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I love EFRO, smearing, pantypoops and giving eating instructions for my lovely poop the most. I also have a lot of fun experimenting with diapers, enemas, laxatives, tasting and more!

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3 Standing and Shitting on the Floor Compilation

This is a compilation coming with 3 great short clips from my early days filming! Well lit but very amateur.

In one, I show off my ass and legs and then bend over slightly, still standing, and push a log out from that position. The extra effort it takes pushing while standing up causes me to also spray piss all over the tile floor in this hotel!

In another, I'm in my tub with my ass pushed out towards you showing you how round and pale and hot it is, then, standing and squatting slightly, I push out a nice thick load right into the bathtub - and you better believe I use this tub STILL to take a bath in to this day ;P

In the last clip, I'm locked out while naked and really have to shit very bad. I knock and plead and wiggle the lock and handle to no effect. I cross my legs to try to hold it in but the shit starts to find it's way past my ass cheeks and fall onto the ground. In embarrassment, I even try to catch some but it slips past my hand, leaving a brown smear and hitting the tile floor anyways.

All clips are great and show the pile at the end :)

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 17101 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, EFRO
Size: 746MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-21

Pushing Fat Stinky Turd In and Out of My Asshole

Sometimes I'm just feeling playful! This turd has been knocking on the back of my asshole trying to get out for some time now, and I'm gonna make it wait a little longer ;P

I push out a couple farts really close up and then the final fart actually turns out to open my asshole and show the turd. Guess there's no more farts! I suck it back in and the feeling is so nice I decide to play a little game of chicken with this poop. I push and then clench my hole over and over, letting the poop get further out each time, loving the feeling of it moving and stretching my hole. Finally a little piece is pinched off and I have to let it all out.

The poop is thick and constipated and VERY firm and dense. I push and shake and breathe and finally pass the little thickie! I give a close up replay of the pooping too so you can really enjoy it! Great view of my feet while I'm pooping too - because I love my pretty soles!

Afterwards, I wipe and show off the toilet paper and the turd up close. It's SO heavy looking!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6059 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 8min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, EFRO, Farting, Foot Fetish
Size: 350MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-10-02

Shiny Disco Leggings Get Filled + Smeared by Horny Cassie

I'm showing off my shiny, holographic faux leather leggings and asking what you think! I'm going to a costume party and it's disco 80s themed! I'm going to be the disco ball of course! Looks at my reflective rainbow mirror ass! Too much? Fine, I guess I'll wear something else.

Since I need a new costume anyways, we decide I should have some fun in these pants instead of wasting them. I fart in them and begin to push out a hard, thick, firm load of shit. The reflective material really shows off every bit of texture in the bulge as it spreads and grows. I give you a few angles to watch this but the best one is up close and personal in my opinion!

Eventually I scoop out the poop and begin to smear on the pants - covering huge parts of my ass and thighs and even on my bare tits and belly. Finally I rub it over the pants onto my throbbing pussy and we masturbate together, i cum and count you down to do the same! Fuck this stupid party, the real fun is here at home!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6076 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 14min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Pantypoop, Scat Masturbation, Smearing
Size: 629MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-30

Soft Moaning Pushing out a Firm Shit on the Can

I needed to take a poop pretty bad, it's been backed up a couple days! I pull down my panties and sit on the toilet, letting out a fart and some pee which felt nice but wasn't the relief I needed. I push and get overheated so I take off my shirt. You ever get sweaty from pooping?

I don't speak but I sigh and softly moan as I push out this big, long turd. I felt great to get it out! Then I wipe and show the poop in the bowl before flushing, putting my clothes back on and continuing on with my day!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6268 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: Constipation, EFRO, Toilet Pooping
Size: 277MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-28

Giant Poopy Panties Bulge while Cassie Avoids the Toilet to Finish Chores

God I have so much to do and it's stressing me out!! I have to cook and do dishes and clean and even having to eat lunch feels like a chore! I don't have time for this weird stomach problem I'm having. I gotta WORK! tummyache or no, I go around the house in my tight red jeans and geeky t-shirt while I load the dishwasher and make stew to eat.

