Do you ever see that cute red-head walking down the street and ask yourself..."I wonder if that girl is freaky in bed?" The answer is YES.

I might be little, cute, and appear innocent...but I am a NASTY GIRL. I love everything extreme. Vomit, pee, poo, pain, role-play.

Come and see how nasty this cute little girl can be!

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Dining With Cris - Protein Salad

Filmed in 1080p/60fps. You know the drill…we all face the same challenge every day. You’ve come home from work and you’re just exhausted. You look in the refrigerator and ask yourself…”What’s for dinner?” I always try to eat healthy so I decided to have a salad. Just touching that zucchini makes me wet…thinking about Daddy’s thick cock. But, instead of my usual tuna or chicken protein, I decided to use my own protein. It’s been baking in my ass for 2 days and I’m sure it’s cooked to perfection! I’m starving so I immediately make the salad and eat it like a good girl. I know Daddy would be proud of me for making such a healthy choice. I know you’re not supposed to play with your food…but…eating my shit always makes me horny. Watch me stuff my ass with cherry tomatoes and fuck my holes with that thick zucchini. OMG, it reminds me of Daddy! As a surprise for Daddy, I decided to moisturize my skin with some of my shit. Do you think I look pretty? It was a Thursday which is my usual dine-and-purge day. The kitchen sink was nearby so I just decided to puke my salad into the sink. It was waiting for Daddy when he returned home. I can save some for you too; if you want it. 😈

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Added: 2023-05-29

Special Delivery Compilation - Part 5

Here is the 5th installment of my popular compilation series. In the first scene, it just shows you how quickly a cute girl can drop a steamy load. All I had to do was drop my panties and pull up my dress. The second load…another perfect example showing me going from fully-clothed to dropping-a-load in just a few minutes. The final scene was by special-request. Watch me take a delicious dump on the toilet. 🚽 🧻 💩 The smell was super strong…I know you would love to be there with me. You can order your own load today…or some brownies, cookies or panties. I have sometime for everyone! I hope you enjoy this latest installment! Kisses! Cris 👩🏻‍🦰

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Length: 11min.
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Added: 2023-05-25

Dirty Games With My Master

How does a hardworking college girl spend her afternoons? By submitting to her Master, obviously! My Master had planned some delicious games for me and I had been saving my shit all day! So I rush home and changed out of my school clothes and into something sexy. I wore my pigtails to school today and I know Master loves them so I kept them. He was already waiting for me. We played the most delicious games. We started with some gagging and spit. I can make an endless amount of spit. He says that he loves my sad eyes when I am gagging. Do you like them too? We also played with a toothbrush in my ass. It was new for me and has an incredible sensation! But Master really loves to see me stretch out my ass and fuck it deep…so we continued with my favorite dildo. He loves to watch how my ass absolutely eats that toy. OMG I am already so messy…but he always wants to take things to the next level. So I use my dental spreader and brush my teeth using that delicious, hot shit that I just pushed from my ass. The taste is so strong! He also loves when I paint my beautiful, porcelain skin with my sticky shit. And I’m an obedient girl so I never say no. But it’s SO MUCH shit…there’s really only 1 thing a good girl can do when she has extra shit and she needs to eat it. Chewing slowly…savoring every drop of the delicious flavor from my stinky poop. It’s enough shit for an entire meal! Next he asked me to suck and gag on my shit covered feet. He says that he likes to watch his little slave suck on her cute little toes. Do you like my toes, Master? There is only one thing Master loves more than watching me eat my shit…and that is drinking some milk and puking everything from my stomach. It would make the most delicious shit milkshake…do you want some? Finally, in the ultimate show of skill and humiliation, he asks me to deepthroat my dildo and hold my head (and BEAUTIFUL hair) in the bowl of vomit. I am a good and obedient girl…but even I know I have some major skills! I love to imagine that this is my Master…covered in my sticky shit puke while I am deepthroating him. I’ve been a good girl, Master! Do I deserve your cum?

