASSY (it was drinks and mac and cheese fyi). The clips is composed of 4 scenes and all real farts!

So watch my every move while I roll around and pull down my thong getting into different positions for you to access my ass. Put your face in my asscrack and smell all the sweet stinky farts I make for you and tell me I'm beautiful <3

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 8260 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 3min.
Format: MP4
Category: Farting, Toilet Slavery
Size: 180MB
Language: English

Curing constipation with an enema

I've been so constipated and it's putting a damper on everything. I can't get hungry, masturbate or relax because I'm so full. But I think I have a good way to fix that! I know this enema will clear me out really good and maybe even help me get horny enough to masturbate.

I lubricate the enema nozzle with my spit and show you the insertion. I start filling myself up and it feels so great! A little starts coming out even before I'm all the way full. Once I am brimming with the enema, I turn around and give you the perfect view of my asshole. I stick a finger in feeling around the open space in my butt while also touch the shit that's floating around. It's so interesting!

Now it's time to push it all out. I start rubbing myself while shooting all the brown water.You can start to see little specks of poop come out onto my floor. Finally with a big push, the huge load that's been backing me up shoots out of my ass! That feels so much better! Now I get so aroused I rub my clit and push out the remainder of the enema.

My asshole feels so good now so I take out my dildo and start to ride it while continuing to rub my pussy. It's so great to be able to masterbate again! I shit out my dildo and a bunch my water comes out with it. Now it's time to finish myself off while I sit in a puddle of dirty enema water. Will you cum with me?

Now that the main event is over, I give you a look around the scene. You get a close up of the turds I pushed out and my juice soaked dildo. Lastly, I show my pussy and dirty butthole with a little more liquid leaking out as I stand.

Most of the scenes are filmed from two different angles. One is a wideshot and the other is a closer shot of my asshole.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7777 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 22min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Constipation, Desperation, EFRO, Enema
Size: 1253MB
Language: English

Eat, Fart, Sniff, Dump, Taste + Dump AGAIN!

Some foods give me loud, stinky gas and smelly shit. Do you want to see what I eat to produce the loudest, smelliest farts you're going to love? How about some thick, stinky turds? I start my morning with a plateful of blueberries which really does a number on my bowels. Watch what I eat throughout the day. It's a combination of fruits, veggies, and even cauliflower pizza. Then, watch it all come out in smelly turds.

I get on the floor later that day and while arching my back, I start pushing. You see my butthole wants to open but there's a firm hard turd stuck in there! I then go into squatting position & now my asshole is opening even more easily. As soon as I start pushing, poop is coming out while my pussy is getting creamier. I show off these cute, firm turds and compare the smell to my farts. I see the food in the shit and it makes me hungry again...

I then start to play with my poop with my fingers. Put some in my mouth while softly speaking to you and enjoying the flavours. This poop is fun but too small to satisfy me completely. I need some coffee to get it all out.

After some sips of a lovely foamy coffee, I'm ready to push out the rest and there's TONS more to come! Showing off my huge round booty and my gracefully arched back, I push out a HUGE cock-shaped turd that I marvel over and sniff deeply, appreciating my hard work.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7022 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 24min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Farting, Foot Fetish, Tasting
Size: 1211MB
Language: English