Farting and gurgles and grumbles in my belly should have been indicators to take a break but instead I end up running to the bathroom, desperate to shit and avoid an accident in my pants. I can barely stand anymore from the stomach cramps and my desperation to shit so I crumple to the floor and try to remove my pants but don't succeed in getting my panties off.

Watch my white cotton panties grow and spread as a huge bulge appears. You are so close to my asshole and feet that you can practically smell it! It is a massive dump, but once it's done, I feel much better. In my relief, I stand and jump and wiggle and swing my panty bulge around a bit before deciding it's BACK TO WORK!

I begin to clean the shower while my panties droop from the heavy shit. I guess i should take these off? When I do you can see that even wiping with the clean side of the panties does nothing to solve the huge mess on my ass! I walk with my dirty poopy ass to the other side of the apartment to get some supplies to pack away the dirty panties to send to a fan, and all the while you get to see my filthy cheek up close.

A little more wiping with toilet paper that you watch from below me and then i gotta go! No more filming, I still have chores to do!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6043 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 14min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pantypoop
Size: 604MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-26

Kinky Chef Cooks Your Meal In Her Stomach

It's your first time using a personal gourmet chef so you're not sure how it usually works but when you're greeted to a clean kitchen and no smell of food you wonder if she forgot about cooking. She didn't!

She teases you and explains she's actually been working for days on your meal and is cooking it in her crockpot tummy. That's right! She's brewing a delicious brown poop for you to eat. She even shows you all the tasty food, before AND after!

A classic dine and dump video with foods eaten especially for viewing once it's been pooped out - seeds, corn, peppers, oats and more! I experience it with you, describing the look, smell and even the taste as I sample a bit! A good cook always checks the seasoning herself!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 5127 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 14min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Food/Baking, Toilet Slavery
Size: 519MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-24

3 Clips with Erotic Pooping and Pretty Feet

This is a combination of three short clips. All the clips show off my pretty feet and big round perfect ass. If you like seeing my pretty soles and perfect toes laid out next to my pale bubble butt, then this is the clip for you!

All the clips show a big poop with a clear shot of my asshole stretching and opening to push it out. I also give lots of close up footage of the turd after so you can see just how big they are!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6321 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 7min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Foot Fetish
Size: 316MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-21

Yoga Instructor Doesn't Know She Shit Herself

I just got some brand knew super tight, (almost transparent!) white yoga pants and I love them so much! I show them off to you and tease you because you make it so easy! Pulling them up to wedge into my ass and pussy and asking whether I should've worn panties or not - you make it fun to be a yoga instructor with how embarrassed you get!

I start by guzzling a ton of espresso - there was a mix up at starbucks so I'm way more caffeinated than usual and I'm bouncing all over the place and tummy is rumbling. No matter that the bathroom is out of order, I can hold it until after our yoga session!

We do some stretches and I bend and stretch and push out my ass. My ass crack has gotten sorta itchy and I notice that my yoga mat stinks today but no matter - gotta just subtly itch my ass crack and keep going with our workout.

Nobody tells me but as we progress through the yoga stretching, a big wet brown stain spread across my ass more and more. I have no idea I've shit myself! Later in the changing rooms, I notice and I'm so embarrassed and angry! My new white yoga pants are ruined!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 12493 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 18min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pantypoop
Size: 1608MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-20

Farting and Pooping on a Nude Bicycle Ride (Fantasy Outdoor Setting)

In this strange video, Cassie imagines she is free and riding around on her bicycle outdoors - zooming down the streets while totally naked except her high heel sandals. Watch her mount the bike and look at her cute asshole farting while she pedals. She starts to push and poop comes out right into the leather seat.

