Queen Siya & The Prince of Secrets

We are a couple wanting to explore the hidden world of coprophagia and we wish to bring you on this mouth watering adventure with us.

Our beloved Prince gives it his 100% to swallow everything his 400 pound (180 KILOS) SSBBW Queen fills the funnel with when she needs to use him as her human toilet.

Unlock the mysteries of true visceral bathroom play with us today.

See you there!

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(30 minute Premium) Double Ram Jam + Absurd Poop Quantity

This movie contains 2 amazing, record-breaking loads. If quantity is what you seek, I promise these heavy piles of shit will satisfy your perverse hunger.

(Pure) In the first scene, I launch a first load of thick, dark brown pudding in his mouth. It is so thick that we very rapidly cannot even see through the bottom of the funnel anymore. I am done, and I leave my slave to go on about his tasty meal with camera supervision to make sure he finishes as I go on about my day. I did not expect this turn of events, but a few minutes later, my stomach attacked again, and I felt like diarrhea wanted to rush out now. I walk back rapidly to my slave, who is desperately trying to finish the first meal I gave him. I just sit back on the chair before refilling the funnel a second time with a much more liquid brown goodness this time around. I love this scene; definitely one of the best I've done since I started scat porn.


I give my slave an absurdly big mountain of pale sludge. No idea how he fit everything in his body. Even I was surprised someone could eat this much of my shit.


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6696 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 33min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1641MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-09-07

(2 scenes) Good morning slave + 2 logs at the same time!! !!

(Pure) Waking up with the need to pee a liter and to take a big wet shit is the best feeling ever. Especially when you know the person sleeping beside you is ready to swallow it all so you can feel clean, ready for your day <3 <3


I'm not quite sure what happened here, but 2 lengthy brown ropes come rushing out literally at the same time. Not only that, but it's a real nasty load with mystery ingredients he will need to flush down his sexy throat at the end. Fun surprise. I love giving him weird poos for him to prove his undeniable love for me. I mean, no one can swallow an abnormal load from someone and not love them. It's just facts. If you can't eat even her weird dumps, do you even love her? It just can't be true love. Point proven.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6760 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 26min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1302MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-09-21

(2 scenes) Giantess private moment + SSBBW shits creamy mountain

Using your magical amulet to kill boredom. Unfortunately, you find yourself portaled in a city of real-life giants. You are the size of a cockroach on the sidewalk, so you rush into the closest establishment for cover. It is a bar, and you sneak into the gigantic bathroom. Waiting a few days here for the magical essence of your portal device to replenish itself should be fine. But, before you can hide, I enter, not knowing you are there because of how small you are. You are peaking on me take my shirt off before I sit down and just blow up that poor, pathetic toilet. It's so minuscule under my beautiful 418 pound body.
This is when I catch you spying on me. To punish you for being a pervert, I grab you and throw you in the bowl. Should I flush you down swiftly? Or allow you to swim to my logs, and I could leave you there? Where the only source of food is my shit, and the only water is well. Toilet water.
Bon appetit :)


(Pure) Later that night, I returned home and needed to empty my stomach again. The slave and I are surprised to find many hard pebbles in my mixed load. For once, he has to chew many mouthfuls to be able to swallow those as he painfully chugs my acidic, throat-burning soft serve in between the subsequent scat stones. No clue what they were made of, but I definitely felt them rushing out of my butt hole like a bag of pointy rocks. This chunky soup absolutely destroyed my human toilet without an ounce of doubt.


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6491 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 157 kb/s
Size: 1057MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-09-17

(2 scenes) Shit sandwish 5 star breakfast + PURE CHUG

(On all four, hairy) I just filled the internet form.
Master chef, here I come!!


(Pure) Michelin star judge tries my innovative smoothie and starts chugging :3


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7131 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 132 kb/s
Length: 11min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Food/Baking, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 567MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-09-10

(30 minute Premium) Farty Double-Load + Imagine Snow Globe Particles

(Pure) I fart like I have never farted b4; this is a new record, FOR SURE. I then shit twice with a brief minute pause in between. I LOVE keeping my bathroom pet's bowl full. Yay :3


I don't know what was wrong with my body, but once cold water clashed with this steamy pile, the entire funnel transformed into a brown Snow Globe. My devoted slave gets a sky scenery full of majestic (and nutritious) particles.

xo xo

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7428 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 30min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1648MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-09-09

BLOOPERZ 1: Shitting on my camera lens

... and then just all over the place because the only source of light to not be in ABSOLUTE DARKNESS was that camera -_-

That was alot of cleaning (which I won't show in here).


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 5204 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 117 kb/s
Length: 1min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Inside Toilet POV, Partners/Slaves
Size: 51MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-09-06

Murky / Thick swamp sludge

(Double Camera: Funnel side view + Front view while sitting & Top of funnel view when I get up)

I had oysters with coworkers yesterday night. They were definitely delightful going in. But, even if everything seemed like a perfect moment then, I knew it would be much more fun when those oysters would travel with pressure from my fat ass, powerfully rushing to his stomach by pipelining his throat to my homemade toilet.