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Length: 70min.
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Added: 2023-05-12

Will You Buy My Cookies

AUDIO IS IN SPANISH. Sir, would you like to buy some of cookies? I only have a few more boxes that I need to sell and I would do anything to finish selling today. I’m not really supposed to go inside your house but if you promise to buy my last boxes, I can. My leader told us that customer service is very important so I’m willing to do ANYTHING to sell these cookies. You want to share the cookies and some milk with me? Yes, Sir! You want to see me naked and puking up those yummy cookies? I’m happy to serve you, Sir! If you buy an extra dozen cookies, I’ll be happy to gag, spit, and puke all over my juicy tits. If you want me to eat my puke, you need to buy 2 more boxes. I think my uniform is going to need to be replaced! It’s covered in cookie and milk puke! I’ll make a deal…if you buy the last 6 boxes of cookies, I will destroy my ass with some really big toys I keep in my backpack and I’ll paint my perfect little body with my nasty shit for you. Do we have a deal? I have no idea how I’m going to explain this situation to my leader but thanks for buying all my cookies, Sir!

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Length: 87min.
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Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Scat Sex, Smearing, Vomit
Size: 1105MB
Language: Spanish

Shitty Squishy Footjob

Have ever fantasized about a beautiful woman giving you a shitty footjob? If so, then you are going to love this video. Watch me fuck and stretch my ass to pull out all that warm, delicious shit. I’m such a nasty little slut. I just let it fall to the floor and let the juicy bits run down my perfectly white skin. And this is the part you’ve been waiting for all your life…the part that your wife or girlfriend just refuses to do for you. I take that delicious squishy shit and spread it all over my cute little feet and I massage your cock with my feet and toes until you explode with the biggest, juicy orgasm of your life! You don’t have to thank me…I do it with a lot of love!

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Length: 26min.
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Category: Anal Play, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Instructions, Scat Masturbation, Smearing
Size: 1515MB
Language: English

Milk Challenge-Training 1

This is like your traditional milk challenge but with a sexy, dirty twist. It's more of a milk challenge and vomit recycling challenge. My Daddy asked me to drink as much milk and water as possible and to recycle it until I was exhausted. It was super fun and I can't wait to continue this training!

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Length: 35min.
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Shit Snacktime

Do you like greedy and disgusting girls, with their teeth smeared in shit and their brown tongue? ð ð© This video is for you! Watch me taste my shit and enjoy it.

When I finished doing this show I thought it was great, but unfortunately the sound was a little damaged. But I still wanted to post it because i know a naughty boys love to see me savoring my shit. Iâll leave this one at a bargain price so you can enjoy it! ð«ðð

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This little Shit princess save her shit for you. !!!
I Did a big pile of shit Friday and saved for the day after.
This is how I spent Saturday on my house. I take a shower on shit while i fuck my dirty tight holes. I love how my shit lends itself as a lubricant for my ass. 🍑💩. I fucked My holes and eat some pieces of shit. I tried to puked after eat but my shit did not go out. just the liquid, they shit stayed on my stomach and the day after I shit it 🙈 I recongnized the smells because was double strong . So good !
After film this amazing video my hair smelled poop for almost 3 days. 🤣
Can you imagine that you see me on the street and you come closer and I smell shit? how would your dick be?

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 1851 kb/s
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Length: 46min.
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Category: Anal Play, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pissing, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 658MB
Language: English


This amazing video was a day after My birthday. My friend took me to a nice restaurant and I order a huge meal with some Cheescake. I was so full and I was wanted to film my load while I wore my sexy Jeans.

Join to my celebration with me ð©ð¥°

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2463 kb/s
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Length: 11min.
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Category: Desperation, Pantypoop, Smearing, Tasting
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wanna see my delicious poop comming from my ass? And how pervert I play with it? yess It's so good and yummy. 💩😋

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 1073 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 132 kb/s
Length: 39min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Eating, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 340MB
Language: English


Are you a dirty, little, shit pig? Have you ever dreamed about having some mutual playtime with your favorite ginger girl? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect video for you. In the first part of this video: I am the slave. I use and abuse my body in all your favorite ways. Watch me take push my shit out and make my body nasty for you! Fucking and fisting my ass to pull out every little piece of shit? YES! Licking my shitty dildo? OF COURSE! Face, hair and body painting with my shit? YES! Eating my smelly shit like it's candy? ABSOLUTELY YES! Fucking my throat until it explodes with milk and shit? 100% YES! It's such a strong smell and taste when it comes out the first time. Of course, being an obedient slave, I eat my milky shit vomit. If you've never eaten your own shit vomit, I highly recommend you try it. It's an acquired but delicious taste. But the show is not over, there's more! My master makes me destroy my shoes by puking a second time. You can see cute little pieces of shit on top of my sneakers. You know that it's a dirty playtime when your master commands you to take a shower with your own, fresh shit vomit. I roll in it like a little pig, lick my shit-covered show and then crawl around like the shitty little pig that I am!