Keep biking! Her bare ass squishes on the poopy seat and her ass becomes messy and smeared in the crack. It's beautiful to see when she gets off the bike to show off that mess on her pale skin and on the seat!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6669 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 12min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Farting, Public + Outdoors
Size: 585MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-18

Fuck! Office Lady Cassie tries to work while shitting her panties

Office Girl Cassie made it home without pooping herself but her stomach is ACHING and she needs to get undressed fast. What's this? Fucking Beckie from work is calling! She needs me to video chat and show her how to do HER job. God she's ANNOYING!

I desperately try to undress while using one hand so I can help my coworker but the shit starts FLOWING into my full coverage novelty monopoly board game panties. NO! Once the call is over it's too late so I get angry.

I smear the shit all around in the panties, sitting and squishing it and covering my ass. I show the full panties when I remove them and wipe up a little with toilet paper before giving up. What a mess!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7065 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 10min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, EFRO, Pantypoop, Smearing
Size: 502MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-17

Cassie's BIG Gassy Colourful Dump

I start off showing you some of my food - a big bowl of rice and cabbage and beets! This is gonna have some interesting dine and dump results, I just KNOW it!

I get in birthing position and pull my arched feet and tight asshole and wet pussy right up close to blast stinky cabbage farts RIGHT in your face! Next up, a huge poop! It spurts and crackles on the way out, it's full of cabbage gas too. Then I take a big beautiful squirting piss right at the camera and it makes my pussy and asshole shiny and wet.

This video gives a wider shot of the pooping and also a big close up as well :)

I also give a close look at that poop! I thought it'd be red from the beets, but only parts were, most of it is actually quite green! Nature is a mystery, guys, what can i say!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6725 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: Dine + Dump, EFRO, Farting, Foot Fetish, Pissing
Size: 274MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-15

Perfect New White Socks Get POOPY + SMELLY

I bought a whole pack of these brand new perfect white cotton ankle crew socks. I don't need so many though so I have an idea. Let's get them filthy!

I start by putting them on and farting on them a bunch, then I smell the farted on socks. Very stinky, but fading fast. These need poo!

I squat with my socks on and push a big mushy poop out. it STINKS! Some parts are firm and others are soft serve and greenish. It's perfect for making these socks dirty.

I use a soft clean soft to wipe my messy dirty asshole then i begin to smear poop on the sole of the sock with my hands. I get them dirtier and dirtier and continuously put them on and tkae them off and sniff them loudly and up close. Sniff them with me! I love comparing the smells as I go along and get dirtier.

At the end, I peel off the super smeared dirty poopy socks and show my feet underneath which have shit stains on them too. Then I make you kiss my ass goodbye! It has a print on it from my sitting on the shower drain XD haha

Come sniff along with me!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6085 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 14min.
Format: MP4
Category: Diarrhea, EFRO, Farting, Foot Fetish, Smearing
Size: 618MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-13

2 Diarrhea Toilet Dumps! Poor Tummyache -y Cassie :(

Same day, different shit! That's how the saying goes right? Well, I have a bellyache today and the grumbling in my tummy has finally turned my bowels to mush! I site down naked on the toilet and climb up into a squatting position - partially so you can see, and partially because being scrunched up like this feels better for my cramping stomach.

I squirt out a whole big ton of wet hot diarrhea shit into the toilet. UGH. Well, it sorta feels better, and rubbing my tummy helps too. You can hear some of the rumbling sounds my bowels are making. I wipe, showing you the nasty toilet paper, and then flush and leave. For now.

Later I film my own POV looking down at my naked body on the toilet once again. Diarrhea AGAIN. I don't bother showing it because I'm getting tired and dehydrated from this but I do show some of the dirty tp. I'm out of here, I need a nap!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6706 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Toilet Pooping
Size: 294MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-07

Mommy gives you Potty Training and Female Anatomy Demonstrations

*** Note: This video plays around with age but not explicitly so if you just want to enjoy a milf condescending to you slightly in a hot way, this is good for you too!

Aren't you a lucky little one? Not everyone has such a loving mommy who will take the time to teach you everything you need to know so you grow up smart. Today I'm going to potty train you - and also teach you a bit about the female body.