The anticipation was mouth-watering, and when I finally needed to go this morning, it went from 0 to 100 real fast. So I ordered him to hurry up and lay down on his back for him to connect his mouth to my Queening chair's funnel.

He obliged. Immediately after, I exploded an ungodly amount of breakfast for him; foul vapors of rotting seaweed emerged. I knew this would be a fitting challenge for such a good slave :)


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6223 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 24min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1097MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-31

(2 Scenes) Gassy pee + feast on my constipated logs

-(First scene contains only pee)-

This is the perfect video to introduce scat to your slave or partner if they are already okay with pee and you want to help them to the next level.


The first scene opens with me peeing a nice amount, thinking I might have to poop too. But it turned out to only be gas inside of my intestines. I sit on the toilet and fart a few times, waiting for the slave to drink my nectar down.


(PURE) Later that evening, I needed to poop again, but it felt more serious this time; therefore, I ordered the slave back in its position, pipelining his stomach with my custom toilet. He looked too comfortable, so I relaxed both my feet on top of his inviting ab muscles and emptied myself... Or at least, I desperately wanted to, but I was constipated! I must struggle a bit to shit in my human-toilet, eventually I do succeed to the task.

Every time I pee, he is ordered not to swallow immediately in case I need to poop too, and this time my nectar came quite handy for that very purpose. He ends up getting 4 nice logs, and he does what we all expect of him.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7866 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 22min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1239MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-26

SSBBW feeding her multicolored scat load to her best slave

I had an intriguing brunch yesterday with a vegetarian friend I have known since high school. She brought corn & greek salad to what she decided to call: "my surprise picnic."
Really good times!!

This morning around 10, I needed to go to the human-toilet :3

I was most ecstatic because I had been wondering since halfway through my brunch yesterday what kind of good home cuisine my body would prepare for him :)

I was VERY far from deceived. The strong smell of olives took off-guard my unexpecting nostrils. I also can only imagine how that feta cheese tasted once transformed. Imagine this olfactory experience; in symbiosis with the texture of undigested corn and visible tomato fragments. My angry intestines forming a mountain for him in the funnel of my Queening chair. Ordering him to munch down that crazy meal as fast as he possibly could was quite the sight. You really are missing out if you do not see this scene :)



Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6291 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 155 kb/s
Length: 18min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Dine + Dump, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 852MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-24

I supervise him to make sure he finishes EVERYTHING this time

(Camera angle UPGRADES) I stayed for the entire meal, sitting patiently on my Queening chair until he got every last bite in his stomach. I do not let him stir his lunch in the water, so the beginning and the ending have a few very chunky mouthfuls.


Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 5723 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 154 kb/s
Length: 10min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 428MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-22

(2 Scenes) Public bathroom Delight + Poop Shotgun

* Undoubtedly, my very BEST public bathroom scene by far.

- 10/10 award. *


(Double camera angle: SIDE & TOP of funnel) It truly feels like I shotgun poop right into his submissive esophagus. The smell this time was, don't ask me how, at par, if not more fetid than stagnant, sewers water. Breathing the overwhelming odor in was uncomfortably burning my throat. No clue what happened there, but this truly was a disgusting load. It's rarely THIS bad, but it was time to test his limits... As I expected, he had a noticeably hard time going through, but he knew once I gave the order, he had to concentrate on swallowing my hazardous waste. He had no choice, so he did... ..

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6082 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Size: 813MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-19

(2 Scenes) Sexy purple outfit solo poop + Really gassy/Constipation in the funnel with toilet slave

Just me being cute/shy, doing my thing :3


(PURE) You like farts? You like a fat girl straining hard? I had not pooped for 2 days. When I finally felt like it was gonna come out after a lengthy stomach ache, I ordered the slave to take his position under the queening chair with his mouth connected to the funnel. I pee a solid half a liter and fart a few times before pushing a large amount of poop directly into its begging stomach.

It had been a while, but there was enough pee so I decide not to give him ANY water. He must swallow that whole meal, PURE. He is such a good toilet, worthy of a Goddess. I wonder how many girls could shit in his mouth in a row?

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 8677 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 158 kb/s
Length: 18min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, Farting, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Pooping, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1126MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-17

SSBBW Foot fetish / Impregnate me + Greasy pizza/fries combo explodes from my ass into the funnel

(Jerk Off Instruction) The queen is choosing a suitable genitor tonight, are you worthy of impregnating her?? Or will loneliness consume your worthless soul as her next mating season is way past your lifespan? Better not disappoint her.

The meal is heavy and oily, but it is the test put forward by the gods in order to be the one chosen by the queen herself. It is a herculean challenge, and he must resort to flushing his toilet throat multiple times due to it being clogged, just like his arteries. xox

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 5066 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 114 kb/s
Size: 840MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-16

FOOT FETISH for the SSBBW butt lovers

I decided to show off my cute cherub feet and my generous body today, laying on my stomach in my bed before I felt an urgent need to poop. I wanted to do something special for all you guys who want to see me solo, so I get on all four in my living room and release explosive diarrhea, dirtying a white plate. Unlike last time in this position, I shaved neatly for that clean feel.