In the second part of this vide: we switch roles. How exciting! I love being dominant with my yummy coprophile friends. Listen to me give my shit pig slave his instructions on what to do with his shit. Imagine sitting in front of me while I tell you to push out your shit, fuck your ass and smear it all over your body. YUM! Listen to me give instructions to my slave on how to eat his shit while he jerks his cock. If you're a good boy, you can cum too! Come and be my little shit slave-- we will have lots of fun!

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Size: 1063MB
Language: English


I know that I have 1 job that requires me to be an expert. That job is to make Daddy happy. My body exists for Daddy’s pleasure. After a long day at work…I just want to make Daddy happy. Maybe Daddy wants me to fuck my throat and watch my throat bulge while I gag on his cock. Maybe Daddy wants to shove his cock so far down my throat and I gag and cry. Or maybe Daddy is in a dirty mood and wants to see me wreck my ass with my toys. I think Daddy likes when I fuck and fist my ass…and stretch my hole until my yummy shit comes out. I know Daddy loves when his cock is covered in my shit. Does Daddy like it when my shit juice runs down my leg and falls to the floor? Look at my gapping asshole Daddy! It’s just for you! When I do my job perfectly…Daddy always rewards me by blasting a thick load of cum down my willing throat. Let me drink every drop of your hot, yummy cum Daddy!

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 1421 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 132 kb/s
Length: 33min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pissing, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Vomit
Size: 366MB
Language: English


Have you ever wanted to share a dirty, delicious meal with your favorite ginger coprophile? Everyone knows how much I love to eat shit because I’m a nasty bitch…but I know that you love it too. Let’s share some of my creamy, hot shit. I have been preparing it for 2 days. It’s been cooking deep inside my ass…waiting for you to share with me. Watch me fuck my ass while I pull out my shit for you. I know you like when I am extra nasty so I paint my face like a good bitch. I know you are jerking and thinking about licking my shit from my face. I love licking my fingers and tasting that rich shit. But I think we both deserve a full bite. It’s so yummy when I stuff my mouth completely with my hot butt fudge. I love the feeling it makes when I chew it and it squishes between my teeth. Do you want a bite? You want to share with me? What’s better than eating the shit from a beautiful girl? Watching her puke it out and prepare the second meal! I love gagging for you while my vomit and shit pour from my little face. Does Daddy want to share a second meal with me? Do you think I am cute when I destroy my hair and body with a shit-vomit shower? I smell divine! My stomach juice is so slick…it makes great lube. Let me jerk your thick man-meat with my slick shit-vomit. I even prepared a special surprise for dessert! Let’s just say that it’s red and it only comes once each month. Extra nasty and extra delicious. I made this meal to share; will you share it with me Daddy?

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Length: 61min.
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A nice Snack for those who loves see me enjoying and eating my delicious hot chocolate.


Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 8912 kb/s
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Length: 31min.
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Category: Eating, EFRO, Food/Baking, Foot Fetish, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
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I am here for her first day of nurse training. I hope I can perform to my employer’s expectation. The job description was not very detailed. They just said that I needed to be cute and open-minded. They also said that the candidates need to be strong because nurses have to be able to handle lots of body fluids and waste when caring for patients.

Can you believe the first thing they wanted me to do was to fuck my ass and taste my shit. OMG! They asked me to shit in a bowl and to see how far my hand could fit into my ass. I really want this nursing job so I gave it 110%! I thought I would absolutely win this job but they said my training wasn’t finished. They told me to really earn the position, I needed to show how creative I could be with my hot shit. I saw that the trainer was already jerking his cock so I am not sure that this was an official training requirement. I think he was just horny. But I always want to impress so I painted my face and then ate the BIGGEST piece of shit. It was delicious. They don’t know that I love eating my shit. They think this is a test and, for me, it’s just fun! To ensure that the position is mine, I decided to show off more of my talents by covering my body in milk vomit and burying my face in the bowl of vomit. I even showed them how I can fuck my sweet, pink hole while I am filthy and still in uniform! The trainer told me that I am definitely capable of handling any patient situation but, just to make sure, he asked me to lick the cum off the end of his cock. Again, I’m not sure that’s part of the official training but his cum sure tasted amazing!