I strip of my loose button down shirt into my black bra and panties and show you my tits and pussy as i strip. I explain what they are and touch them for you to see how they feel.

Then once nude, I sit on the toilet and spread my legs so you can see in between my thighs into the bowl. I talk you through the process of pushing out a big healthy poop as I show you how it's done. And your mommy pushes out a huge poop! It just goes to show I know how to keep us well fed and happy, doesn't it?

After showing you proper wiping, I show the inside of the bowl and point out the logs in there and explain how to look for signs of good health in the sausage-like perfect shit.

Finally I flush it down and tell you we will wash our hands together and spend the rest of the day having fun and learning :)

Good boy!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 4449 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 11min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Instructions, Toilet Pooping
Size: 366MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-04

Sheer Nude Nylons Filled with Shit

I'm wearing a cute striped tube top and a grey denim skirt and since it's so hot out, I've got very super sheer thin stockings on. They're sheer in the toes and all the way up! You can see everything when I lift up my skirt.

I have to poop real bad though so I get down onto the floor in birthing position and pull down my top so my tits are out. My skirt is off, but I'm keeping the hose on. I rub my stockinged legs together so you can hear the silky smooth fabric rubbing on itself.

Finally I can't hold it any longer and I start pushing. Watch the tight fabric of the hose fill with thick brown shit. I take my time pushing it out and it's a big firm squished bulge that grows and grows. I even change positions to get out more and push out one final small turd after taking them off. There was just so much poop!

Check out my poopy shit caked asshole and cheeks and how wet and creamy my pussy got from the holding and pushing and final relief. I show it all off!

I give lots of good shots of the filled hose and all the shit and pussy grool inside them. Of course I wasn't wearing any panties with my nylons all day, did you even have to ask? ;P

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 4951 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 10min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Pantypoop
Size: 371MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-09-02

Sensual, Long Spicy Corn-Filled Birthing Position Turd

I've been holding this one so I know it's gonna be big. Plus I've been eating very well, lots of veggies and corn and spicy Colombian food. It feels desperate like it needs to come out soon so I tell you this and pull down my panties and quickly get on the floor with my legs spread.

I play with my pussy using my middle finger, spreading it and rubbing it while i hold on to the desperate shit a little bit longer. It feels so good to hold it in!

Finally I can hold it any longer and I start to push involuntarily. It is so nice and thick that it stretches and spreads my asshole. After 3 sizable thick thurds come over, a thinner, mushier poop begins to slide out and curl on top of the pile of shit. It's way longer and folds underneath me in a way that I find so hot.

Spicy food feels spicy coming out and the desperation makes it feel like more is coming even when I feel the relief of the shit passing through me. It's a wonderful feeling.

I rub my pussy and wipe my filthy asshole and then show off the load, really up close, moving and touching the mushy shit with my fingers to show you the textures and size and all the corn pieces and other bits of food and vegetables.

Finally, I show off a close up shot of my asshole, still a little dirty, winking for the camera!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 4264 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 6min.
Format: MP4
Category: Desperation, EFRO, Food/Baking, Foot Fetish
Size: 183MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-31

Yellow Leotard, Smearing + Frantic Masturbation

It may not be beach season yet, but a good vacation in my sunny yellow bathing suit will help beat away the winter blues! I'm wearing it in the bathroom while painting my toenails bright red and reminiscing about all the fun times I've had in this yellow swimsuit. It's thinned out a little over time so you can really see my nipples through the fabric, and I've gained some winter pounds so my ass is swallowing the high cut back whole! Oh, well. It looks hotter that way!

Suddenly, I start shitting. I don't notice immediately but once I do, I can't stop! It feels so good! Fuck the beach, the warm squishy, stinky poop is so much more orgasmic. I fill up the suit and it oozes everywhere and gets very messy.