Texture is PERFECT for smearing OR for chugging. Yumm!!

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 4064 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 60 kb/s
Length: 8min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Foot Fetish
Size: 236MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-15

[Domination JOI] Boot fetish + Hellish chicken wings from my ass

Today I felt very kinky and decided to Dominate my slave while wearing sexy black boots.

After playing wih him for an hour, I allowed him to have some of the fiery chicken wings I ordered yesterday from a cheap Mexican restaurant. That shit was so uncomfortably spicy, my butt hole literally felt numb when I was done emptying myself. No clue how he managed to swallow so much of that ghastly sludge, so I had a surprise for him afterwards. Are you curious what it is? Come watch us!

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 5911 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Size: 490MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-13

[JOI] Foot fetish + Eating one dark colored load

(Jerk Off Instruction video) I started to feel my belly gurgling, so I got on all four on my bed. I show off my SSBBW body/graceful feet as I wait until I am completely overwhelmed by unspeakable desperation to poop. A humongous DARK BROWN meal exploded into my worthless slave's mouth.

Warning: I do clog its willing throat in this one. Should I use a plunger next time??? You decide.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6210 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 144 kb/s
Length: 15min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Foot Fetish, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 690MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-12

- Seafood flavored soft logs in public toilet -

I take a sexy & sweet load before showing the meal at the end. I could not wait until my human toilet was available to take it tonight.

Such a relief. Definitly a nice start to the day! Hope you have a nice day too, perhaps even better after masturbating to me?



Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 3722 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 144 kb/s
Length: 1min.
Format: MP4
Category: Public + Outdoors, Toilet Pooping
Size: 36MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-10

(35+ minutes masterpiece) The quantity of corn I shit down his throat is outrageous

(Premium) I had an unreasonable quantity of corn on the cob for supper 2 days ago, so I decided to explore my toilet slave's limits by ordering it to swallow everything both times I blew up in the funnel the next day. I had never given him a load of corn before because of the texture, but the idea of him panicking, knowing he needed to go through all that chunky mess had me dripping wet when I finaly felt that urge to poop. I really couldn't hold myself back from doing this to him, for him to demonstrate his devotion. Even if it was complete abuse, he obliged, proving he is truly ready for anything my demoness body gives him. By far, my most EXTREME video up to date.

What would you like to see him swallow next time :D ?

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 5908 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 160 kb/s
Length: 40min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Dine + Dump, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1720MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-08

(2 Scenes) Small snax vs Throath obliterator THREE

Starts with me showing off my voluptuous naked body, getting in the shower as an introduction to get you in the mood.


The first scene is a sensual FRONT VIEW SQUAT in my living room, pooping a small snax on a white plate. Just imagine laying on the floor so I can sit directly on your watering, begging mouth, feeding you from the source like the filthy animal you are..


I think I had too many racks of ribs and adult beverages yesterday. Today's load is truly absurd. The quantity and texture are off the charts, even according to my generous standards. It was impossible not to add a chapter to my "Small snax vs Throath obliterator" Series.

Be ready to be shocked!

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7108 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 152 kb/s
Length: 24min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1226MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-05

(2 Scenes) On all four, DIRTY + Vile Diahrrea

I have been constipated for 3 days. Therefore, I had to take some stool softeners. I was able to finally poop twice today and it was such a relief. My slave's food however had been inside me for a very long time and it came out with a pungent, even foul smell.

This morning was my first time getting on all four in my living room to poop into a salad bowl. Fair warning, I have not shaved in a while, oopsie.


(DUAL camera angle: includes TOP view) Late at night, my stomach was growling again. I unloaded a rancid meal into the funnel. My slave had never had something this vile and he had a very hard time getting through, but he knew he had to prove his love to me once more. Sorry is not gonna cut it for me, you need to do what you need to do. Trying your best to do so is all that matters.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 6331 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 154 kb/s
Length: 20min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Toilet Slavery
Size: 915MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-08-03

(2 Scenes) Extreme Diarrhea + Funnel TOP view BIG LOAD

The first one, I have crazy Diarrhea... I had shrimp for supper and apparently, they didn't agree with my body. I however really wanted them to agree with my slave's throat, and they did! He knew he had to chug it all down. It is very cute watching him try his best, knowing I will be mad if he does not finish every last drop of liquid in the funnel.


I decided to add a second camera on top of the funnel again. You also get the regular side view for a dual-angle immersive experience that was successful last time. This time around however, it is truly a vicious BIG LOAD. Ha ha, I did not think he would survive to be honest. He is a bit panicked towards the end, but he did good. You won't be disappointed seeing him take this large quantity in a short amount of time.

Video Info: 1280x720 Pixel @ 7075 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 149 kb/s
Length: 23min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, Partners/Slaves, Pissing, Toilet Slavery
Size: 1175MB
Language: French
Added: 2022-07-27