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 1525 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 140 kb/s
Length: 56min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Eating, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Tasting, Vomit
Size: 676MB
Language: English


This is for all my latex lovers! You want to see your favorite little redhead girl dressed up in her latex clothes and getting nasty? Your wait is over! Watch me take a nasty shit in my cute shoes. I use that shit like it is my newest toy. It is so multi-purpose! I can use it to jerk off your cock using my feet. I can use it to make my shoes squishy and fun. I can even use it as a snack and body paint. The only thing better than a shitty latex girl is a shitty-vomit latex girl! Let me use my piss and shit to jerk off your cock. Give me that yummy load of milk. I know your wife and girlfriend wonât eat itâ¦but I will. I love your milk!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7242 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 329 kb/s
Length: 44min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Constipation, Eating, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Smearing, Vomit
Size: 2370MB
Language: English


Happy merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
This was an amazing way to celebrate Christmas, It was before to meet my friends and have a nice dinner with them.
I shit on a plastic cap. And I suffocate myself, with my shit. It was so good ! Even was so funny because I can't breath.

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 8961 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 327 kb/s
Length: 26min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, EFRO, Pissing, Smearing
Size: 1706MB
Language: English


Do you love watching your favorite little redhead get filthy? Do you love when I've been bad and need to be punished? Then I am sure you will love this video. This video includes your filthy, favorite watching me shit and smear my delicious chocolate over my tits, face, I even my beautiful hair and feet. But to really degrade me and give me the punishment I deserve, my Daddy made me smack my beautiful face while it was covered in shit and, even worse, he made me destroy my favorite pair of sneakers!. After wearing them to school and the gym, they are a little smelly and Daddy made me cover them with my shit! Now they are *extra* stinky!! I had to lick that delicious shit, sweat and street dirty off. My Daddy can be so cruel but I know he cares a lot about me and just wants me to be a good girl!.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 1669 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 135 kb/s
Length: 55min.
Format: MP4
Category: Eating, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pantypoop, Smearing, Vomit
Size: 711MB
Language: English


I love when Master asks me to dress as his maid and come clean his room. Because I know what he *really* wants is for me to be a disgusting, filthy little shit slave. It's my favorite game!!

Eating shit is one of the true pleasures of my life. When I put it in my mouth, it melts like a fine chocolate. It is so soft and squishy when I move it around with my tongue and when I chew on it. My natural juices fill my mouth and *OMG* it makes me so horny.

I am often asked what my shit tastes like. And the answer it depends on what I ate the day before. If I have eaten something savory, the shit can taste very strong. It fills my mouth and nose with such a strong scent. If I've had something to drink, like a cocktail, it can be a little sour but it's still very yummy. If I've been a good girl and had some candy my shit tastes sweet and that's my favorite! Sometimes it gets stuck between my teeth and I get to enjoy the flavor for longer. Yum!

After I'm done fucking and stretching my ass and eating my delicious shit and smearing it all over my delicate body there are only 2 things that could make it any better. The first is to pull that shitty-chocolate mixture out of my stomach by puking and letting it explode from my face. And what a brilliant idea and l use my shit-vomit like shampoo! And no show is complete without me rolling around in my poo, piss and puke. We definitely need a maid to help clean up this biohazard mess that I have made!

But, before I leave, can you please do me one favor? Come fill my mouth with your delicious cum. Give me all of your Master-milk. Drain your balls into my filthy, shitty mouth and let me enjoy that amazing treat. Thank you, Master!.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 1240 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 132 kb/s
Length: 54min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, Dine + Dump, Eating, EFRO, Smearing, Vomit
Size: 534MB
Language: English


You've fantasized about it. Seeing some cute girl at the mall or the office, wearing her skirt, hoping to catch a glimpse of what panties she is wearing. Well, today I was wearing a soft pair of white cotton panties. The kind you wear when you want to feel sweet and innocent. But, you already know me. I can't stay sweet and innocent for too long. Watch me as I take a giant shit in these pristine panties and absolutely destroy them. No amount of bleach is going to turn these panties white again! Those shit stains are permanent! OMG I love being a perverted little shit slave for you guys! Do you want to come tongue-clean my ass for me?

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 2661 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 332 kb/s
Length: 16min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pantypoop, Smearing
Size: 340MB
Language: English