I keep the suit on while I masturbate and smear onto the yellow. Everything gets messier and then I take it off and pick up a HUGE, THICK turd that came out. It's so hard that i can use it to press and stimulate on my lubricated asshole and pussy. It feels amazing! The shit caked all over me makes everything a million times better. What a great mess!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 6066 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 14min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Diarrhea, EFRO, Pantypoop, Scat Masturbation, Smearing
Size: 622MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-31

Desperate Poop in Yellow Bikini while Getting Beach Ready

I'm in the bathroom calling to my new boyfriend outside to be patient while I get ready. I have to make sure my bikini looks good since it's the first day of swimsuit season! I'm applying sunscreen all over and I'm excited to hang out at the beach.

Suddenly I have stomach cramps and Something squishes out of me without me being able to control it. In disbelief I pull down my swimsuit bottoms and see a brown stain. No way! I yell to my boyfriend to leave without me and I'll meet him there!

I continue to have desperate diarrhea into the yellow bikini bottoms and they fill up and overflow down my legs. It gets messy - all over the tub, my body and my cute bikini! What will I do?

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 11162 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 9min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Desperation, Diarrhea, EFRO, Pantypoop, Toilet Slavery
Size: 696MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-31

Executrix Ends you with Her Ass (Toilet Slave POV)

Your mistress executrix Cassie welcomes you as you come in for your session. After signing a little paperwork you lie down and get ready to become her toilet. You didn't read it but that shouldn't be a problem right?

You get an up close POV of your mistress above you as she sits on your face, grinds into you and fills your nose and mouth with a seemingly endless amount of shit.

She shoves shit up your nose so you have to keep your mouth open to breathe then fills your mouth with shit. Any bit that escapes your mouth, she picks up and pushes down your throat.

You can barely breathe but you are enjoying your time as her slave. She seems to be angered by this and tells you that you signed a liability waiver for accidental death and that she controls whether you live now. She wants to end you with her ass.

She wraps her hands around your throat and sits on your face way too hard with her dirty shitty ass, with no regard for your pleasure, only hers. Once you can no longer speak or think she touches herself until she comes over your spent, useless body.

This was a VERY fun fantasy clip that I think hardcore toilet slaves will love >:D enjoy!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 5550 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 129 kb/s
Length: 16min.
Format: MP4
Category: EFRO, Inside Toilet POV, Instructions
Size: 655MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-29

Goth Stepsis Shits on Crucifix + the Bible

My stupid step-bro gifted me a bunch of christian stuff for my birthday. Just because I’m goth, he thinks I’m a satan worshipper and I need to be converted. I’ll show him what I think of his birthday present. He’ll think twice about doing this shit again.

First I spit on the bible, then stain it with my lipstick and pussy juice. After rubbing my pussy , I take a HUGE piss all over the pages and take off my socks so my feet can join in on the fun!. Maybe these gifts aren’t so bad? I use the bible to grind my pussy on and fuck the crucifix, shoving the long end up my ass. I'm gonna make little Jesus eat my shitty asshole!

What else can I do with my step-bro's gift? I think I’ll take a huge shit on it! I pull down my panties and drop some turds on the bible and the crucifix, smear shit on the pages and close the book to make a bible shit sandwich!

I bet my step-bro won’t ever get me something like this again!

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 7659 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 128 kb/s
Length: 10min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, EFRO, Foot Fetish, Smearing
Size: 560MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-27

AUDIO: Story of Messing my Pants in Public

I tell a story of me accidentally messing myself in public at the library. I'm super embarrassed about filling my panties and leggings and go in depth to describe the feeling of it spreading, the smell and how desperately I tried to keep it in and hide it!

It starts with me thinking I'm going to fart but isn't that always how these things start! I describe the desperation and the pushing feeling, the spreading of my asshole in my tights. It's very stinky unfortunately so that makes it hard to hide D:

I also describe the clean up process and include still pictures of me from other videos to help you imagine the scene <3

Video Info: 1920x1080 Pixel @ 14234 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 7min.
Format: MP4
Category: Instructions, Toilet Slavery
Size: 722MB
Language: English
Added: 2022-08-25